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Trainings for Global Campaigners


SMT is offering a series of multi-language online trainings in digital campaigning for, and by, campaigners and activists across the world.

Registration is free through November 18, 2019. 

Register here for sessions offered on December 4th and 18, at 11:00am GMT.

For sessions in Spanish and Portuguese, offered on December 5th and 19, at 5:00pm GMT, register here.


>> WhatsApp: Making the most of it for people-powered campaigns 

Learn how campaigners are using WhatsApp as a powerful tool to build people-powered campaigns for change. This will be a Zoom webinar in which you will also be able to share your experience and hear from other participants. Using campaign examples, presenters will share:

  • What WhatsApp is best for
  • When to use Telegram instead
  • Best practices for using broadcast lists versus groups
  • Building and managing a team of WhatsApp group volunteers
  • Best practices for managing multiple groups
  • Designing content to drive sharing and action-taking
  • Calls to action that work
  • When a WhatsApp chatbot might be useful, how they work
  • What to watch out for, especially with the risk of state-sponsored surveillance

>> Twitter: Why every campaigner should be using it 

Learn how campaigners are using Twitter to grow their supporter base, get more media coverage, pressure decision-makers and build allies across the world.


These trainings will be offered in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. Possibly also in French, Arabic and other languages if demand is high.

Register here for sessions offered on December 4th & 18, at 11:00am GMT.

For sessions in Spanish and Portuguese, offered on December 5th & 19, at 5:00pm GMT, register here.

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Twitter Campaigning Certificate Program

In early 2020, SMT will offer an intensive 7-session online Twitter for Campaigning course, led by a diverse instructor team with deep experience campaigning across the world. Learn how to:

  • Build your Twitter account quickly and strategically to build power on your campaigns;
  • orchestrate effective Twitter storms that pressure targets and get your message to a wide audience;
  • cultivate journalists and build media coverage.

Cost will be as low as $10 USD per person (this is the rate for groups of 5 from smaller organizations, or independent activists). Funders may sponsor the course for their grantees. If interested, join the email list by registering for one of the December webinars.

global South track Groups trained

Staff of 20+ groups from across the Global South have engaged with SMT trainings:

350 – Africa
350 – Pacific/Australia
ActionAid Int’l – Zimbabwe
Activista (ActionAid Youth)
Alliance Ethio-Francaise
Amnesty Int’l – Philippines
AWID (Association of Women in Development)
Bangladesh Labor Federation
Centro Autonomo/ Mexico US Solidarity Network
Filipino Migrants Community in Belgium/Ugnayang Pilipino sa Belgium
Fundación CRAN (Centro para el Reintegro y Atención del Niño)
Greenpeace – Africa
Greenpeace – Argentina
Greenpeace – East Asia
Greenpeace – India
Greenpeace – Indonesia
Greenpeace – Int’l
Greenpeace – Malaysia
Greenpeace – Mexico
Hollaback Mumbai
Mobilisation Lab
NISGUA (Network in Solidarity with the People of Guatemala)
No Más Muertes
Schools for Chiapas / Escuelas para Chiapas
SOA (School of the Americas) Watch

Global South Testimonials

Trainings run by SMT are solid, accessible and worth checking out.

Mobilisation Lab

Our staff have taken SMT’s excellent trainings over the past five years. Mastering the strategic use of digital tools is essential to advance social change online. SMT’s offerings are a much-needed and unique resource. And they are responsive and committed to meeting the needs of participants. We’re thrilled to partner on the new Global South track of their Digital Campaigning Certificate program, which is a need that we expressed and they acted on promptly. Thank you SMT!

Shelley Buckingham, Digital Communications Lead, Association for Women’s Rights in Development (AWID), Canada

SMT’s digital certificate training is brilliant – comprehensive. You may know one method really well but six months down the line it may not work anymore. It’s also great to have a global cohort of peers  to connect with for other perspectives. 

Anand Mangale, Co-Founder & Director, Our Democracy, India