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Campaign & Project Management Tools to Make Our Teams Hum: March & April 2024

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Medical workers in Taiwan protesting for better working conditions.

Medical workers in Taiwan demand better working conditions during a 2023 May Day rally. (AP/Chiang Ying-ying)

March 19, March 22, April 2, April 9 | 12:00 pm ET | 90-120 minute sessions

For those of us juggling mighty organizing demands with never enough time and resources, this could be one of the most valuable courses ever. This course is for you if:

  • You’re involved in progressive organizing and want to get more done with less stress and more joyfulness in your personal and work life.
  • You crave more effective ways to manage and work collaboratively with teams of leaders, volunteers or staff.
  • Your email inbox is a time-sink disaster because that’s how the team communicates and things are getting lost in threads.
  • You want your tasks in one place, rather than spread across multiple emails and chats.
  • You need to delegate more without having to re-explain tasks.
  • You want to provide or request feedback on projects in an organized fashion.
  • Your team spends a lot of time “reinventing the wheel” and wants access to project templates and archived tasks.
  • You want continuity in your work when faced with staff turnover and training demands.
  • You want to meet deadlines and build a stronger culture of accountability.
  • You need to handle lots of complex projects without worrying that something will drop.
  • You don’t know much about these tools and need help picking one.
  • You have one of these tools selected, but implementation has been a challenge.

What We’ll Cover

  • What campaign & project management tools are and why every team should be using one
  • How to choose the tool that’s right for your team. We’ll compare Trello, ClickUp and Asana. Trello is free. There are others, but these are the main 3 in use now. (ClickUp and competitor are similar but is Israeli-owned.)
  • Essential priority uses for small organizations and unions
  • Essential priority uses for larger more complex organizations and unions
  • Building out simple SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) to support you and your team – we’ll share a list of 50+ SOPs we recommend for social change groups.
  • Recommended folder structure to meet common needs
  • Dependencies – what they are and how they’re oh so useful – especially when timelines have to shift
  • How to implement – recommendations for successful implementation across the organization and between departments; what to do about slow or no-adopters
  • Real-world examples
  • Other platform functionalities, including reporting and analytics, resource management, workflow automations, integrations, AI-powered features and portfolios.


Some groups are also using Airtable for project management. Airtable is a powerful relational database tool that can be used instead of, or in addition to, the tools mentioned above. Because it is being used by movement groups for a range of purposes, there is a session dedicated just to Airtable. Registration for the series includes access to this session. People will also be able to register for it separately.


Three sessions
March 19, March 22, April 2 | 12:00 pm ET | 90-minute sessions
Office Hours – March 26 & April 12, 2024 12-1 pm ET for guidance and follow-up questions

Airtable session April 9 | 12:00 P.M. ET | 2 hour session

Find your time zone here. Training will be recorded for those in time zones that don’t facilitate live participation.

The instructor team is 6+ people who collectively have decades of experience using these tools in social change workplaces.


In order to support a movement organization learning space, SMT trainings are for staff of non-profits – NGOs, unions and electoral campaigns. Trainings are not for consultants or agencies. Consultants & agency staff who register will have their registrations refunded. Alternatively, on demand trainings are available to all on SMT’s course platform.


Region Budget of the organization

Early Bird
(by Feb 29, 2024)

Outreach Partner
(by Feb 29, 2024)

(after Feb 29, 2024)
Price for additional person from the same org
North Am + Western Europe
$2M+ $300 $190 $375 $188
$500K-2M $260 $160 $325 $163
<$500K $225 $140 $280 $140
Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe, MENA, Latin America, and Oceania
$2M+ $280 $175 $350 $175
$500K-2M $240 $150 $300 $150
<500K $200 $125 $250 $125


Groups referred by outreach partners can get discounts on available training programs (see table above). Please name the outreach partner in your registration and forward the email you received to [email protected]. Outreach partners pass along opportunities for training and coaching to lists of organizing groups. This helps SMT as a non-profit reach more groups that could organize more powerfully with SMT support. 

Interested in being an outreach partner? Contact [email protected] and describe the size and type of groups you’d reach out to. Typically, this is a list of chapters of a network; national unions on behalf of their local affiliates; state federations, labor councils etc.


Register using the form below: 

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Staff and activists of 4,900+ groups
have engaged with SMT trainings


I learnt a lot on grassroots movements, digital campaigns and communications in times of state intrusion or threats.
SMT helped us craft an effective public narrative for our campaign to get a mine closed. SMT helped us finalize a campaign strategy and come up with an effective plan to raise visibility and engage the public. Our campaign led to a pause in the mining. We will keep fighting!
I found a lot of value in this Certificate Program that I use in my everyday work: from using social media effectively; significantly growing accounts and activating people online, pressuring targets in campaigns, and running Twitterstorms. Even when using other tools, I still apply the principles I learned!
Our coach was an everyday reminder of what we needed to do. He checked in and followed up on us. It really helped us activate Twitter in our campaigns and tighten up digital security. We moved from just having a Twitter handle to building on a hashtag that saw a jailed human rights activist released from prison.
I had an amazing time. I am already applying the valuable content in my organization.
SMT coaching enabled us to expand our presence within human rights spaces in Kenya beyond an LGBTIQ audience. It helped us use Twitter to connect with allies in the environmental justice and land rights movements. It was amazing to have someone to work with who knows our work and give us templates just when we needed them.
The program was an eye-opener and better positioned me as a Communications Officer. I learned about digital mobilizing, online community building, and more.
SMT’s training on using WhatsApp to activate our bases helped us activate more leaders by creating conversational WhatsApp groups for members and assigning different leadership roles to volunteers.

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