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Organizing During Physical Isolation


Transitioning to a Remote Team


TikTok for Organizing


Top Tools & Tactics to Bump Up Your Online Organizing Game


Twitter – Why every campaigner should use it. People-power examples from across the world.


Snapchat For Organizers

And keep me posted on free and cost-effective digital campaign resources for funders and grantees that dozens of funders and over 4400 groups have used.

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Looking for digital organizing training and support to strengthen the power of your campaigns or movement? You’ve found it!

Increasingly, strong offline organizing and direct action tactics need to be matched with digital organizing in order to find people where they are, activate them, and build the most pressure on targets.

Signing up for these free digital organizing training resources is your next step. You’ll have access to a whole series of free recordings on top tools and tactics, using Twitter, Snapchat, and TikTok for organizing, digital security for activists, and tips on working remotely and managing campaigns and teams remotely.

You’ll also start getting occasional updates on upcoming live digital organizing trainings, covering the whole range of topics, from amplifying direct action tactics, to online/offline organizing strategy, to how to use the variety of different channels, tools and platforms more strategically to build power in your campaigns, to graphic design and video production for campaigns, how to manage your data, building an effective pipeline to build your activist base, the strategic use of ads, petition, letter writing and call-in campaigns, and lots more.

We can’t wait to see what you think of all of this. And, please give a shout if you have additional ideas for digital organizing trainings.

We’re SO excited to be on this journey together!


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