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“SMT helped me figure out the right CRM for our organizing work. We switched to something vastly more intuitive for our staff, and saved thousands of dollars. I recommend giving this a try.”

Kristi Sanford, Communications Director, Peoples Lobby, Illinois

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  1. Evaluate whether your current CRM* is the most cost-effective one to meet your needs
  2. Select another CRM
  3. Migrate your data
  4. Customize for your needs
  5. Become more expert and efficient with using your CRM
  6. Get other staff trained up

If any of these is the case, you’ve come to the right place.

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*CRM = Constituent Relationship Management tool, for mass emailing, running petitions and other actions, holding your supporter data.

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The questions helped clarify what we are looking for in a CRM -- what things are most important, what matters less, what doesn't matter at all.
SMT helped me figure out the right CRM for our organizing work. We switched to something vastly more intuitive for our staff, and saved thousands of dollars. I recommend giving this a try.
SMT's CRM support helped me advance my skills on organizing data and more. I think the most useful was the individualized support on Nationbuilder!
I've appreciated the level of knowledge on multiple platforms, including the CRM we use. SMT staff has shown an ability to talk through a question to ensure it's not only answered, but understood.
It was great to see the different CRM's that are available, how they work and to have insight from active users. It helped us decide on the one we felt worked best for us.
It was structured well to consider some of the important issues an organization faces when choosing a CRM. I wish this was available when we started our CRM refresh project.
I found the Advanced CRM curriculum extremely helpful, in that it deepened my understanding of the capacity of the CRM we use. The practical examples were really helpful. We've begun to build some of the best practices from the Advanced CRM curriculum into our planning and internal workflows for 2019.
The questions made me think about other ways in which end users and staff would use and access the CRM and what other functions we could / should consider. You folks are awesome and provide some of the best insight / training for many types of users in our movement.
Our local switched CRMs earlier this year and having SMT staff walk through the features and answer questions was extremely helpful, both in problem solving and in providing some ideas in how I can use our CRM as a better organizing tool for our local. If you have any questions about your CRM, it is worth it!
I learned some valuable things about how to make Action Network do the functions I thought it couldn't do.
It was helpful in narrowing down the field among a lot of competition to hone in on a product that will meet our needs.
SMT is extremely knowledgeable on multiple advocacy and digital organizing-focused CRMs, so can provide advice based on your organization’s specific needs. They also ground their advice in digital and organizing strategy, so can shed light on how your organization can improve its strategy to achieve its mission and provide CRM recommendations based on that strategy. The [WhichCRM] tool shed light on all perspectives you had to think about when choosing a CRM, so although I didn’t know the answers to every question, it helped create a framework. The course explained what CRMs can and are supposed to do, so I’ve used it to teach other folks in the organization how these CRMs are different than Salesforce for instance.
SMT is your one-stop-shop place for knowing what the CRM landscape is, and having support on using the tools you decide are best for your work. What was most helpful was having a comprehensive breakdown on what my CRM choices are, and how they compare to other tools. Beyond that, it was helpful in having guides to help me navigate the tool once I found the best one for me and my work.

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