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SMT’s Union Digital Campaigning Certificate Training
SMT's Union Digital Campaigning Certificate Training
For union organizers, communicators, reps and anyone who wants to be more effective in building the labor movement.

Program details

In one year:
  • become a more effective organizer, communicator, rep or union leader
  • build more power into your new organizing, internal organizing, contract campaigns, municipal and ballot initiatives and GOTV campaigns
  • deepen your skill base quickly – beginner or advanced
  • join a community of peers
  • stay on the cutting edge of digital organizing practice and developments
  • graduate with SMT’s Certificate in Union Digital Campaigning (optional)
  • develop the skills and get access to short topical videos to train other staff and members to strengthen your union
  • Online tools and tactics are no replacement for face-to-face organizing, relationship-building and offline action – they work together. We focus on real world examples that marry online and offline organizing powerfully.
  • People are online. We must be where they are – online and in the real world.
  • It’s time to put the “movement” back in the “labor movement.”
  • The experiences of people of color and other targeted groups must be lifted up in all our work. This is a diverse training team. Guest speakers and case studies include diverse groups.
  • We recognize that a commitment to racial justice must be a foundation for organizing.
  • Effective organizing tools don’t have to break the bank. We believe in doing more for less.
  • starts September 18, 2019
  • time commitment required: 1.5 – 2.5 hours/week (depending on week and starting proficiency), for regular Certificate; 3-5 hours/week for Advanced Certificate
  • a Certificate at Level I can be earned by completing a minimum of 5 topics out of 25. It is also possible to enroll as an Auditor. The program is very flexible. Options are here.
  • live digital campaigning presentation and discussion sessions every 2 weeks (26 sessions) covering the range of online organizing skill areas (see list below), Wednesdays 1-2 pm EST. 10 sessions will be union only. Other sessions will be held jointly with progressive organizers from other movements
  • additional small group sessions may be set up in response to participant interest, depending on the number of registrants
  • unlimited access to 45+ hours of up-to-date training video library.
  • join a community of peers, including SMT’s ongoing Slack channel
  • recordings and ungraded quizzes housed on an adult learning platform that can also be used for reference later.
  • SMT’s Union Digital Campaigning Certificate awarded August 2020 upon completion
  • diverse instructor team made up of SMT staffers and advanced practitioners drawn from unions, movement groups, and tool providers
  • All trainings are recorded and available for viewing anytime
  • $600 per person for members of national unions, state federations, CLCs and other networks where registrants from different locals will be paying separately. We can set up a payment and registration page for your union, State Fed or CLC, such as this one for SEIU. 15 person minimum registration.
  • $2000 per person. $600 additional per person from the same union (same email domain). Click here for invoice to mail in payment. Or email us to request an invoice and link to pay via bank transfer or with a credit card (for credit card there’s a 3% processing fee added). We’ll need the name of each registrant, so we can match payment with the registration form linked below. You can email us with that or add it to the invoice and include it with the check.
  • Unions that pay full rate this year (or did so in the past) can register staff at the discounted regular group rate ($600) in the future. This is to make it easier for unions to train future staff once they have already invested in this training.
  • Each registrant and their supervisor (if they have one) must complete this registration form before payment is submitted, or along with payment.
Sign up to take your labor movement work to the next level.

A look at the curriculum:

1 Boost new organizing and contract campaigns for smaller bargaining units
  • Use Facebook to generate leads for new union organizing campaigns.
  • Converting online leads into offline action
  • Digital tools for engaging and activating members in smaller bargaining units including user-generated content to inspire members to take action.
  • How to use online tactics to build pressure on smaller employers including effective march-on-the-boss tactics.
  • Using online tools and tactics to build broader community support where and when it matters
  • Social media roles for member activism in smaller locals
  • How small locals can build visibility with elected officials and targets
2 Build power with large employers, large bargaining units and non-traditional workers
  • Running strategic corporate campaigns in the digital age
  • How to use corporate leverage points combining online and offline tactics, the kind of social media research that should be added to the research mix
  • Orchestrating online and offline tactics to produce a “surround sound” effect where the target and secondary targets see campaign messaging everywhere
  • How non-traditional worker organizing campaigns such as restaurant workers, cab rivers, Fight for 15, and gig economy workers are using online/offline tools and tactics to win hearts & minds and policy changes
  • How workers are using secret Facebook groups to build community, union identify, and move people to offline action
3 Sign up new members and keep existing members under Janus and in open shop environments
  • Combining offline and online tools and tactics to increase union membership
  • Membership conversion funnels – effective online and offline chasing, Facebook, email and texting components to increase union card signers.
  • Examples of building an effective internal team infrastructure for member engagement and how to capitalize on victories to increase membership.
  • How to leverage social media ads and develop effective content to drive traffic to your membership page. Best practices to maximize user experience to ensure conversions on your membership page.
4 GOTV and Ballot Initiatives
  • New tools and tactics for unions to run effective GOTV and ballot initiative campaigns to mobilize their members and families.
  • Combining online and offline tactics to hold electeds accountable after the election, capitalize on union GOTV work to claim victory, and position your union as a key regional player.
  • Using online-offline tactics to build the union’s visibility in powerful ways with electeds year-round.
5 Immigrant worker organizing
  • Using Whatsapp in organizing workers from Latin America
  • Using WeChat in organizing workers from China
  • Making use of online language tools, …and more
6 Messaging that inspires action
  • Current evidence-based recommendations for framing and messaging in union campaigns: phrases and framing to use; the common mistakes to avoid
  • Values-based messaging that places union members at the center, frames villains effectively, and tells a story of unions as the fighters for working people.
  • What it takes to use story powerfully in union campaigns – and why it’s so important
  • The ‘hero’s journey,’ and why it’s so important for message development
  • How to test messaging using Facebook
  • Using narrative tools to compare your story to your opposition’s
  • Creating a campaign story that encourages power escalation
7 Facebook for organizing
  • Moving people from Facebook to offline action
  • Master meme-making for Facebook sharing: what you need to know
  • How unions are using “narrative” posts to inspire and build community
  • Facebook group best practices for worker organizing
  • Using Facebook to build pressure on employers
  • Best practices for edited video on Facebook
  • Messenger chatbots for organizing
  • Facebook Live best practices for organizing, members training, and claiming organizing victories
8 Ad Campaigns for Organizing
  • Facebook ads – what they’re best for, using ads for lead generation, message testing campaigns to segmented audiences, key ad audiences such as custom audiences and retargeting, when to rely on organic reach vs. boosting vs. multi-audience ad campaign
  • Twitter ads – when to use them in strategic campaigns
  • Google text, banner and YouTube ads – keyword and geo-targeting use cases
  • LinkedIn ads – specific organizing use cases
  • Smart micro-targeting and how to use it in union campaigns
  • Pairing the right content with the right ad campaign
  • How to evaluate effectiveness around the key metrics that matter
  • Budgeting – how to put together a campaign budget and get buy-in from management to invest in digital campaign ads
9 Twitter
  • Mapping out your Twitter Plan of Action – for the year and for a campaign
  • How to grow your following aggressively – up to 250 followers per week in a way that strengthens your union or campaign power
  • How to activate your members on Twitter
  • Live Tweeting actions for media attention and to pressure targets – what to do before, during and after your action
  • Orchestrating Twitterstorms and steps to get a hashtag to trend
  • Building your very own Twitter live with partners organizations, and your own members  
  • Developing Twitter 101 Trainings for member leaders to become digital ambassadors
10 Email best practices
  • Defining the best role for email in your union and in your campaign
  • Effective email writing and design for action
  • How to curate your list to maximize the open rate and avoid low deliverability ratings
  • Segmenting your list effectively
  • Email surveys – when to do them
  • How to use email to drive engagement online
  • The metrics you should pay attention to — beyond opens and clicks
  • How to design an email template that works including which are the most important components
11 Digital security for unions: Why it’s important and how to implement it
  • How to go about increasing the digital security of your union’s data, its staff and members, and its website.
  • The minimum secure tools that are worth adopting in your organizing, how and when to use them
12 Mobile power: broadcast texting, peer-to-peer, and short codes
  • Texting best practices and real world union examples of effective texting campaigns to drive members to action
  • When and how does it make sense to integrate texting into your work, and which forms of it?
  • How to build up a mobile texting list
  • How to choose the right tools for your union
  • Mapping out a texting content calendar
13 CRMs and other action tools, integration and automation
  • Comparisons of tools like Action Network, Constant Contact, MailChimp, Salsa, EveryAction, CiviCRM, NationBuilder, Salesforce, ActionKit, as well as patch-through calling and other tools
  • Roles and responsibilities when undergoing the process of adopting a new CRM
  • How to get people excited about adopting data driven processes for effective union organizing
  • Advanced CRM techniques for tracking action-takers
  • Newly developing Zapier and other integrations and automations to save us time
14 Media: getting and tracking media coverage for actions and campaigns
  • Crafting actions so they are more “newsworthy” and pitching stories effectively
  • How to use social media to get more media coverage
  • How to use media coverage to change the union narrative and claim victories for union members
  • Cultivating reporters online and using Twitter lists to help
  • Using powerful media listening tools (beyond Google Alerts) to increase media coverage
  • How unions are using live tweeting to boost coverage at actions
15 Optimizing your website for organizing power
  • Website email signup designs that work to grow your supporter list
  • Current organizing website design best practices
  • Re-targeting people who have visited your site but haven’t signed up for email
  • Quick & dirty uses for Google Analytics – the things every organizer should know
16 Video
  • How to evaluate how best to use video in your work
  • The use cases and pros and cons to video on different channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Youtube, website)
  • Key lessons about how to design video so people will watch it…and then take action if that’s part of your goal
  • How to get effective videos made: getting content and editing–what members and staff can do, when to hired a videographer, when to hire a video editor
  • How to use free mobile apps to create effective social media videos
  • Budgeting
17 Using Snapchat, Instagram, WhatsApp, FB Messenger and other relative newcomers in organizing
  • Throughout the coaching series we’ll address new online developments and tools, including newer channels for reaching and engaging people such as Facebook messenger chat bots.
  • Best practices for compiled video “Stories” on Instagram and Snapchat
  • Selectively using inexpensive tools within these apps, like Snapchat geofilters, to pressure targets and get media coverage
18 Petition best practices
  • How to use petitions online and offline to engage member leaders
  • When and how petitions are most valuable, and using them in combination with story capture
  • Keys to writing effective petitions
  • Petition alternatives (third party vs. your own vs. lead ad option) – what makes sense when
  • Best practices to drive traffic to petitions and track
  • Best practices around petition delivery options
19 Building an online organizing committee
  • Developing and structuring effective union member leadership on social media
  • How to train Facebook moderators to deal effectively with anti’s and trolls, and to handle divisive discussions online
  • Online organizing jobs that can be most effectively delegated to leaders – and what not to delegate
  • When a committee makes sense, and when to avoid it
  • How to structure a committee for maximum impact and minimum staff time investment
20 Budgeting for online organizing and other management best practices
  • Budget line items
  • How to construct a realistic advertising budget
  • Are you over-spending on your CRM?
  • Staff levels and skill combinations to be effective
  • How to help the rest of the organization appreciate and understand your work
  • How to convince top union leadership that digital matters
  • Shifting organizational culture from paper to digital
21 Campaign Management & Team Collaboration tools and best practices
  • Free and low-cost project, campaign and team management tools that many groups are using
  • Detailed comparisons and strategic considerations in which tools to use
  • Recommendations for what your “tech stack” should look like, based on size of union
  • Sample Trello campaign and organizational dashboard templates you can use
  • Excellent well-used labor editorial calendars every organizer should be using
  • Personal productivity tools that are essential for us crazed multi-tasking organizer types!
  • Tools for avoiding endless email threads
  • And lots more…
22 Put together a badass online organizing plan
  • Developing a quick-and-dirty multi-channel plan for the year
  • Starting templates for simple and complex union plans
  • Moving members from online to offline action
  • The best affordable tools
  • How to design effective activation paths
  • Online power-mapping to help with strategy
  • Assessing your strengths and weaknesses online
  • Online campaigning in tough times–Addressing conflict and criticism from supporters (and detractors)
  • Putting people in the streets–Using online tools in your turnout plan
23 How to tell if your digital campaigning is building power
  • Going beyond vanity metrics to track what makes sense in your organizing
  • How to measure your results using a few key metrics related to building power
  • Using source codes and Google Analytics campaign tagging to track conversions
  • Using infographics and other visuals to effectively convey online’s contribution to union campaigns

Union Testimonials

Very thorough and helpful overview of tools and concepts for effective digital organizing.

Elizabeth Gough-Gordon, Social Media Manager, 32BJ SEIU

I loved this course. It gave me a sense of what’s out there. Before this, I didn’t know what I didn’t know! The session on geofencing blew my mind. These tools are critical for our organizing.

Jeff Siddons, Organizer, SEIU Local 668

The IAM’s leadership is committed to expanding the union’s effective use of social media and online tools in our organizing. As part of that, we’re encouraging not only full-time organizers, but also local communicators to enroll in SMT’s digital campaigning program.

Bob Wood, Director of Communications, International Association of Machinists (IAM)

The class was great; a little advanced for me but I learned a lot.

Karen Klimaszewski, Organizing Specialist, SEIU Local 668 and Digital Certificate Program participant 2018-2019

Very helpful for my work as a communications specialist at SEIU 521.

Valerie Prigent, Communications Specialist, SEIU Local 521 and Digital Certificate Program participant 2018-2019

Great course, I have learned a lot.

Justin Norton-Kertson, Solidarity Organizer, Portland Jobs with Justice and Digital Certificate Program participant 2018-2019

A fast paced course that provides a lot of interesting and useful information in a short amount of time.

Trimica Gartrell, Video Producer, SEIU and Digital Certificate participant 2018-2019

We’ve encouraged someone from every local to attend SMT’s program…Any successful campaign we have – organizing, bargaining or movement building – has to include social media as a key component.

Bernie Lunzer, President, The NewsGuild-CWA

We want to be able to be as smart and effective as we can with our limited resources…SMT is a no-brainer.

Jeremy Sprinkle, Communications Director and Operations Manager, NC AFLCIO

SMT is the only training I know of that speaks our language of activism and uses the tools we use everyday in the field. They are a go-to resource to help raise the bar for communications in the labor movement.

Mark Maldonado – Digital Strategist, Texas AFL-CIO

A comprehensive look at must-have social media tools and techniques to build capacity and power for your union. We were able to effectively put together an action plan and deploy techniques like tweet storms almost as soon as we learned about them.

Michele Salcedo, Chief Mobilizer, News Media Guild (TNG-CWA) and graduate of SMT’s Digital Campaigning 2017-2018 cohort

SMT is an amazing resource for starting digital organizing and communications and maintaining a program that engages members and moves them to action. There are a bunch of free and super reasonably priced webinars available so you can jump right in and focus on what you need to improve.The webinars have just been stellar. I’ve learned so much, especially from the Top Tools and Tactics to bump up your organizing game. I used the templates and resources to set up an editorial calendar and to track stats for our new social media channels. It was very easy to take what was presented in the training and apply it to my union immediately.

Katie Ryan – formerly with IATSE Local 16 and enrolled in SMT’s Digital Campaigning 2018-2019 cohort

Loved it and would recommend.

Valerie Prigent – Communications Specialist, SEIU 521 and enrolled in SMT’s Digital Campaigning 2018-2019 cohort

   Our local switched CRMs earlier this year and having SMT staff walk through the features and answer questions was extremely helpful, both in problem solving and in providing some ideas in how I can use our CRM as a better organizing tool for our local. If you have any questions about your CRM, it is worth it!

Ellen Benson – Communications Director, Congress of Connecticut Community Colleges (4Cs – SEIU Local 1793) and enrolled in SMT’s Digital Campaigning 2018-2019 cohort

I found the Advanced CRM curriculum extremely helpful, in that it deepened my understanding of the capacity of the CRM we use. The practical examples were really helpful. We’ve begun to build some of the best practices from the Advanced CRM curriculum into our planning and internal workflows for 2019.

Christopher Hundley – Public & Government Relations Director, SEIU Local 668 and enrolled in SMT’s Digital Campaigning 2018-2019 cohort

Love it!” (mobile optimization of

David Groves – Washington State Labor Council, AFL-CIO

We hired SMT to lead a discussion about online strategy with some of our union’s staff. It rekindled my desire and commitment to using emerging technologies in my organizing!

Barbara Deardorff – Indiana State Teachers Association

All of SMT training is packed and powerful!

Monika Warner, Public Relations Chair – Professional Aviation Safety Specialists (PASS), AFL-CIO

SMT’s staff is friendly, flexible, competent, creative…Efficiently implemented cutting-edge strategies and designed great-looking materials to communicate our message to our members. I’ll come back to SMT in a heartbeat.

Flavio Casoy MD, while Exec VP, CIR / SEIU Healthcare

SMT helped us build an integrated, strategic approach to a union contract campaign. SMT’s work is sophisticated and flexible–their support was invaluable.

Darren Carroll – Union Representative, The NewsGuild-CWA

SMT’s coaching, strategy and implementation support has been invaluable to help us become more effective online. They understand the labor movement, speak organizing, and are cost-effective.

Mark Dudzic, Executive Director, Labor Campaign for Single Payer

ONLY UNION Groups trained

Staff of 400+ unions, CLCs and State Federations have engaged with SMT trainings:

AAUP (American Assoc of University Professors)
AEA (Alabama Education Association)
AFGE (American Fed of Gov’t Employees) – National
AFGE LU 3509
AFM (American Federation of Musicians)
AFM/ROPA (Orchestra workers)
AFSCME Council 28 (Washington Fed of State ‘Ees)
AFSCME Council 31
AFSCME Council 36
AFSCME Council 37
AFSCME Council 40
AFSCME Council 5
AFSCME Council 57
AFSCME Council 65
AFSCME Council 75
AFSCME LU 372/ DC 37 NYC Board of Ed ‘Ees
AFSCME Nat’l (American Federation of State, County and Municipal ‘Ees)
AFT – Corpus Christi
AFT – Kansas
AFT – New Jersey
AFT – New Mexico
AFT – Wisconsin
AFT (American Federation of Teachers) – National office
AFT LU 2190 (United University Professions)
AFT LU 477 Union for Part Time Faculty (UPTF)
AFT-FNHP (Federation of Nurses and Health Professionals)
APEA/AFT (Alaska Public ‘Ees Assoc)
APSCUF (Assoc of PA State College & University Faculties) – Kutztown University
APWU (American Postal Workers Union) – National office
ATU (Amalgamated Transit Union)
ATU 1493
ATU Canada
ATU LU 1555
Bangladesh Labour Federation
BCTF (British Columbia Teachers’ Federation)
BCTGM (Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco Workers and Grain Millers’ Int’l Union)
BMWE (Broth. of Maintenance of Way ‘Ees)
Boilermakers Int’l
Building and Construction Trades Department (BCTD)
California Federation of Teachers
California Labor Federation
California Nurses Association
California Nurses United
Canadian Labour Congress
CAPE (California Assoc of Professional Employees)
Carpenters Industrial Council
CEIU (Canada Empl & Immigr Union)
Central New York Area Labor Federation
Centro de Trabajadores Unidos
Change to Win
Chicago Teachers Union
Chicago Workers’ Collaborative
CIR (Committee of Interns and Residents)/SEIU
CLAC (Christian Labour Assoc of Canada)
CLC (Central Labor Council) – Nashville
CMRJB (Chicago and Midwest Joint Board) of Workers United
CMTA-NEA (Massachusetts Society of Professors)
Coast Federation of Classified Employees
Colorado Education Assoc
Communities & Postal Workers United
Community & Public Sector Union WA Branch
Community and Public Sector Union, Civil Service Association (CPSU/CSA)
COPE (Canadian Office & Professional ‘Ees) LU 225
CSEA (California School Employees Assoc) Local 1000 AFSCME
CSEA SEIU Local 2001
CTUL (Centro de Trabajadores Unidos en Lucha)
Culinary Union Local 226 UNITEHERE
CUPE – Air Canada Component
CUPE (Canadian Union of Public ‘Ees)
CUPW (Canadian Union of Postal Workers)
CWA (Communications Workers of America) – National office
CWA District 1
CWA LU 1037
CWA LU 13500
CWA LU 201
CWA LU 32035 (Washington-Baltimore News Guild)
CWA LU 3603
CWA LU 37083 (WA Alliance of Technology Workers)
CWA LU 39521
Dallas AFL-CIO
DC Labor Chorus
Detroit NewsGuild
Early Educators United – AFTNM
Employee Rights Center
Erotic Service Providers Union
FAA-PASS (Professional Aviation Safety Specialists)
FEA (Florida Education Assoc)
Fight For 15 – Chicago
Fight for 15 – National office
Finance Sector Union of Australia
FLOC (Farm Labor Organizing Committee)
Florida Public Services Union (SEIU)
Fond du Lac County Labor Council AFL-CIO
Georgia AFL-CIO
Greater Boston Labor Council
Guilford County Association of Educators
HOPE (Houston Organization of Public ‘Ees) AFSCME Local 123
IAFF (Int’l Association of Fire Fighters) LU 628
IAMAW – Southern Territory
IAMAW (Int’l Assoc of Machinists)
IAMAW United Lodge 66
IATSE (Int’l Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees) Local 16
IATSE Local 8
IATSE Local 871
IATSE LU 700 (Motion Picture Editors Guild)
IBB (Int’l Brotherhood of Boilermakers)
IBEW (Int’l Brotherhood of Electrical Workers)
IBEW LU 1269
IBEW LU 1837
IBT (Int’l Brotherhood of Teamsters)
IBT LU 117
IBT LU 651
IBT LU 728
IBT LU 804
IFPTE (Int’l Federation of Professional and Technical Engineers)
ILA (Int’l Longshoreman’s Assoc) LU 1422
ILCA (Int’l Labor Communications Assoc)
Illinois Education Assoc Region 54
Illinois Education Association
Illinois Nurses Association
ILWU (Int’l Longshore & Warehouse Union)
Indiana State Teachers Assoc
Inlandboatmen’s Union – ILWU
Int’l Labor Rights Forum
Int’l Union of Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers
Interfaith Worker Justice – Massachusetts
Internal Union League for Brand Responsibility
International Labor Rights Forum
Ironworkers, Shopmen’s local 516
IUE-CWA (International Union of Electrical Workers)
IUOE (Int’l Union of Operating Engineers)
IUPAT (Int’l Union of Painters and Allied Trades)
IUPAT District Council 6
IWW (Industrial Workers of the World)
JCEA (Jersey City Education Assoc)
Jefferson County Education Assoc
Jobs with Justice – Atlanta
Jobs with Justice – Central Florida
Jobs with Justice – Cleveland
Jobs with Justice – DC
Jobs with Justice – Kentucky
Jobs with Justice – Long Island
Jobs with Justice – Massachusetts
Jobs with Justice – Missouri
Jobs with Justice – National office
Jobs with Justice – Philadelphia
Jobs with Justice – Rhode Island
Jobs with Justice – San Francisco
Jobs with Justice – Texas
Jobs with Justice – Toledo
Jobs with Justice – Western Massachusetts
Justice for Port Drivers
Kansas Nat’l Education Assoc
Kenosha Education Assoc
La Plata County Thrive! Living Wage Coalition
Labor Campaign for Single Payer
Labor Guild, Weymouth Massachusetts
Labor News NH
Labor Notes
Labor Project for Working Families
Labor Rising
Labor-Religion Coalition of NYS
LIUNA (Laborers’ Int’l Union of North America)
LIUNA District Council of Minnesota & North Dakota
Local 338 RWDSU/UFCW
Maryland Professional Employees Council
Maryland State Education Assoc
Massachusetts Nurses Assoc
Massachusetts Teachers Assoc. Prof. Staff Union (MTA-PSU)
Medford Educators Association
Metal Trades
Metallic Lathers Local 46
Metro Washington Council, AFL-CIO
Miami Workers Center
Michigan Education Assoc
Michigan Nurses Association
Milwaukee Area Labor Council, AFL-CIO
Missouri Nat’l Education Assoc
MM&P (Int’l Orgn of Masters, Mates & Pilots Union)
Montreal Newspaper Guild Local 30111
MSEA-SEIU Local 1989
MTI (Madison Teachers Inc Union)
NABET-CWA Local 51 San Francisco
NALC (Nat’l Assoc of Letter Carriers)
NALC Branch 9
NATCA (Nat’l Air Traffic Controllers Assoc)
National Association of Social Workers-Connecticut
NDWA (Nat’l Domestic Workers Alliance)
NEA – Nebraska
NEA (Nat’l Education Assoc) Health Information Network
NEA (National Education Association) – National
NEA-EDMN – Minnesota
New Hampshire AFL-CIO
New Jersey Education Assoc
News Media Guild
NewsGuild of New York
Newspaper Guild of Pittsburgh
NNU (Nat’l Nurses United)
North Carolina AFL-CIO
Northeast Nurses Assoc
Northern Territories Federation of Labour
Northwest Arkansas Workers’ Justice Center
NUHW (Nat’l Union of Healthcare Workers)
NYC Central Labor Council
NYSNA (NYS Nurses Assoc)
NYSUT (NYS United Teachers)
Oak Grove Educators Assoc
OEA (Oakland Education Assoc)
OFNHP (Oregon Federation of Nurses and Health Professionals)
OPCMIA (Plasterers’ and Cement Masons’ Int’l Union)
OPEIU (Office & Professional ‘Ees Int’l Union) Local 11
OPEIU Local 29
OPEIU Local 30
OPEIU Local 8
Operating Engineers Local 3
OPSEU (Ontario Public Service Employees Union)
Oregon AFSCME Council 75
Oregon Education Assoc.
Oregon School Employees Assoc
OSA (Organization of Staff Analysts)
Ottawa Newspaper Guild Local 30205
Pacific Media Workers Guild Local 39521
PASNAP (Pennsylvania Assoc of Staff Nurses)
PASS (Professional Aviation Safety Specialists)
PBA (Police Benevolent Assoc) of NYS
PEA (Professional ‘Ees Assoc) – British Columbia
PEF (Public Employees Federation)
Pennsylvania State Education Assoc
Philadelphia Security Officers Union
Pilipino Workers Center of Southern California
Pipe Trades District Council #36 Joint Labor Management Committee
Port Jefferson Station Teachers Assoc, Stronger Together Caucus
Portland Assoc. of Teachers
Professional & Technical Employees Local 17
Professional Employees Assoc
Professional Guild of Ohio
Professional Staff Congress/CUNY
PSNA (Pennsylvania State Nurses Assoc)
PSU MTA (Professional Staff Union Massachusetts Teachers Association)
PTE (Professional & Technical ‘Ees) LU 17
Public Employees Union LU 1
Public Safety Employees Assoc
Ramapo Federation of State College Teachers
ROPA (Players Union) – Wisconsin Chamber Orchestra
Sacramento Central Labor Council
SAG-AFTRA – San Francisco Local
SAG-AFTRA (Screen Actors Guild‐American Federation of Television and Radio Artists)
San Francisco Labor Council
San Francisco Voices for Working Families
SEIU – National office
SEIU 1199
SEIU 1199 United Healthcare East
SEIU 2015
SEIU 503
SEIU 775 Benefits Group
SEIU Florida
SEIU HCIL (Healthcare Illinois)
SEIU Healthcare 1199NW
SEIU Healthcare PA
SEIU Local 200 United
SEIU Local 521
SEIU LU 121 Rn
SEIU LU 1973 4Cs (Congress of Connecticut Community Colleges)
SEIU LU 2001
SEIU LU 2015
SEIU United Healthcare Workers West
SEIU/ Workers United
SMART (Sheet Metal, Air, Rail and Transportation Workers)
Solidarity Center AFL-CIO
South Bay AFL-CIO Labor Council
South Carolina AFL-CIO
South Central Federation of Labor
Southeastern CLC (NC)
Southwest Regional Council of Carpenters
Southwest Workers Union
SPEEA (Society of Professional Engineering Employees in Aerospace)
TAA (Teaching Assistants’ Assoc) UW-Madison
TDU (Teamsters for a Democratic Union)
Teamsters United Campaign
Tech Workers Coalition
Texas American Federation of Teachers
TNEC-CSEA (The New England Consortium – Civil Service Employees Association)
TNG-CWA – Albany Newspaper Guild
TNG-CWA – Buffalo Newspaper Guild Local 31026
TNG-CWA (The NewsGuild-Communications Workers of America)
Trade Union TV
Triangle Labor Council, AFL-CIO
TWU (Transit Workers Union) – National office
TWU LU 100
U.S. Labor Against the War (USLAW)
UA LU 12 (Plumbers & Pipefitters)
UA LU 149 (Plumbers & Pipefitters)
UA LU 290
UA LU 393
UA LU 62 (California Plumbers & Steamfitters Union)
UA LU 78
UAW – Nat’l Writers Union
UAW (United Auto Workers)
UAW LU 2322
UAW LU 2965
UAW LU 5287
UAW LU 5810
UBC (United Brotherhood of Carpenters) – National
UBC (United Brotherhood of Carpenters) LU 156
UBC Mid-Atlantic Region
UE (United Electrical Workers Union)
UE LU 150
UE Research and Education Fund
UFCW 1000
UFCW Int’l (United Food and Commercial Workers)
UFCW LU 1445
UFCW LU 1529
UFCW LU 1994
UFCW LU 8 – Golden State
UFCW Western States Council
UFT (United Federation of Teachers)
UML Union of Adjunct Faculty – UAW Local 1596
UMWA (United Mine Workers of America)
UNAC/UHCP (United Nurses Assoc of CA)
Unifor (Canadian Trade Union) Local 1974
UNITE HERE – Culinary Workers Union Local 226
UNITE HERE – National office
United Academics of Philadelphia
United Campus Workers
United Hispanic Workers of Detroit
United Home Care Workers of Pennsylvania
United Mine Workers of America
United Teachers Los Angeles
UPAGRA (Unión de Periodistas, Artes Gráficas y Ramas Anexas) Local 33225
US Labor Against the War
USW (Int’l United Steelworkers Union)
USW LU 4-014
UTLA/NEA Charter Organizing Project – Los Angeles
UWUA Local 270 (Utility Workers Union)
Vermont NEA (Nat’l Educ Assoc)
Vermont Workers’ Center
VSEA (Vermont State Employees Assoc)
Washington Education Assoc
Washington Federation of State Employees
Washington State Nurses Assoc
Washington Teachers Union LU 6
Washington-Baltimore News Guild Local 32035
WEAC (Wisconsin Education Assoc) Region 7
Worker’s Justice Project (WJP)
Workers Organizing Committee of Chicago/Fight for 15
Workers United
Working America
Worthington Education Assn
Writers Guild of America West