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Tools4All Coop

SMT is working to bring down the cost of tech for organizing groups and unions with important campaigns and small budgets.


If you are using this form to make a payment for a cost-shared tool, just go ahead and use the form to pay. You can ignore the budget size question and be sure to enter the tool you’re paying for access to in the notes. Don’t forget to add the 4% processing fee.


The Tools4All Coop is a project of SMT to build negotiating power for small to medium-sized organizing groups with tool providers. The goals are to (1) reduce the price and (2) encourage the development of helpful features.

By joining the coop, groups immediately become eligible for discounted rates that SMT has negotiated. In addition coop members can request that SMT work to negotiate discounts on other tools and can make feature requests on discounted tools.

Annual membership fee

$100   Up to $250K annual budget

$200   $251-$500K

$300   $501 – $1M

$500   $1M+ – $2M+

Tools that are discounted for Coop members:

  • Twitter audience analysis, targeting, and mass direct messaging: Audiense (30% discount)
  • New/Mode
  • Texting tools
    • Strive ($30/month pricing)
  • Webcam and screen recording: Soapboxx (pay what you can during the pandemic)

Additional tools are in the works. SMT can invest more time into reaching out to tool providers as the coop grows. In order to avoid any conflicts of interest, SMT accepts absolutely no compensation or rewards of any kind from any companies or tool providers. SMT maintains an arms-length relationship with all tool providers to ensure an objective and unbiased evaluation for movement organizations.

Upon payment, you will receive an email with next steps for tool access.

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