librarians.jpgSocial Movement Technologies’ mission is to provide online organizing strategy, training & staffing to help progressive social change groups engage members and win campaigns.

SMT is a non-profit. What does this mean? We were established as a movement group, driven 100% to meet movement needs.

The IRS required that we set up a for-profit subsidiary to deal with c4 and c5 groups (mostly unions). That entity is part of the non-profit and any profits at the end of the year are allocated by the board to further the overall mission of SMT.

As SMT develops, our aim is for it to be guided by, and be accountable to, the broader social change community it serves. Our goal is to be effective at the lowest possible cost in order to be accessible and useful to all organizing groups.

SMT is unionized. What does that mean? Once a staff member has worked 10 billable hours, they join the staff union–The Pacific Media Guild/CWA’s Freelancer’s Division.

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