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Two third-graders left this message of love, constructed with stones and pinecones, in the driveway of their neighbors who are in their 70s. Love while distancing. Credit: C. McCutcheon

Join other organizers and campaigners for people power to share support and resources for organizing in the digital age. These are spaces for activists and staff of non-profits, NGOs and unions.

1. Facebook Group (join)

Looking for guidance and support from a community of peers across movements and continents? Join the Facebook group for staff and activists of organizing groups/NGOs and unions in any country looking to organize more powerfully in the digital age. A place to give and get support with tools, tactics, strategy and everything in between. Free trainings every few weeks.

2. Jobs Facebook Group (join)

A place to find justice jobs that include digital and recruit organizers with digital experience! Join the “Justice Jobs in the Digital Age” Facebook group to post your job openings and look for jobs to make a difference. (Open to all.)

3. Slack channel  (complete the form below)

Complete the form below to get an email with the Slack channel access link. We are monitoring who is approved to join the group, so this step is required. Please use your work email if you are on staff with an organizing group.

4. Telegram channels (complete the form below)

SMT posts updates on trainings and resources in multiple languages to the broadcast channel, designed so updates can be shared on Telegram, WhatsApp and other platforms. There is another channel for subscribers to give and get support. Provides high level anonymity and security, important for those campaigning under authoritarian regimes.

5. WhatsApp Groups, by language – English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Portuguese (complete the form below)

These are chat groups with the ability for participants to chat turned off. They are only used for updates from SMT. Participants have the ability to respond to an SMT staffer. 

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