Labor/Workers Rights List of Facebook Pages Scanned

1199 SEIU Federal Credit Union
1199 SEIU Florida
1199 SEIU in Westchester, Hudson Valley, Capital Region
1199 SEIU L.G.B.T.Q. Caucus
1199 SEIU New Jersey
1199 SEIU ProTech
1199 SEIU Rhode Island
1199 SEIU Upstate
1199 SEIU Upstate NY
1199SEIU Benefit and Pension Funds
1199SEIU Massachusetts
1199seiu RN Division
1199SEIU United Healthcare Workers East
15 and Fairness Guelph
15Now – Fight for $15 New Orleans
32BJ SEIU Pennsylvania
47th IBEW Reunion
502 Boilermakers
50210 the ILWU loc. 502 ROCK BAND
600 West Washington I.B.E.W. Local 134 union hall
6787 USW Solidarity Committee
99 Pickets
9to5 Atlanta Working Women
9to5 Colorado
9to5 Wisconsin
9to5, National Association of Working Women
A F T Indiana
A.F.S.C.M.E. District Council 47
A.P.W.U. Hickory Area Local 1807
Abbotsford Fire Fighters Association Local 2864
ACT-UAW Local 7902
Acton Fire Fighters Association
Actors’ Equity Association
Adelante Alabama Worker Center
Adjunct Faculty Association
Advocates and Organizers – The Newspaper Guild
AFA-CWA Spirit Airlines
AFGE District 4 YOUNG Page
AFGE Local 2001
AFGE Local 2022
AFGE Local 2028
AFGE Local 2065
AFGE Local 2077th
AFGE Local 2094
AFGE Local 916
AFL-CIO Latino
AFL-CIO Southwest Alabama Labor Council
AFM – American Federation of Musicians
AFM – American Federation of Musicians
AFM Local 1000
AFM Local 125
AFM Local 174-496 New Orleans
AFM Local 447-704
AFM Local 47
AFM Local 50 Regional Mexicano.
AFM Local 586 – Professional Musicians of Arizona
AFM Local 6
AFM Local 92 – Buffalo Musicians’ Association
Afscme 1081
Afscme 1427
Afscme 2384
Afscme 31 Metro East State Employees Local 1805
Afscme 472
Afscme 962-Local 3395/Indy Library Workers
Afscme C-75 Women’s Committee
AFSCME California
AFSCME Council 13
AFSCME Council 13 Local 469
AFSCME Council 18
Afscme Council 24
Afscme Council 26
AFSCME Council 31
AFSCME Council 31, Local 2806
AFSCME Council 31, Local 3315 Cook County Public Defenders Association
AFSCME Council 40
Afscme Council 40 Local 1925 Wisconsin
AFSCME Council 5
AFSCME Council 5
AFSCME Council 57
AFSCME Council 72
AFSCME Council 73
AFSCME Council 76, Colorado
AFSCME Council 93
AFSCME Council 94 Next Wave
AFSCME District Council 36
AFSCME en Español
Afscme Fayetteville
AFSCME Indiana-Kentucky Organizing Committee 962
AFSCME Iowa Council 61
AFSCME Iowa Next Wave
Afscme Local
AFSCME Local #3135 – Employees of the Housing Authority of Portland
Afscme Local #415
Afscme Local #773 City of Commerce Employee Association
Afscme Local 0451
AFSCME Local 10 – Stanislaus County Employees Association
Afscme Local 1048
AFSCME Local 1067 MA Higher Education
AFSCME Local 1083
AFSCME Local 1095
AFSCME Local 1111 – Stroger, Provident, Cermak Hospitals and Clinics Union
AFSCME Local 1164
Afscme Local 12 University of Iowa
Afscme Local 1212 Child Care Providers Together
AFSCME Local 127
AFSCME Local 1324
Afscme Local 1335
Afscme Local 141
AFSCME Local 146
AFSCME Local 1477 Indianapolis
AFSCME Local 1513
Afscme Local 1669
AFSCME Local 1674
AFSCME Local 17
Afscme Local 1700
AFSCME Local 171
AFSCME Local 1733
Afscme Local 1771
Afscme local 1772
AFSCME Local 1776
AFSCME Local 1815
Afscme Local 1902
Afscme Local 1936
AFSCME Local 1942
Afscme Local 1989
AFSCME Local 199
AFSCME Local 2019
Afscme Local 2025
Afscme Local 207
Afscme Local 2076
AFSCME Local 2083
Afscme Local 209
AFSCME Local 2173
Afscme Local 2224
Afscme Local 2258
Afscme Local 2267
Afscme Local 2441 Cameron Missouri
Afscme Local 2464
Afscme local 2464 Golf Scramble at Jackson County Country Club
Afscme Local 2468
AFSCME Local 2600
Afscme Local 2615
Afscme Local 2620
AFSCME Local 2629
Afscme Local 2712
AFSCME Local 2748
Afscme Local 2822
AFSCME Local 2829 Amalgamated
Afscme Local 2858
Afscme Local 2960
Afscme Local 3
Afscme Local 3090
Afscme Local 3111
AFSCME Local 328
AFSCME Local 3299 at UC Berkeley and LBNL
Afscme Local 3308
Afscme Local 354
Afscme Local 3549 Jacksonville Correctional Center
Afscme Local 3700
AFSCME Local 3758
Afscme Local 391
AFSCME Local 3937
AFSCME Local 4041
Afscme Local 410
AFSCME Local 462
AFSCME Local 477, Santa Fe State Employees
Afscme Local 494 Pontiac
AFSCME Local 51
Afscme Local 524
Afscme Local 557, Clifton T. Perkins Hospital Employees
AFSCME Local 59
Afscme Local 646
Afscme Local 658
AFSCME Local 685
Afscme Local 751 Davenport Schools
AFSCME Local 829
AFSCME Local 88
Afscme Local 96
Afscme Local 997
Afscme Local Gracedale
Afscme Local449
Afscme Louisville
AFSCME Maryland
AFSCME Maryland Local 266
Afscme Michigan Council 25
AFSCME Retirees
Afscme Retirees in NM
Afscme Texas Correctional Employees
Afscme Texas Retirees Chapter 12
AFSCME Wisconsin Council 32
Afscme Wisconsin Retirees Chapter 7
Afscme Wisconsin State Employees Union (WSEU) – Local 1
AFSCME-Local 1368
AFSCME, Local 427
AFSCME, Local 60
AFT – American Federation of Teachers
AFT – American Federation of Teachers
AFT 1493
AFT 2121
AFT Connecticut
AFT Healthcare
AFT Higher Education
AFT Local 1521
AFT Michigan
AFT MS- American Federation of Teachers Mississippi
AFT New Hampshire
AFT New Mexico
AFT Pennsylvania
AFT Washington, AFL-CIO
AFT-Oregon Retirees
AFT-West Virginia
Agricultural Justice Project
Agriculture Workers Alliance
Air Conditioning & Pipefitters Local Union 725
Akron Fire Fighters Association Local 330
Alabama Afl Cio
Alabama Education Association
Alabama Firefighters Museum & Education Center
Alameda County Fire Fighters Association
Alameda Firefighters
Alameda Labor Council, AFL – CIO
Alameda Labor Council, AFL-CIO
Alaska AFL-CIO
Alaska Nurses
Alaska Operating Engineers Employers Training Trust
Alaska Professional Fire Fighters Association
Alaska Public Employees (APEA-AFT)
Alaska State Employees Association/AFSCME Local 52
Alaska Teamster-Employer Welfare and Pension Trusts
Alaska Workers’ Voice
Alaskans For A Fair Minimum Wage – Yes on 3
Albany Airport Professional Firefighters IAFF Local I-65
Albany Musicians’ Association (AFM Local 14)
Albany Permanent Professional Firefighters Retiree’s Association
Alberta Carpenters Training Centre
Alexandria Firefighters, Inc. IAFF Local 2141
Alhambra Teachers Association (ATA)
Alliance Educators United
Alliance of Charter Teachers and Staff – AFT
ALPA Council 57
Altoona Fire Fighters
Altoona Fire Fighters Local 299
Amalgamated Transit Union
Amalgamated Transit Union Local 1395
Amalgamated Transit Union Local 788
American Federation of Musicians Local 116
American Federation of Musicians Local 136
American Federation of Musicians Local 349
American Federation of Musicians Local 40-543 Baltimore
American Federation of Musicians Local 580
American Federation of Musicians Local 689
American Federation of Musicians, Local 104
American Federation of Musicians, Local 542, Flint, Michigan
American Federation of School Administrators (AFSA)
American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees
American Federation of State, County, Municipal Employees Local 82
American Federation of Teachers-Kansas
American Federation of Teachers, Local 1481
American Guild of Musical Artists
American Guild of Variety Artists
American Postal Workers Union Hall Local 387
American Postal Workers Union Las Vegas Local 761
American Postal Workers Union Local 181
American Train Dispatchers Association
American Union News
Amesbury Fire Fighters IAFF Local 1783
Anacortes Professional Fire Fighters
Anchor Hocking Steelworkers Local 512T
Anchorage Central Labor Council
Anchorage Council of Education, APEA/AFT (AFL-CIO) Local 4425
Anchorage Education Association
Anderson Fire Fighters Local 1262
Anderson Professional Firefighters – Local 3111
Angela N. Ellington – APWU Dallas Area Local
Ankeny Career Fire Fighters Local 4814
Ann Arbor Education Association
Ann Arbor Firefighters
Anne Arundel County Professional Fire Fighters
Antigo Firefighters IAFF Local 1000
APWU – Local 712, Kingsport Tennessee
APWU – The American Postal Workers Union
APWU – The American Postal Workers Union
APWU 133 Local
APWU 480-481 Area Local
APWU 604-605 Local
APWU California Area Local #4635
APWU Daytona Beach Area Local 1672
APWU Denver Regional
APWU Eastern Region Safety and Health Representative
APWU Health Plan
APWU Lake-Geauga Area Local #1204
APWU Lincoln Land Area Local 239
APWU Local #84
APWU Local 536
APWU Local 990
APWU Louisville, KY Local #4
APWU Mid-Florida Local 7138
APWU of Wisconsin
APWU Salem Local 604
APWU South Jersey Area Local 526
APWU Tri-County Ohio Area Local
APWU Tulsa Area Local
APWU Waterbury Area Local 2921
APWU Youngstown, Ohio Area Local 443
APWU- Portland OR Area Local #128 Maintenance Craft Director’s Page
Arcadia Firefighters’ Association (AFFA) IAFF Local 3440
Arise Chicago
Arizona AFL-CIO
Arizona Building and Construction Trades Council
Arizona City Fire Fighters Association
Arizona Education Association
Arkansas AFL CIO
Arkansas Education Association
Arkansas Interfaith Committee for Worker Justice
Arlington Heights Firefighters Association-IAFF Local 3105
Arlington Professional Fire Fighters
Arlington Professional Firefighters IAFF Local 2393
Arlington, Wa.- Firefighters, IAFF Local 3728
Arvada Professional Fire Fighters Association
Ashland Fire Local 1386
Ashtabula Firefighters IAFF Local 165
Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance (APALA)
Associated Fire Fighters of Illinois
Associated Musicians of Greater New York, Local 802 AFM
Association of Field Service Employees – AFSE
Association of Flight Attendants-CWA
Association of Legal Aid Attorneys – UAW 2325
AT&T CWA Local 6150
ATF – Albuquerque Teachers Federation
Atlanta Jobs with Justice
Atlanta-North Georgia Labor Council
Atlantic and Cape May County Central Labor Council
Atlantic Federation of Musicians – Local 571
AU Student Worker Alliance
Auburn Maine Fire Dept. IAFF local 797
Aurora Local APWU
Austin Carpenters Local 1266
Austin Central Labor Council
Austin Federation of Musicians
Auxiliary to the APWU
AVIATION SAFETY: International Brotherhood of Teamsters – Airline Division
Ayer Fire Fighters IAFF Local #2544
AZ Worker Rights Center / Centro de Trabajadores
Badger Firefighters Association
Baldwin Paramedic Rescue IAFF
Baltimore City Firefighters Union; Local 734
Baltimore Fire Officers IAFF Local 964
Bangor Professional Firefighters IAFF Local 772
Bangor Township Fire Fighters IAFF Local 1682
Bard College Student Labor Dialogue
Bartlesville Professional Firefighters, Local 200
Bay Area Black Worker Center
Bay City Education Association
Bay Village Fire Fighters Association
Baytown Professional Firefighters IAFF Local 1173
BC Professional Fire Fighters Association
BCTGM International Union
Beacon Professional Firefighters – IAFF Local 3490
Beaver – Lawrence Central Labor Council
Beaver Valley Musicians Union, Local 82-545 AFM
Bedford Professional Fire Fighters Local 3587
Belleville Professional Firefighters IAFF Local 53
Bellflower Teachers Association
Belmont Fire Fighters Local 1637
Beloit Fire Fighters Local 583
Beloved Community Center of Greensboro
Bergen County Central Trades and Labor Council, AFL-CIO
Berkeley Firefighters Association IAFF Local 1227
Big Sky Central Labor Council
Billings Fire Fighters
Black Caucus of the Young Democrats of America
Black Workers for Justice
Blackhawk Firefighters Assocation – BFFA
Blissfield Firefighters
Bloomingdale Professional Firefighters IAFF Local 3272
Bloomington Firefighters Union – IAFF Local 49
Blue Green Alliance
Boardman Fire Fighters Association
Boilermakers 146
Boilermakers 647-Grand Rapids
Boilermakers local # 531
BoilerMakers Local #105
Boilermakers Local #4
Boilermakers Local 11
Boilermakers Local 13 PAC
Boilermakers Local 169
Boilermakers Local 26
Boilermakers Local 263
Boilermakers Local 28 Political Page
Boilermakers Local 433 Tampa, Fl
Boilermakers Local 592
Boilermakers Local 627 Phoenix,AZ
Boilermakers Local 74
Boilermakers Local Lodge No. 83
Boilermakers National Benefit Plans (Canada)
Boilermakers Union Local 85
Boise Central Trades & Labor Council
Bolingbrook Fire Fighters Association IAFF Local 3005
Bordentown Professional FireFighters Association IAFF Local 5065
Bossier Parish IAFF 4464
Boston Fire Fighters Local 718 IAFF
Boston Plasterers & Cement Masons Local 534
Boston Workers’ Alliance
Boulder County Labor Justice Committee
Bourbonnais Firefighters IAFF Local 5035
Bourne Firefighters IAFF Local 1717
Boycott Sakuma Seattle
Boynton Beach FireFighters & Paramedics of Local 1891
Bozeman Fire Fighters IAFF L613
Bozeman Firefighters IAFF Local 613
Bradenton FireFighters Association
Bradford Firefighters
Brampton Professional Firefighters Association IAFF Local 1068
Brantford Professional Fire Fighters Association Local 460
Brazil Professional Fire Fighters Union, IAFF Local 1453
Brazoria County Fire Fighters Association
Bread and Roses 1912-2012
Brevard Federation of Teachers
Bricklayers & Allied Craftworkers ADC 1 of IL
Bricklayers & Allied Craftworkers Local #2 Washington Idaho Montana
Bricklayers & Allied Craftworkers Local #8 Southeast
Bricklayers & Allied Craftworkers Local 1 MD, VA & D.C.
Bricklayers & Allied Craftworkers Local 3 Arizona / New Mexico
Bricklayers & Allied Craftworkers Local 4 Southern California
Bricklayers & Allied Craftworkers Union, Local 2 of Michigan
Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers #1 Pa.-De.
Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers Local # 1 Oregon
Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers Local 1
Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers Local 16 Ohio
Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers/ADC of NJ Locals 4 & 5
Bricklayers District Council of WV Training Center
Bricklayers Local 1& 11 W.V
Bricklayers Local 5 Membership Page
Bricklayers Local 5 Ohio
Bricklayers Local 7 Ohio
Bridgewater-Raritan Education Association
Brigantine PBA Local #204
Brigantine Professional Firefighters IAFF Local 2657
Bring the Teamsters to Fed Ex Freight
Bristol Firefighters IAFF Local 773
Brooke-Hancock Labor Council
Brookline Fire Fighters Local 950 IAFF
Brooklyn Park Professional Firefighters IAFF Local 5031
Brotherhood of Railroad Signalmen
Brown Student Labor Alliance
Brunswick Professional Firefighters IAFF Local 1718
Bryant Professional Firefighters
Buckeye Fire Fighters Association Local 4311
Buffalo Afl-Cio Central Labor Council
Buffalo Professional Firefighters Local 282
Building and Construction Trades Council of Northern Nevada
Burlington County Central Labor Council
Burlington County Professional Firefighters Association IAFF Local 3091
Burrillville Firefighters IAFF Local 4968
Butler County United Labor Council
Butte Labor History Center
CA Domestic Workers Coalition
Cab Drivers United/AFSCME Council 31
California Faculty Association
California Faculty Association San Francisco State University Chapter
California Labor Federation
California Professional Firefighters
California Retired Teachers Association
California School Employees Association (CSEA)
California School Employees Association (CSEA)
California Teachers Association
California Teachers Association District A
California United Homecare Workers Union: Local 4034
California Work & Family Coalition
Cambridge Fire Fighters Local 30
Camden County IAFF Local 3249
Campaign for Paid Family Leave
Campaign to Raise the Minimum Wage
Campaign to Raise the Minimum Wage – Hamilton
Campbell County Professional Firefighters
Campbell High School Teachers Association (CHSTA)
Canadian Federation of Musicians – Local 820
Canandaigua Professional Firefighters I.A.F.F. Local 2098
Cape Coral Professional Fire Fighters Local 2424
Capital District Area Labor Federation
Capitol Teamster
Carleton Student-Worker Alliance
Caroline County Professional Fire Fighters
Carpenter’s Local 388
Carpenter’s Local 97
Carpenter’s Local Union 237
Carpenter’s Union 615 – Kokomo
Carpenters Apprentice
Carpenters Industrial Council
Carpenters Local # 255 (South Jersey)
Carpenters Local 1
Carpenters Local 1146
Carpenters Local 1185
Carpenters Local 1260
Carpenters Local 136 Volunteers
Carpenters Local 1382
Carpenters Local 174 Joliet IL
Carpenters Local 1925
Carpenters Local 200
Carpenters Local 232 – Fort Wayne
Carpenters Local 2361
Carpenters Local 254
Carpenters Local 275
Carpenters Local 3
Carpenters Local 308, 678 & 1260 VOC
Carpenters Local 361
Carpenters Local 43 Hartford CT
Carpenters Local 587
Carpenters Local 626
Carpenters Local 713
Carpenters Local 731
Carpenters Local 751
Carpenters Local 785 Cambridge, Ontario
Carpenters Local 792
Carpenters Local Union #2
Carpenters Local Union #650
Carpenters Local Union 26
Carpenters Local Union 285
Carpenters Local Union 322
Carpenters Local Union 735
Carpenters Local Union No 1650
Carpenters Union Local 166
Carpenters Union Local 1946
Carpenters Union Local 926
Carpenters’ District Council of Greater St. Louis and Vicinity
Carpentersville Professional Fire Fighters IAFF Local 4790
Cartwright Education Association
CASA de Maryland
Casa Freehold
CASA Latina
CATA- The Farmworkers’ Support Committee
Catholic Labor Network
Catoosa Fire Department IAFF Local-4798
Caucus of Working Educators
CBTU Detroit, Coalition of Black Trade Unionists
CCSD Support Staff for Teamsters
CCSF Student Labor Action Project- SLAP
CDF Firefighters Riverside Chapter
Cedar Hill Professional Fire Fighters Association
Cedar Professional Fire Fighters IAFF Local 4953
Cement Masons & Plasterers Training Centers of Washington
Center for the Working Poor
Center for Worker Justice of Eastern Iowa:: Centro de Justicia Laboral
Center for Workers’ Rights
Central ALabama Labor Federation
Central American Resource Center (CARECEN-LA)
Central CA CLUW
Central Florida Jobs with Justice
Central Illinois Jobs with Justice
Central Indiana Jobs with Justice
Central Labor Council of Contra Costa County, AFL-CIO
Central Labor Council of Nashville & Middle TN
Central Maryland AFL CIO Labor Council
Central Maryland Afl-Cio Council
Central Montana Labor Council
Central New York Area Labor Federation, AFL-CIO
Central Ohio Worker Center – Centro de Trabajadores de Central Ohio
Central Oklahoma Labor Federation
Central Oregon Jobs With Justice
Central Regional Education Association
Central Utah Federation of Labor
Central Virginia Labor Federation
Centralia Fire Fighters – IAFF Local 0451
Centro Cultural de Washington County
Centro de Trabajadores Unidos
Centro Humanitario Para Los Trabajadores
Centro Laboral De Somos Un Pueblo Unido
Centro Legal de la Raza
CFT – California Federation of Teachers
Champaign County AFL-CIO Central Labor Council
Champaign Federation of Teachers
Chandler Education Association
Change to Win
Channahon Professional Fire Fighters Association IAFF Local # 4681
Chapel Hill Firefighters Association IAFF Local 2580
Chattanooga Fire Fighters Association, Local 820
Chelan Professional Firefighters IAFF L4816
Cherry Hill Firefighters IAFF Local 2663
Chester Firefighters Local 1400
Chesterfield Education Association
Chicago & Midwest Regional Joint Board, Workers United
Chicago Alliance of Charter Teachers and Staff
Chicago Community and Workers’ Rights
Chicago Federation of Labor
Chicago Jobs with Justice
Chicago Regional Council of Carpenters
Chicago Teachers Union
Chicago Teamsters Hispanic Caucus
Chicago Workers’ Collaborative
Chicago Young Workers
Chico Firefighters IAFF 2734
Chico Unified Teachers Association
Chillicothe Firefighters IAFF Local 300
Chinese Progressive Association
Chinese Progressive Association
Chippewa Falls Firefighters Local 1816 IAFF
Cincinnati AFL-CIO Labor Council
Cincinnati Federation of Teachers – Official
Cincinnati Fire Fighters Union Local 48
Cincinnati Interfaith Workers’ Center
Cincinnati Musicians Association
Cincinnati Retired Teamsters Club
Cincinnati Teamsters
City Employees Union Local 237 Teamsters
City of Centralia Professional Fire Fighters Local 618
City of Newburgh Firefighters IAFF Local 589
City of Poughkeepsie Fire Department NY Local 596
City of Tonawanda Professional Firefighters
Claremont Firefighter’s Association
Claremont Student Worker Alliance
Clarington Fire Fighters Association
Clarksburg Firefighters IAFF Local 89
Clarkston Fire Department IAFF Local 2299
Clatsop/Tillamook Central Labor Council
CLEAN Carwash Campaign
Clermont Professional Firefighters IAFF Local 4350
Cleveland Alliance of Charter Teachers and Staff
Cleveland Federation of Musicians, Local 4
Cleveland Fire Fighters IAFF Local 93
Cleveland Glaziers Local 181
Cleveland Jobs with Justice
Cleveland Professional Fire Fighters Local 3748
Cloquet Professional Fire Fighters – IAFF Local 880
CLUE: Clergy and Laity United for Economic Justice
CNY Labor Council / Labor Agency
Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles (CHIRLA)
Coalition of Immokalee Workers
Coalition of Labor Union Women
Coalition of Labor Union Women
Coalition to End Wage Theft
Coastal Bend Labor Council
Coeur d’ Alene Firefighters IAFF Local 710
College Democrats of Massachusetts’s Labor Caucus
Collinsville Fire Fighters IAFF Local 2625
Colorado AFL – CIO
Colorado Education Association
Colorado Jobs with Justice
Colorado Professional Fire Fighters
Colorado Professional Fire Fighters Foundation
Colorado Springs Professional Firefighters Association
Colorado Teamsters Hispanic Caucus
Columbia University Fight for 15
Columbus CWA Local 4502
Columbus Fire Fighters Union Local 67
Committee of Interns and Residents
Communication Workers of America – Local 9431
Communication Workers of America Local 9413 Nevada
Communications Workers of America
Communications Workers of America – Local 7400
Communications Workers of America – Next Generation
Communications Workers of America Local 1085
Communications Workers of America Local 1102
Communications Workers of America Local 2001
Communications Workers of America Local 2201
Communications Workers of America Local 3121
Communications Workers of America Local 3805 Knoxville, TN
Communications Workers of America Local 3907 Mobile, Al
Communications Workers of America Local 4217
Communications Workers of America Local 7270
Communications Workers of America Local 7304
Communications Workers of America MN
Communications Workers of America, Local 3010, AFL-CIO/CLC
Communications Workers of America, Local 4611
Communities and Postal Workers United
Community & Postal Workers United
Community Farmworker Alliance – NYC Fair Food
Community Resource Center
Community, Faith and Labor Coalition
Congress of Day Laborers/Congreso de Jornaleros
Connecticut AFL – CIO
Connecticut Center for a New Economy
Connecticut Education Association (CEA)
Conroe Professional Firefighters Association, IAFF Local 2731
Coquitlam Firefighters, IAFF Local 1782
Cornell University School of Industrial and Labor Relations
Corona Firefighters Association – Local 3757
Corpus Christi American Federation of Teachers
Coshocton Fire Fighters IAFF Local 216
Costa Mesa Firefighters Association – IAFF Local 1465
Cotuit Permanent Firefighters IAFF Local 3642
Council 15, Connecticut Council of Police
Council 4 AFSCME
Council 4 Afscme Local 478
Coventry Professional Firefighters IAFF Local 3372
Cowlitz-Wahkiakum Central Labor Council
Cranbrook Professional Fire Fighters Local 1253
Cranston Rhode Island Fire Fighters
Crecen/America Para Todos
Cromwell Professional Firefighters IAFF Local 4662
CSEA 1717
CSEA 530
CSEA 567
CSEA 7900/7902
CSEA Capital Region 4
CSEA Central Region 5
CSEA Chapter 59
CSEA Employees of Westchester County – Unit 9200
CSEA Great Northern 178
CSEA Lakeside Chapter #240
CSEA Local 1000
CSEA Local 403
CSEA Local 414
CSEA Local 431
CSEA Local 614
CSEA Local 815
CSEA Local 828 Monroe County
CSEA Local 880
CSEA Long Island Region 1
CSEA Member Benefits
CSEA Metropolitan Region 2
CSEA Nassau Local 830
CSEA Next Wave
CSEA Onondaga Local 834
CSEA Organizing
CSEA Region 3
CSEA SEIU Local 2001
CSEA Western Region 6
CSU Employees Union
CT Campaign for Family Values at Work
CTEA-Colorado Technology Education Association
Culinary Workers Union Local 226
Cumberland Firefighter’s IAFF Local 1715
Cuyahoga Falls Fire Fighters Union Local 494
Cuyahoga Heights Fire Department IAFF Local 702
CWA – Local 7603
CWA 1038
CWA 1109 Verizon Retiree Club Chapter 282
CWA 1126 Telecom
CWA 13301
CWA 3106
CWA 3108 Union Hall
CWA 3176
CWA 3179
CWA 3510 – Mississippi Delta
CWA 3511
CWA 3803
CWA 4400 Retirees
CWA 4818
CWA 6201
CWA 6203
CWA 7250
CWA 9003
CWA 9408
CWA 9415
CWA 9588
CWA Bargaining info
CWA Canada
CWA D-1: Unity at Mobility 2013
CWA District 2-13
CWA District 3 Next Generation
CWA District 6
CWA District 6 members
CWA District 9 Committee on Civil Rights and Equity
CWA District 9 Mobilization
CWA District 9 Next Generation
CWA Local 1000
CWA Local 1014
CWA Local 1022
CWA Local 1023
CWA Local 1036
CWA Local 1037
CWA Local 1039
CWA Local 1042
CWA Local 1051
CWA Local 1079
CWA Local 1082
CWA Local 1084
Cwa Local 1101
CWA Local 1103 RMC
CWA Local 1105
CWA Local 1106
CWA Local 1117
CWA Local 1122
CWA Local 1150
CWA Local 1168
CWA Local 1170
CWA Local 1180
CWA Local 1182
CWA Local 14904
CWA Local 2006
CWA Local 2100
CWA Local 2106
CWA Local 2107
CWA Local 2108
CWA Local 2204
CWA Local 2205
CWA Local 2222
CWA Local 3010 AFL-CIO
CWA Local 3104
CWA Local 3111
CWA Local 3181
CWA Local 3207
CWA Local 3250
CWA Local 3310
CWA Local 3407
CWA Local 3519
CWA local 3681
CWA Local 3710
CWA Local 3805 Retired Members
CWA Local 3808
CWA Local 4008
CWA Local 4034
CWA Local 4050 / 4090
CWA Local 4100
CWA Local 4108
CWA Local 4123
CWA Local 4202
CWA Local 4319
CWA Local 4320
CWA Local 4322
CWA Local 4340
CWA Local 4400
CWA Local 4501
CWA Local 4630
CWA Local 4700
CWA Local 4818
CWA Local 4900
CWA Local 6016
CWA Local 6137
CWA Local 6171
CWA Local 6215
CWA Local 6218
CWA Local 6222
CWA Local 6229
CWA Local 6300
CWA Local 6402
CWA Local 6450
CWA Local 6508
CWA Local 7000
CWA Local 7019
CWA Local 7200
CWA Local 7201
CWA Local 7290
cwa local 7303
CWA Local 7470
CWA Local 7750
CWA Local 7777
CWA Local 7800 Retirees
CWA Local 7803
CWA Local 9333
CWA Local 9400
CWA Local 9400 Victorville CA
CWA Local 9400 Women’s Committee
CWA Local 9410
CWA Local 9416
CWA Local 9417
CWA Local 9421
CWA Local 9423
CWA Local 9510
CWA Local 9575
CWA Local 9586
CWA Local Union 7702
CWA Local-1033
CWA Memphis Call Center & Retail Stores
Cwa Milwaukee
CWA Minority Caucus
CWA New Jersey
CWA Next Generation District 4
CWA Public Workers
CWA Retired Members Chapter 81359-Waterford, NY
CWA Retirees
CWA San Luis Obispo County
CWA T-Mobile District 3
CWA-American Airlines Florida
CWA-American Airlines NC-SERO
CWA-New Mexico
CWA/ Oklahoma State Workers Union Local 6086
Cy-Fair AFT-Texas AFT-American Federation of Teachers
Dallas AFL CIO
Dallas Apwu
Dallas Firefighters Association-Local 58
Dallas Firefighters Pipes and Drums
Danbury Professional Fire Fighters, Local 801, IAFF
Danvers Firefighters IAFF Local 2038
Danville Firefighters IAFF Local 429
Daphne Professional Firefighters Association IAFF 4647
Day Worker Center of Mountain View
Day Worker Center of Santa Cruz County
Dayton Firefighters Local 136
DC Food and Retail Workers United
DC Jobs With Justice
DC Metro Labor Notes Troublemakers School
Dearborn Stamping Plant, UAW CAP Committee
Dedham Firefighters IAFF Local #1735
Dedicated Teachers
Deerfield Professional Firefighters IAFF Local 4286
Defeat “Right to Work” in Wisconsin
Dekalb Firefighters Local 1236 AFFI Warrior Program
Delaware Public Employees Council 81 AFSCME
Delaware State AFL-CIO
Delran Education Association
Denton Fire Fighter’s Association Local 1291
Dentsville Lodge #398 AFM
Denver Area Labor Federation
Denver Fire Fighters Burn Foundation
Des Moines Iowa Area APWU Local 44 Auxiliary
Detroit Federation of Musicians AFM Local 5
Detroit Federation of Teachers – DFT Local 231
Detroit Fire Fighters
Detroit Fire Fighters Association Local 344
Detroit Metro Airport FireFighters IAFF L741
Detroit Pipefitters LU 636
Detroit Roofers JATC Local 149
District 1199C
District 1199J
District Council 3 Painters and Allied Trades Training Fund
District Council 37
District Labor Council 790 of SEIU Local 1000
District-Council Seven
Dixon Professional Firefighters Association – IAFF Local 4665
Do Better Together
Doctors Council SEIU
Dolores Huerta Foundation
Domestic Workers United
Douglas County Georgia Professional Fire Fighters Local 2851
Douglas County Professional Firefighters IAFF Local 2091
Dover Firefighters IAFF local 324
Down with Wage Theft Campaign
Duluth Firefighters Local 101
Dunkirk Professional Firefighters Association – IAFF Local 616
Dunmore Fire Department IAFF Local 860
EAN Education Association of Norfolk
Early Educators United NM
East Bay Alliance for a Sustainable Economy
East Bay Fast Food Workers
East Brunswick Education Association
East Central Area Labor Council
East Cleveland Firefighters IAFF Local 500
East Hartford Firefighters – IAFF Local 1548
East Providence Firefighters … Local 850
Eastern Sierra AFSCME
Easton Firefighters Local 2790 IAFF
Eastpointe Fire Fighters Association
Eastside Fire Fighters
Edgewater Professional Firefighters IAFF Local 4575
Edison, NJ Firefighters IAFF Local 1197
Education Minnesota
El Centro de Hospitalidad/Child & Migrant Services
El Paso Fire Fighters
Elburn Professional Fire Fighters Association IAFF #4749
eLCOSH: Construction Occupational Safety & Health Information
Electrical Sisters United of IBEW Local 46
Electrical Workers Local 131
Electrical Workers Local 153
Electrical Workers Local 229
Electrical Workers Minority Caucus Northern California Chapter
Electrical Workers Minority Caucus-National
Electrical Workers Pennsylvania
Electricians Local Union No 584 Ibew
Elgin Association of Firefighters, IAFF Local 439
Elizabeth Education Association
Elizabeth NJ Fire Officers IAFF Local 2040
Elk Grove Village Professional Firefighters IAFF Local 2340
Ellsworth Professional Fire Fighters IAFF Local 3402
Elmhurst Firefighters IAFF Local 3541
Elmira Fire Fighters IAFF Local 709
Emmaus Professional Firefighters Association IAFF Local 5004
Employee Rights Center
Employer-Teamsters Local Nos. 175 & 505 H&W & Pension Trust Fund
EMS Workers United—AFSCME
Erie Crawford Central Labor Council
Erie Firefighters
Essex County Education Association – ECEA
Evanston Fire Fighters Local #742
Evansville Professional Fire Fighters Local 357
Everett Firefighters In Action
Evergreen Teachers Association
Exeter Professional Firefighters, IAFF Local 3491
Expose the TPP
Fairbanks Central Labor Council
Fairbanks Education Association
Fairborn Professional Firefighters Local 1235
Fairfax County Federation of Teachers
Fairfax Education Association
Fairfield Fire Fighters Charitable Foundation
Fairfield-Suisun Unified Teachers Association
Fairmount Firefighters IAFF Local 5013
Fairview Professional Firefighters, IAFF Local 2623
Family Leave Reform NOW
Family Leave Works
Fargo Area Local APWU #88
Farm Labor Organizing Committee – FLOC
Farm Worker Ministry-Northwest
Farmingdale Federation of Teachers – FFT
Farmworker Advocacy Network
Farmworker Association of Florida
Farmworker Awareness Week
Farmworker Justice
Fast Food Forward
Fayetteville Fire Fighters Association IAFF L2866
Fayetteville Professional Fire Fighters Association
FD1 Professional Fire Fighters Local 4874
FDOC Teamsters
FDOC Teamsters Local 2011
Fdoc Teamsters Polk
Fe y Justicia Worker Center
Federal Fire Fallon IAFF Local F-268
Federal Firefighters, San Diego IAFF Local F33
Federated Fire Fighters of Wyoming
Federation of Public Service Employees CA
Federation of Social Workers IUE/CWA 81381
Fight for $15
Fight for $15 and a Union
Fight for $15 CT
Fight for $15 Nashville
Fight For 15 Arizona
Fight For 15 Chicago
Fight for 15 Denver
Fight for 15 Florida
Fight for 15 Las Vegas
Fight for 15 Oakland
Fight For 15 PA
Fight for 15 Texas
Fire Fighters Of Nova Scotia
FireFighter Humor
Firefighters & Paramedics of Boca Raton
FireFighters Emerald Society Of South East Ga.
Firefighters of Frontenac
Firefighters of Huntington WV
Firefighters of Stafford County Virginia
Firefighters Store – IAFF Decals and Logo Products
Firefighters United
Firefighters United: Georgia Chapter
Fishers Professional Firefighters & Drivers IAFF Local 4907
FIU Center for Labor Research & Studies
Flanders Firefighters
Florida AFL CIO
Florida Education Association (FEA)
Florida Probation Officers Teamsters Local 2011
Florida Public Services Union
Florida Teamster Correctional Officers
Floyd County Education Association
Foley Professional Fire Fighters Association
Food and Retail Workers United
Food Chain Workers Alliance
FOP, Ohio Labor Council, Inc.
Fort Belvoir IAFF F-273
Fort Benning FireFighters Association
Fort Detrick Forest Glen Federal Fire Fighters – IAFF Local F151
Fort Mcmurray Fire Fighters Association
Fort Myer IAFF Local F-253
Fort St. John Professional Fire Fighters Association
Fort Worth Area Postal Workers
Fountain Valley Professional Fire Fighters
Framingham Firefighters IAFF Local 1652
Framingham Teachers Association
Franklin Professional Firefighters IAFF L-2760
Frederick County Professional Fire Fighters IAFF L4145
Fredericton Fire Fighters’ Association
Freelancers Union
FRESC: Good Jobs, Strong Communities
Fresno Teachers Association
Friends Of Quincy Firefighters IAFF Local 792
Friends of Shelby Township Firefighters IAFF Local 1338
Friends of Teamsters Local 118
Friends of the Northwest Florida Federation of Labor
Friends of United Steelworkers Local 310
Frontier Communications Workers United
Fruitvale Fire Fighters Society
Fuerza del Valle
Galesburg Fire Fighters Union Local 555
Gardiner Fire Fighters IAFF Local 2303
Garfield Heights Firefighters Local 340
Garment Worker Center
Garnavillo Fire Fighters Association
Gates Firefighters IAFF Local 3792
GE Workers United
General Teamsters Local 251
Georgetown Professional Firefighters IAFF Local 3681, Georgetown KY
Georgia AFL-CIO
Georgia Association of Educators
GEU-UAW UConn Graduate Employee Union
Gilbert Fire Fighters – Local 2260
Gilroy Fire Fighters Association IAFF L-2805
Gilroy Teachers Association
Gladstone Firefighters IAFF Local #3228
Glaziers Local 1009
Glaziers Local 169
Glaziers Local 2001 JATC
Glaziers Local Union #751 Pittsburgh PA. District Council 57
Glaziers Local Union 1168
Glaziers Local Union 1281 New York
Glaziers Union Local #27 – Chicago
Glendale Fire Fighters Association – Local 776
Global Workers Justice Alliance
Gloucester Fire Fighters Relief Association
Godfrey Firefighters IAFF Local 1692
Good Jobs First
Good Jobs Nation
Good Jobs, Green Jobs National Conference
Graduate Employee Organization (GEO-UAW)
Grand Island Firefighters IAFF Local 647
Grand Rapids Professional Firefighters Local 366
Grande Prairie Fire Fighters Association
Grants Pass Professional Firefighters IAFF Local 3564
Graton Day Labor Center (Centro Laboral de Graton)
Great Adventure Firefighters IAFF Local I-73
Greater Boston Labor Council
Greater Boston Labor Council Futures Committee
Greater Boston Student Labor Organizing
Greater Hartford Central Labor Council
Greater Johnstown/Somerset Central Labor Council (CLC)
Greater Lansing Labor Council
Greater Marion County UAW CAP Council
Greater Minnesota Worker Center
Greater New York Labor-Religion Coalition
Greater New York Laborers-Employers Cooperation & Education Trust
Greater Southeastern Massachusetts Labor Council
Greater Syracuse Labor Council
Greater Westmoreland County Labor Council
Greater Yellowstone Central Labor Council
Greater York Professional Fire Fighters IAFF Local 2377
Green Bay Metro Fire Fighters
Green Jobs Becoming a Reality
Green Oak FireFighters
Green Township Professional Fire Fighters IAFF Local 2927
Greenburgh Uniformed Firefighters Association – IAFF 1586
Greenfield Professional Fire Fighters IAFF Local 1963
Greenwich Professional Firefighters
Grocery Workers United – UFCW
GSOC-UAW Local 2110
GWC-UAW Local 2110 Graduate Workers of Columbia
H.O.P.E. Teamsters Local 600
Hagerstown Professional Fire Fighters Local 1605
Hamilton County Fire Fighters Local 4416
Hamilton Musicians’ Guild ___ Local 293, AFM
Hamilton Professional Firefighters IAFF Local 20
Hammond Firefighters
Hanover Firefighters
Harrisburg Region Central Labor Council
Harrison Fire Fighters Association
Harry Van Arsdale Jr. Center for Labor Studies, SUNY Empire State College
Haverhill Education Association
Hawaii AFL CIO
Hawaii Nurses Association/OPEIU Local 50
Hawaii Plumbers and Fitters UA Local 675
Hawaii State Teachers Association
Hawaii Teamsters Union, Local 996
Hawkeye Labor Council AFL-CIO
Hayward Firefighters Local1909
Hazel Crest IAFF Local# 4087
Health Professionals & Allied Employees
Heartland Workers Center
Heat & Frost Insulator’s and Allied Workers Local #1
Heat & Frost Insulators & Allied Workers Local 132
Heat & Frost Insulators & Allied Workers Local 91
Heat & Frost Insulators & Allied Workers Local 97
Heat & Frost Insulators Local #37
Heat & Frost Insulators, Local 95
Heat and Frost Insulators and Allied Workers Local 36
Heat and Frost Insulators Local #25
Heat and Frost Insulators Local #41
Heat and Frost Insulators Local 51
Helena Firefighters IAFF Local 448
Helmets to Hardhats
Hemet Fire Fighters Association, Local 2342
Henderson Professional Fire Fighters
Henderson Professional Firefighters IAFF Local 2290
Hendersonville Professional Firefighters Association Local 2645
Hillsboro Fire Fighters Association, IAFF Local 2210
Hillsboro Professional Firefighters IAFF Local 2972
HMC Teamsters
Hobart Firefighters IAFF Local 1641
Holden Association of Fire Fighters
Holland Professional Fire Fighters
Hollister Firefighters Association IAFF local 3395
Holloman Fire Fighters Association
Homewood Firefighters IAFF Local 3656
Hoover Fire Fighters Association Local 4035
Hopatcong Education Association
Horry County Professional Firefighters IAFF L4345
Houston Federation of Teachers
Houston Gulf Coast Building and Construction Trades Council
Houston Professional Fire Fighters Association
Houston TX Operative Plasterers and Cement Masons International association
Howard County Professional Fire Fighters Association
Huber Heights Firefighters IAFF Local 2926
Huber Heights Professional Firefighters Local 2926
Hudson County Central Labor Council
Hudson Valley Area Labor Federation
Hudson-Catskill Central Labor Council
Hugo Firefighters (IAFF Local 3199)
Humboldt & Del Norte Central Labor Council
Huntley Fire Fighters Union IAFF Local 4106
Huron Valley Central Labor Council/AFL-CIO
Hutto Professional Firefighters Association I.A.F.F. Local 4707
Hyannis Firefighters Local 2172 IAFF
I Love Firefighting
I Love Firefighting
I Support Firefighters – Paramedics – Emt’s – Nurses – Police – Volunteers
I.A.F.F. Professional Firefighters Local 4403
I.B.E.W L.U. 275
I.B.E.W Local 648
I.B.E.W. ”Electrical Workers Local Union” #429
I.B.E.W. 453
I.B.E.W. Local 163
I.B.E.W. Local 2150
I.B.E.W. Local 596
I.B.E.W. Local 6
I.B.E.W. Local Union 424
I.B.E.W., Local 1439
I.U.E.C. #19
I.U.E.C. Local Fifty Nine
I.U.O.E Local 302/612
I.U.O.E. Local #95
I.U.O.E. Local 112
I.U.O.E. Local 14-14b NYC
I.U.O.E. Local 955
IAFF 106 Bellingham/Whatcom County Firefighters Association
IAFF 14th District
IAFF 2665 5th District
IAFF 3021 Spruce Grove Fire Fighters
IAFF 4466 – City of Manassas Professional Firefighters / Paramedics
IAFF Arlington
IAFF Canada
IAFF Charitable Foundation
IAFF Charlotte Firefighters
IAFF District 13
IAFF F-109
IAFF Fallen Fire Fighter Memorial
Iaff GloucesterCounty Local
IAFF Greenville NC Firefighters
IAFF L-1314 Fall River Firefighters
IAFF L-2916
IAFF L4791 Wyomissing Professional Firefighters
IAFF Line Of Duty Deaths
IAFF Local 1005
IAFF Local 1186 Firefighters
IAFF Local 1349
IAFF Local 1501
IAFF Local 152 Pipes & Drums
IAFF Local 1560 – Firefighters of Boca Raton
IAFF Local 1571
IAFF Local 1576 Oromocto Professional Firefighters
IAFF Local 1590
IAFF Local 1596
IAFF Local 1664 Montgomery County Career Fire Fighters
IAFF Local 1696
Iaff local 1714
IAFF Local 1730 Raytown Firefighters and Paramedics
IAFF Local 176 Tulsa Firefighters
IAFF Local 1952 Lebanon Professional Fire Fighters
IAFF Local 2045 Greater Hanover Professional Firefighters Assocoation
IAFF Local 2157 Gainesville Professional Firefighters
IAFF Local 2164
IAFF Local 2195 – Lee’s Summit Fire Fighters Association
IAFF Local 2403 Adams County Professional Firefighters
IAFF Local 2549 Riverview Professional Firefighters
IAFF Local 2567 Jenks Fire/Rescue
IAFF Local 2665 7th District
IAFF Local 2702 City of Fairfax Professional Firefighters and Paramedics
IAFF Local 2720
IAFF Local 2779, Sydney N.S.
IAFF Local 2818
IAFF Local 2921
IAFF Local 2964 City of Green Division of Fire
IAFF Local 2970 West Valley City Fire Fighters
IAFF Local 3025
IAFF Local 3027 Cunningham Fire Fighters
IAFF Local 3040 Springfield Township Professional Firefighters
IAFF Local 3133
IAFF Local 3162
IAFF Local 3235 Lake Stevens Firefighters
IAFF Local 3518
IAFF Local 3558
IAFF Local 357 PAC
IAFF Local 36, Washington, D.C.
IAFF Local 3610 – West Windsor Professional Firefighters
IAFF Local 3705
IAFF Local 3816
IAFF Local 3897 – Hopewell Valley Uniformed Fire Fighters Association
IAFF Local 4023 – Charlton MA
IAFF Local 4141 (Prattville Firefighters)
IAFF Local 4246 Salisbury Career Fire Fighters Assoc.
IAFF Local 4269, Ocean City Career Firefighter Paramedics Association
IAFF Local 4333 Stevens County Professional Firefighters
IAFF Local 4381 Columbia Firefighters Association
IAFF Local 4413
IAFF Local 4439 Brattleboro Professional Firefighters
IAFF Local 4446 – Sultan
IAFF Local 4591, Gulf Shores Firefighters
IAFF LOCAL 4658 Professional Paramedics and EMT’s of Charles County, MD
IAFF Local 4724
IAFF Local 4750 Peters Fire
IAFF Local 4768 Mission Professional Firefighters Association
IAFF Local 4805 Montgomery County Ky. Professional Firefighters
IAFF Local 4889
IAFF Local 4915 – Scott Township
IAFF Local 4929
IAFF Local 4959 Uniformed Fire Alarm Dispatchers Benevolent Association
IAFF Local 5005
IAFF Local 5009 – Career Fire Fighters City of Lambertville NJ
IAFF Local 651 Fan Page
IAFF Local 668
IAFF Local 726 Honor Guard
IAFF Local 771 Saint John Firefighters Assoc.
IAFF Local 870/ Owensboro Professional Firefighters
IAFF Local 912 Sidney,_Ohio Educational_Seminars
IAFF Local 95
IAFF Local 999 Moncton Firefighters Association
IAFF Local F-147
IAFF Local F-170
IAFF Local F-282 Puget Sound Federal Fire Fighters
IAFF Local F116
IAFF Local F292
IAFF Local I-60
IAFF Local I-60 Honor Guard
IAFF Local I-74
IAFF Local S-15 CT State Firefighters
IAFF MDA Softball Championship
IAFF MG Dist 10, California
IAFF Michel by Studio DG
IAFF Napoleon Fire Fighters Local 3363
IAFF Nashville Local 140
IAFF Texarkana, Texas Firefighters Local 367
IBEW : Organizing the Carolinas
IBEW 1002
IBEW 1186
IBEW 1238
IBEW 1253
IBEW 1269 United Caucus
Ibew 141
IBEW 1426
IBEW 146
IBEW 1547 Unit 101 Retirees
IBEW 21 for Lake County 911
IBEW 213
IBEW 2213
IBEW 222
IBEW 223
IBEW 226
IBEW 2287
IBEW 233
IBEW 236
IBEW 2366
IBEW 291
IBEW 3rd District Youth Caucus
IBEW 483
IBEW 494
IBEW 532
IBEW 558
IBEW 583
IBEW 649
Ibew 697
IBEW 702 Active Workers
IBEW 704
IBEW 716
Ibew 728
IBEW 824
IBEW 962
IBEW 993
IBEW 9th District Young Workers Movement
IBEW Canadian Women
Ibew Concord Newhampshire
IBEW Hawaii
IBEW Hour Power
IBEW L.U. 100
IBEW L.U. 19
IBEW L.U. 47
IBEW L.U.#756
IBEW L.U.776
Ibew Lineman-Family
IBEW Local # 481
IBEW Local #5 Union Hall
IBEW Local 10
IBEW Local 102
IBEW Local 104
Ibew Local 1049 Union Hall
IBEW Local 11
IBEW Local 110
IBEW Local 1106
Ibew Local 111
IBEW Local 124
IBEW Local 1245
IBEW Local 1249
Ibew Local 125
IBEW Local 126
IBEW Local 13
IBEW Local 1340
IBEW Local 14
IBEW Local 143
Ibew Local 145 Union Hall
IBEW Local 1455
IBEW Local 1466 Union Hall
IBEW Local 15
IBEW Local 1579
IBEW Local 158
IBEW Local 159
IBEW Local 1593
IBEW Local 16
IBEW Local 1613
IBEW Local 164
Ibew Local 17
IBEW Local 17 RENEW Committee
IBEW Local 175 Union Hall
IBEW Local 177
IBEW Local 180
IBEW Local 1837
IBEW Local 196
IBEW Local 197
IBEW Local 1999
IBEW Local 2
IBEW Local 20
IBEW local 2032
IBEW Local 2034
IBEW Local 2104
IBEW Local 212 Cincinnati, OH
IBEW Local 2173
IBEW Local 22
IBEW Local 2286
IBEW Local 2321
IBEW Local 2321 Danvers Garage
IBEW Local 2322
IBEW Local 2323
IBEW Local 236 Albany NY
IBEW Local 241
IBEW Local 245
IBEW Local 25
IBEW Local 257
IBEW Local 265
IBEW Local 269
IBEW Local 270
IBEW Local 275
IBEW Local 280
IBEW Local 29
IBEW Local 294
IBEW Local 301
IBEW Local 302
IBEW Local 304
IBEW Local 31
IBEW Local 313
IBEW Local 32
IBEW Local 322
IBEW Local 325
IBEW Local 332
IBEW Local 332 Place
IBEW local 351
IBEW Local 353
IBEW Local 357
Ibew Local 369 Union Hall
IBEW Local 369 Workers Unite
IBEW Local 37
IBEW Local 380
IBEW Local 396
IBEW Local 40
IBEW Local 401
IBEW Local 405
IBEW Local 41
IBEW Local 415
Ibew Local 42
Ibew Local 428
IBEW Local 43
IBEW Local 440
IBEW Local 449
IBEW Local 45
Ibew Local 456
IBEW Local 457
IBEW local 466
IBEW Local 47
IBEW Local 479
IBEW local 479 apprenticeship
IBEW Local 48
IBEW Local 480
IBEW Local 488
IBEW Local 494
IBEW Local 508
IBEW Local 520
IBEW local 53
IBEW Local 531
IBEW Local 567
IBEW Local 569
IBEW Local 569
IBEW Local 570
IBEW Local 576 Alexandria, Louisiana
IBEW Local 58 – Detroit
IBEW Local 584
IBEW local 595
IBEW Local 6
IBEW Local 60
IBEW Local 602
IBEW Local 613 Atlanta, GA
IBEW Local 625
IBEW Local 639
IBEW Local 640
IBEW Local 66
IBEW Local 666
IBEW Local 673
IBEW Local 676
Ibew Local 68
IBEW Local 682
IBEW Local 682.1
IBEW Local 69
IBEW Local 697
IBEW Local 7 Springfield MA
IBEW Local 701 Brothers and Sisters
IBEW Local 71
IBEW Local 714
IBEW Local 715
IBEW Local 73
IBEW Local 753
IBEW Local 76
IBEW Local 769
IBEW Local 77
IBEW Local 8
IBEW Local 804
IBEW Local 812
IBEW Local 82
IBEW Local 824 Solidarity Committee
IBEW Local 827
IBEW Local 84
IBEW Local 840
IBEW Local 855
IBEW Local 876
IBEW Local 890
IBEW Local 9
IBEW Local 910
IBEW Local 94
IBEW Local 95
IBEW local 952
IBEW Local 952 Charitable Activities League
IBEW Local 96
IBEW Local 98
IBEW Local 99
IBEW Local 99 Membership Development
IBEW Local No. 575
Ibew Local Onethirteen
Ibew Local Three-Hundred
IBEW Local Union #347
IBEW Local Union 1141
IBEW Local Union 1205
IBEW Local Union 1412
IBEW Local Union 1430
IBEW Local Union 1516
IBEW Local Union 160 – Mo. Valley Unit
IBEW Local Union 164
IBEW Local Union 26
IBEW Local Union 317
Ibew Local Union 363
IBEW Local Union 379
IBEW Local Union 474
IBEW Local Union 490
IBEW Local Union 617
IBEW Local Union 702
Ibew Local Union 716
IBEW Local Union 98
IBEW local25 Pipes & Drums
IBEW Local343
IBEW LU 1077
IBEW LU 175 RENEW Committee
IBEW LU 363 Softball
Ibew Lu 375
IBEW LU 760 Electricians
IBEW Montgomery,Alabama L.U. 443
IBEW Motorcycle Club
IBEW Motorcycle Rides
IBEW NECA Electrical Training Center
IBEW One Book II
IBEW Orange County 441
IBEW ReNew 2nd District
Ibew Sixnineseven
IBEW Smokin’ Sparky’s BBQ
IBEW Social Committee
IBEW System Council U-8
IBEW Twenty One
Ibew-International Brotherhood of Exceptional Wingmen
Ibew12 electricians
IBT Teamsters Local 2011
Idaho Education Association
Idaho State AFL-CIO
IFPTE Local 12
IFPTE Local 70: The Union for Non-profit Workers
Illinois Association Of Retired Fire Fighters
Illinois Education Association
Illinois Federation of Teachers
Illinois Fire Fighter Peer Support
Illinois Needs Paid Sick Days
Illinois State AFL – CIO
Illinois Valley Building and Construction Trades Council
Illinois Valley Federation of Labor
ILWU Auxiliary #14
ILWU Casual Longshore Dispatch Hall
ILWU Coast Longshore Division
ILWU Films
ILWU Local #23
ILWU Local 10
Ilwu Local 13 Dispatch
ILWU Local 142
ILWU Local 19
ILWU Local 500
ILWU Local 502
ILWU Local 56, So Cal Ship Scalers
ILWU Longshoremen’s & Warehousemen’s Memorial Association
ILWU One-Coast One-Union
ILWU Southern California District Council
ILWU Walk the Coast
ILWU Walk the Coast – Pacific Northwest
Immigrant Worker Center Collaborative
Imperial County Building & Construction Trades Council Afl-Cio
Imperial County Building & Construction Trades Council Afl-Cio
Indiana AFL CIO
Indiana Postal Workers Union
Indiana State Building and Construction Trades Council
Indiana State Teachers Association
Indiana/Kentucky/Ohio Regional Council of Carpenters
Indianapolis Firefighters Museum and Fallen Firefighters Memorial
Indianapolis Professional Firefighters, IAFF Local 416
Indianapolis Worker Justice Center
Industrial Worker
Industrial Workers of the World
Industrial Workers of the World – General Headquarters
INEA-Independence National Education Association
Institute for Research on Labor & Employment UC Berkeley
Int’l Union of Painters and Allied Trades District Council 82
Interfaith Coalition for Worker Justice
Interfaith Committee for Worker Justice of San Diego County
Interfaith Council for Peace & Justice
Interfaith Worker Justice
Interfaith Worker Justice – New Mexico
Interfaith Worker Justice Kansas
Interfaith Worker Justice of Maryland
Interfaith Worker Justice Southern Maine
International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees (IATSE)
International Association of Fire Fighters
International Association of Fire Fighters
International Association of Heat and Frost Insulators and Allied Workers
International Association of Heat and Frost Insulators and Allied Workers
International Association of Heat and Frost Insulators Local #14
International Association of Heat and Frost Insulators Local 47
International Association of Machinists & Aerospace Workers (IAMAW)
International Brotherhood of Boilermakers
International Brotherhood of Boilermakers
International Brotherhood of Electric Workers-IBEW Local 1483
International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers
International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers
International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers
International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers – Local 1393
International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers L.U.995
International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 369
International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 502
International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 551
International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 702
International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 80
International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local One
International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Union Local 11
International Brotherhood of Teamsters
International Brotherhood of Teamsters Local No. 282
International Chemical Worker’s Union Council of the UFCW Local 1046c
International Federation of Professional & Technical Engineers (IFPTE)
International Federation of Professional and Technical Engineers Local #1
International Labor Communications Association
International Longshoremen’s Association Local 20
International Longshoremen’s Association, AFL-CIO
International Union of Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers
International Union of Elevator Constructors
International Union of Elevator Constructors
International Union of Elevator Constructors Local 2
International Union of Operating Engineers
International Union of Operating Engineers
International Union of Operating Engineers Local #37 Baltimore, MD
International Union of Operating Engineers Local 513
International Union of Operating Engineers Local 627
International Union of Operating Engineers Local 946
International Union of Operating Engineers, Local 18
International Union of Painters and Allied Trades
International Union of Painters and Allied Trades
International Union of Police Associations, AFL-CIO (IUPA)
Iowa City Professional Firefighters IAFF Local 610
Iowa Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO
Iowa Professional Fire Fighters
Iron Workers Local Union No. 263
IronWorkers LocalUnion 263
Irvine Teachers Association
Irving Firefighters
ISEA, Laborers’ Local 2002
Ithaca Professional Fire Fighters Association, Local 737
IUE – CWA Local 81326 AFL – CIO
IUE Broadcasters
IUE- CWA- Local 436
Iue-Cwa 84704 Bucyrus GE
Iue-Cwa Local 201
Iue-Cwa Local 717
IUE-CWA Local 755
Iue-Cwa Local 83761
Iue-Cwa Local 86116
IUE-CWA Local 86782
Iue/cwa 81408 Optical Workers
Iue/cwa Local 775
Iuec local 139 orlando
IUEC Local 140
IUEC Local 18
IUEC Local 20
IUEC Local 23
IUEC Local 37
IUEC Local 41
IUEC Local 45
IUEC Local 80
IUEC Local 83
IUEC Local 85
IUEC Local 93
IUEC Local-8 – San Francisco
IUOE 101 Springfield MO
IUOE L-571
IUOE Local 112
IUOE Local 132
IUOE Local 150
IUOE Local 302
IUOE Local 324 Stationary Engineers Education Center
IUOE Local 369
IUOE Local 39
IUOE Local 399
IUOE Local 400
IUOE Local 420
IUOE Local 450
IUOE Local 487
IUOE Local 49
IUOE Local 501 Training Center
IUOE Local 520
IUOE Local 701
IUOE Local 77
IUOE Local 825
IUOE Local 825 Training
IUOE Local 917
IUOE Local 925
IUPAT District Council #3
Iupat District Council 78
Iupat District Council 88
IUPAT Glaziers Local 1044
Iupat Local 200
IWW Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee
IWW IU 560 – Communications and Computer Workers Industrial Union
IWW Jimmy Johns Workers Union
IWW Starbucks Workers Union
JAC Local 149 Plumbers & Pipefitters
Jackson Federation of Teachers PSRP, AFL-CIO
Jackson Fire Fighter’s Association
Jackson Professional Firefighters
Janesville Fire Fighters Local 580
Jeffco CSEA
Jefferson County American Federation of Teachers
Jefferson County Education Association (JCEA)
Jewish Labor Committee
Jobs With Justice
Jobs with Justice of East Tennessee
Jobs with Justice San Francisco
Jobs-with Justice-Texas
Joe’s Union Review
Johnson City Professional Firefighters Association L-1791
Johnson City Professional Firefighters IAFF Local 921
Johnstown Firefighters – Local 463
Joint Base Cape Cod Firefighters Local S-28
Joint Council of Teamsters No. 42
Junction City Firefighters
Juneau Central Labor Council
Justice for Farmworkers Campaign
Justice For Janitors SEIU Local 2
Justice for Port Drivers
Kalmanovitz Initiative for Labor and the Working Poor
Kanawha County Education Association
Kanawha Valley Labor Council
Kansas AFL-CIO
Kansas Nea
Kansas Postal Workers Union
Kansas State Fire Fighters Association
KC Heat and Frost Insulators Local 27
Keizer Professional Fire Fighters Local 3881
Keller Fire Fighters Association Local 3731
Kelowna Professional Fire Fighters Association
Kennewick Professional Firefighters, IAFF Local 1296
Kent Ionia Labor Council Afl-Cio
Kent-Ionia Labor Council
Kentucky Education Association
Kentucky Fire Fighters
Kentucky Firefighters Association
Kentucky Jobs with Justice
Kentucky State AFL CIO
Kern County Firefighters, IAFF Local 1301
Kern, Inyo, and Mono Counties Central Labor Council
Kernersville Fire Fighters Association L-3448
Ketchikan’s Nurses
Kings County Fire Fighters Association
Kingston Firefighters
Kingston Professional Firefighters Association, IAFF Local 461
Kinston Professional Fire Fighters Association
Kitsap Supports UFCW Harrison Health Care Workers
Klamath Basin Fire Fighters Association
Knights Of Labor MC-Keystone Council
Knoxville Building & Construction Trades Council
Knoxville Musicians Association (AFM Local 546)
Kootenai County Fire Fighters, IAFF L2856
Koreatown Immigrant Workers Alliance
Kyle Professional Fire Fighters Association
L.A. Black Worker Center
La Crosse Firefighters IAFF Local 127
La Grange Fire Fighters Association IAFF Local 2338
LA/LB Casual Hall Dispatch for ILWU Local 13
Labor & Working-Class Studies Project
Labor 411
Labor Archives and Research Center, San Francisco State University
Labor Campaign For Bernie Sanders
Labor Campaign for Single Payer
Labor Council for Latin American Advancement – Denver Metro (LCLAA)
Labor Council for Latin American Advancement – Sacramento AFL- CIO (LCLAA)
Labor Council for Latin American Advancement (LCLAA)
Labor Council of West Central Illinois
Labor Education Program – University of Illinois
Labor Education Service
Labor Express Radio
Labor Heritage Foundation
Labor Justice Radio
Labor Notes
Labor Project for Working Families
Labor Radio on KBOO
Labor Religion Coalition of New York State
Labor Unions and Workers Rights
Labor United for Universal Healthcare
Labor Voices for Change
Labor’s Voice
Laborers Local 242
Laborers Local 341
Laborers Local 440
Laborers local 585
Laborers Local 79 – New York City
Laborers’ Local 1309
Laborers’ Local 41
Laborers’ Local 483
LaGrange Professional Firefighters IAFF Local 3813
Lake Elsinore Teachers Association
Lake Firefighters
Lakemore FireFighters Assoc.
Lakeshore Community Labor Council
Lakewood Firefighters Local 382
Lancaster Firefighters IAFF Local 291
Lancaster Professional Firefighters, IAFF Local 319
Lane Professional Fire Fighters- IAFF 851 Public
Lansing Professional Fire Fighters Local 3709
LaPorte Fire Fighters Local 363
Laramie IAFF Local 946, Wyoming
Larchmont Professional Fire Fighters Association
Laredo Firefighters
Las Cruces Professional Firefighters IAFF Local 2362
Las Vegas Firefighters Local 1285
Las Vegas IBEW Electrical Workers Health and Wellness
Laundry Workers Center
Lavender Committee SEIU Local 1000
Lawrence Fire Fighters District Local 416
Lawrence Firefighters Union Local 146
Lawton Firefighters Association
Leduc Fire Fighter’s Association
Legal Aid Justice Center
Legal Aid Society-Employment Law Center
Lehigh Valley Carpenters Union Local #600
Leominster Firefighters Local 1841 IAFF
Levy County IAFF Local 4069
Lewiston Firefighters IAFF Local 785
Lexington Professional Firefighters IAFF Local 526
Liberty County Fire Fighters Association
Liberty Twp Firefighters IAFF Local 2075
Lift Up Oakland
Lime Springs Fire Fighters
Lincolnshire Riverwoods Professional Firefighters IAFF Local 4224
Lincolnton Professional Fire Fighters
Linden Firefighters Association
Linn-Benton-Lincoln Central Labor Council
Lisle-Woodridge Fire Fighters Union IAFF Local 2986
Litchfield Professional Firefighters Association Local3252
Littleton Education Association
Littleton Firefighters IAFF Local 2086
Liuna 625
LiUNA Building Wreckers Local 1421
LiUNA Canada
Liuna Construction & General Workers Union Local No.92
LiUNA Eastern Region
LiUNA Laborers Local 304 – Alameda County, Bay Area
Liuna Laborers’ Local 296
LiUNA Laborers’ Local 423
Liuna Local 1089
LiUNA Local 1110
LiUNA Local 1353
LIUNA Local 1410
LIUNA Local 183
LIUNA Local 200
LiUNA Local 380
LiUNA Local 455
Liuna Local 55
Liuna Local 576
LIUNA Local 60
Liuna Local 678
LIUNA Local 73
LiUNA Local 741
LIUNA Local 753 – Laborers’ Union
LiUNA Local 777
LiUNA Local 79’s Apprentice Program
LIUNA Local 99
LIUNA Local Union 1290pe
LiUNA Midwest Region
LIUNA National Guard Council Local 1776
Liuna Pacific Southwest Region
LIUNA Women’s Caucus
LIUNA! Latino Caucus
LiUNA! Mid-Atlantic Laborers
LiUNA!, Local 261
Living Wage Campaign at Virginia Commonwealth University
Living Wage NYC
Livingston FireFighters
Livonia Education Association – LEA
Local #3 IBEW
Local #759L United Steelworkers Corinth Mississippi
Local 1 I.U.E.C.
Local 10 Heat and Frost Insulators and Allied Workers
Local 1012 ~ RI Council 94 ~ Afscme
Local 103 IBEW
Local 1199 Santa Fe NM
Local 152 Plumbers & Pipefitters Training Center
Local 1549, AFSCME
Local 16 Heat and Frost Insulators
Local 17, American Federation of Musicians
Local 1730 Danvers, MA (AFSCME)
Local 195, Ifpte
Local 2009 UMWA
Local 211 NABET-CWA
Local 215, DC 1707, Afscme
Local 22, UAW
Local 2324 UAW
Local 234 Plumbers and Pipefitters
Local 238, IBEW-Asheville, NC
Local 2499, AFSCME
Local 26 IBEW-NECA Joint Trust Funds
Local 29-717 American Federation of Musicians
Local 3 United Storeworkers
Local 32 Plumbers and Pipefitters
Local 338 RWDSU/UFCW
Local 369 AFM
Local 4 Elevator Constructors
Local 406/GCC/Teamsters
Local 440 Plumbers, Steamfitters, and Hvacr Service Technicians
LOCAL 45 – United Union of Roofers, Waterproofers & Allied Workers
Local 478 Operating Engineers Training
Local 5 Elevator Constructors
Local 580 Unite Here/ NEJB
Local 602 UAW
Local 628 Yonkers Firefighters
Local 6871-United Steelworkers
Local 7 Plumbers & Steamfitters
Local 70 IBEW
Local 76 Heat & Frost Insulators
Local 812 I.B.T
Local 8378 Majority Report
Local 881 UFCW
Local 915, IBEW
Local 957 Teamsters
Local Union #3 International Brotherhood Of Electrical Workers
Local Union 1186, IBEW (International Brotherhood Of Electrical Workers)
Local Union 18 Ibew
Local Union 25 Plumbers and Pipefitters
Local union 396 Plumbers, Pipefitters/Welders and HVAC
Local usw7150
Local1567 IAFF Torrington Fire Dept.
Lockport Township Firefighters IAFF Local #1544
Logan Firefighters IAFF Local 3868
LOHP – Labor Occupational Health Program
Long Beach Fire Fighters Association
Long Beach Professional Fire Fighters
Long Island Federation of Labor, afl-cio
Long Island Fire Fighters
Long Island Jobs with Justice
Longmont Professional Firefighters Local #1806
Longview Professional Fire Fighters Association
Longview Professional Fire Fighters Association IAFF LOCAL 828
Los Angeles Alliance for a New Economy
Los Angeles Coalition Against Wage Theft
Los Angeles County Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO
Los Angeles County Firefighters, IAFF Local 1014
Loudoun County Professional Firefighters
Louisa County Professional Firefighters IAFF L4779
Louisiana AFL-CIO
Louisiana Association of Educators – First District
Louisiana Federation of Teachers and School Employees
Love a Firefighter
Love a Firefighter, Paramedic & EMT
Lower Merion Professional Firefighters Association IAFF Local 2844
Lubbock Central Labor Council
Luzerne County Professional Firefighters – I.A.F.F. Local 840
M. L. King County Labor Council
Madison Area Musicians’ Association – AFM Local 166 – Madison, WI
Madison County Solidarity Labor Council- Indiana
Magic Valley Central Labor Council
Maine Education Association
Maine State Building and Construction Trades Council
Maine State Employees Association, SEIU Local 1989
Make the Road New York
Malibu Community Labor Exchange
Malvern Local 2276 IAFF
Malvern Professional Firefighters IAFF Local 4860
Mansfield Firefighters IAFF Local 266
Mansfield Firefighters Local 1820
Manteno Fire Fighters Association IAFF Local 4042
Maple Ridge Firefighters, IAFF 4449
Marathon County Central Labor Council Afl-Cio
Maricopa Area Labor Federation
Marin Professional Firefighters: IAFF Local 1775
Marine Engineers’ Beneficial Association – MEBA
Marion County Central Labor Council
Marion, Polk, Yamhill Counties Central Labor Council
Maritime Trades Department
Marquette Alger Community Labor Council
Marshall Area Fire Fighters Ambulance Authority
Marshalltown Firefighter’s Assoc., IAFF Local 16
Martin County Firefighters
Martin Luther King Jr. Worker Center
Mary Kay Henry
Maryland State Education Association
MASE/CWA – Mississippi Alliance of State Employees – Local 3570
Mashantucket Pequot Firefighters – IAFF Local 4746
Mason County Professional Firefighters IAFF Local 2394
Massachusetts AFL CIO State Fed
Massachusetts Correction Officers Federated Union
Massachusetts Interfaith Worker Justice
Massachusetts Jobs with Justice!
Massachusetts Teachers Association
Massillon Fire Fighters Local 251
Matanuska-Susitna Education Association
Mayer Fire Fighters IAFF Local 3066
MCC Teamsters Communication Network
McKeesport Firefighters IAFF Local 10
McKenzie-Willamette SEIU 49
McKinleyville Teachers Association
McKinney Fire Fighters for Responsible Government
Medford Education Association
Melbourne Professional Fire Fighters Local 1951
Melrose FireFighters
Memphis Fire Fighters Association Local 1784
Mendon Permanent Fire Fighters Association, Inc. Local 4936, Mendon MA
Menlo Park Firefighters Association, District 10 of IAFF Local 2400
Mentor Professional Firefighters IAFF Local 1845
Merced City Firefighters, IAFF Local 1479
Merrill Firefighters Union Local 847
Merrimack Call Fire Fighters Association
Merrimack Valley Central Labor Council
Merrionette Park FireFighters Assoc.
Metal Trades Department
Metlakatla Education Association
Metro Atlanta Fire Fighter Conference
Metro New York Labor Communications Council
Metro Washington Council AFL-CIO
Metro-Dade Firefighters Local 1403
Metropolitan District 1199 DC, NUHHCE, AFSCME, AFL-CIO
Metropolitan Regional Council of Carpenters
Metrowest Worker Center
Miami Workers Center
Michigan AFL-CIO
Michigan Alliance of Charter Teachers and Staff- Michigan ACTS
Michigan Education Association
Michigan Education Association Region-8
Michigan Laborers District Council
Michigan Regional Council of Carpenters and Millwrights
Middle Tennessee Jobs With Justice
Middlesex County Firefighters Association/IAFF Local 3451
Middlesex Education Association
Middletown Firefighters Local 336
Middletown Township Education Association
Midway Professional Firefighters Association, IAFF Local 3617
Mifflin County Forest Fire Fighters
Milton Firefighters
Milwaukee Area Labor Council
Milwaukee Building & Construction Trades Council, AFL-CIO
Milwaukee Building & Construction Trades Council, AFL-CIO
Milwaukee Musicians Association – Local 8 of the AFM
Milwaukee Professional Firefighters Association
Minneapolis Building and Construction Trades Council
Minneapolis Regional Labor Federation
Minnesota Building and Construction Trades Council
Minnesota Retail Workers Rising
Minnesota State Retirees Council, AFL-CIO
Mishawaka Professional Fire Fighters Union Local 360
Mississauga Fire Fighters Association IAFF Local 1212
Mississippi AFL-CIO
Mississippi Association of Educators
Mississippi Fire Fighter’s Association
Mississippi Postal Workers Union
Mississippi Workers’ Center for Human Rights
Missoula Firefighters IAFF Local 271
Missouri AFL-CIO
Missouri Jobs with Justice
Missouri National Education Association
Missouri State Building & Construction Trades Council
Missouri State Council of Fire Fighters
Mobilize CWA Local 4340
Modesto City Firefighter’s Local 1289
Monongalia-Preston Labor Council
Monroe Professional Firefighters I.A.F.F Local 3170
Monroe/Lenawee Central Labor Council
Montana Carpenters Local 82
Montana Operating Engineers Apprenticeship & Training
Montana Postal Workers Union
Montana State AFL – CIO
Montana State Council of Professional Fire Fighters
Montclair Adjunct Union AFT Local 6025
Montgomery County Firefighters Pipes and Drums
Montgomery Township Professional Firefighters Association IAFF Local 4890
Monument Impact
Mount Brydges Fire Fighters Association
Mount Clemens Firefighters IAFF Local 838
Mountain Home Professional Firefighters Association
MT State Building & Construction Trades Council
Mt. Vernon Professional Fire Fighters
Mujeres Unidas y Activas (MUA)
Mukilteo Firefighters IAFF Local #3482
Muncie Fire Fighters Local 1348
Murrieta Firefighters – IAFF Local 3540
Musicians Association of San Diego County, Local 325, AFM
Musicians Association Ottawa-Gatineau- Local 180
Musicians Local 577 American Federation of Musicians
Musicians of Western Montana Local 498-642
Musicians Union (AFM) Local 99
Musicians Union Local 6
Musicians Union of Las Vegas Local 369
Musicians’ Association of Hawai’i ‚Ä¢ AFM local 677
Musicians’ Association of Seattle Local 76-493 AFM
Muskegon Fire Fighters – Local 370
N.Y.C. District Council of Carpenters
NABET Local 16
Nabet Local 42
NABET Local 53/Las Vegas HUB
Nabet-CWA Local 11
NABET-CWA Local 54
Nabet-Cwa Local 54048
Nabet-Cwa Local 57411 MSP
NABET/CWA Local 44 Cincinnati
NAIDW – National Association of Injured & Disabled Workers
Nampa Fire Fighters L-804
Nantucket Fire Fighters Local 2509 IAFF
Napa/Solano Central Labor Council
Naperville Professional Firefighters
Nashua Fire Fighters IAFF Local 789
Nashville Firefighters
Nassau Lionel Operating Engineers
National Association of Broadcast Employees and Technicians – Local 53
National Association of Broadcast Employees and Technicians – Local 53
National Association of Letter Carriers
National Black Worker Center Project
National Border Patrol Council, Local 3725 Miami
National Center for Law and Economic Justice
National City Firefighters IAFF Local 2744
National College Players Association
National Conference of Firemen & Oilers, SEIU
National Consumers League’s Special Project on Wage Theft
National Council for Occupational Safety and Health
National Council of Field Labor Locals, AFGE
National Day Laborer Organizing Network
National Domestic Workers Alliance
National Domestic Workers Alliance – Atlanta Chapter
National Education Association
National Education Association
National Education Association – South Bend
National Education Association of New Mexico
National Education Association RI (NEARI)
National Education Association Student Program
National Employment Law Project
National Employment Lawyers Association
National Fallen Firefighters Foundation
National Farm Worker Ministry
National Federation of Federal Employees (NFFE)
National Federation of Nurses
National Guestworker Alliance
National Labor College
National Nurses United
National Postal Mail Handlers Union
National Postal Mail Handlers Union, Branch 103
NE Oklahoma Central Labor Council
NEA Kansas City, Kansas
NEA-Las Cruces
NEA-New Hampshire
Nebraska Association of Public Employees/AFSCME 61
Nebraska Professional Fire Fighters Association
Nebraska State AFL-CIO
Nebraska State Education Association
NECA IBEW 134 Chicago
NECA-IBEW Electrical Training Center
Needham Firefighters – Local 1706
Neenah-Menasha Fire Fighters L275
Neighbors Link Northern Westchester
Nevada AFL- CIO
Nevada Afscme Retirees
Nevada State Education Association
New Bedford Firefighters IAFF Local 841
New Brunswick Education Association
New Century Transportation Teamsters
New England Carpenters Training Fund
New England Regional Council of Carpenters
New Hampshire AFL-CIO
New Haven Teachers Association
New Jersey Education Association
New Jersey State AFL-CIO
New Jersey State Postal Workers Union
New Labor
New London Firefighters, IAFF Local 1522
New London Police Union
New Mexico Federation of Labor
New Mexico Firefighters
New Mexico IAFF MG
New Orleans Firefighters Pipes and Drums
New Orleans Workers’ Center for Racial Justice
New Rochelle Firefighters
New York City & Vicinity District Council of Carpenters
New York City Central Labor Council, AFL-CIO
New York City Chapter
New York City District Council of Carpenters Benefit Funds
New York City District Council of Carpenters Labor Technical College
New York Communities for Change
New York New Jersey Regional Joint Board, Workers United
New York State AFL-CIO
New York State Laborers’ Organizing Fund
New York Teamsters
Newark Alliance of Charter Teachers and Staff
Newark Firefighters IAFF Local 109
Newport Firefighters IAFF Local 1080
Newport Firefighters IAFF Local 45
Newton Teachers Association
Next Up: Young Workers Forum
NFL Players Association
NFT – Neshaminy Federation of Teachers
NH Carpenters Local 118
Niagara Region Musicians’ Association – Local 298
NIOSH National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health
NIST Fire Department IAFF F-161
NL Musicians’ Association – Local 820
NOLSW, UAW Local 2320
NorCal Fight for 15 – Lucha por 15
Norfolk APWU Local 262
Normal Firefighters IAFF Local 2442
North America’s Building Trades Unions
North Bay Jobs With Justice
North Bay Labor Council
North Bay Professional Fire Fighters
North Bay Professional Fire Fighters Calendar
North Carolina Association of Educators
North Central Florida Central Labor Council
North Central States Regional Council of Carpenters
North Dakota AFL – CIO
North Dakota United
North East Area Labor Council
North Hampton Professional Fire Fighters – Local 3211 I.A.F.F.
North Haven Professional Fire Fighters Association Local 2987
North Hudson Firefighters Association – IAFF Local 3950
North Lamar Texas State Teachers’ Association
North Olmsted Fire Fighters Local 1267
North Plainfield Professional Firefighters, Local 2958
North Shore Federation of Labor – Cleveland, OH
North Valley Labor Federation
Northborough Firefighters
Northeast Indiana Central Labor Council
Northeast Regional Council of Carpenters
Northeast Wisconsin Area Labor Federation
Northern Illinois Jobs with Justice
Northern Nevada Central Labor Council
Northern NJ Musicians’ Guild of the American Federation of Musicians
Northern Plains United Labor Council, AFL- CIO
Northwest Arkansas Labor Council
Northwest Arkansas Workers’ Justice Center
Northwest Firefighters IAFF Local 3572
Northwest Indiana Federation of Labor (NIFL)
Northwest Iowa Labor Council
Northwest Oregon Labor Council
NorthWest Washington Central Labor Council
Northwest Workers’ Justice Project
Norton Fire Fighters Local 2678
Norwalk Firefighters Local 1199
Norwich Firefighters Local 892
Norwich Township Fire Fighters IAFF Local 1723
Norwood Firefighters Local 1631
NTHC National Teamsters Hispanic Caucus
Nurse Alliance of SEIU Healthcare
Nurse Alliance of SEIU Pennsylvania
Nurses for a Healthy DC
NWPA Area Labor Federation
NY Metro Area Postal Union
NY Taxi Workers Alliance
Nyc Insulators
NYSUT Action Center
NYSUT Central New York Region
NYSUT Jamestown Regional Office
NYSUT Nassau
NYSUT North Country Region
NYSUT Rochester
NYSUT Suffolk Region
NYSUT Tarrytown Regional Office
NYSUT United
NYU Student Labor Action Movement – SLAM
O.C.S.E.A. Chapter 2508
Oak Ridge Fire Fighter’s Association
Oakland Firefighters Local 55
Oc Labor Federation
OCSEA – BWC Chapter 2535
OCSEA Chapter 2578 at Franklin Medical Center
OCSEA Chapter 5110
OCSEA Chapter 7120
OCSEA Chapter 7130
Ocsea District 5 Council
Office & Professional Employees International Union Local 3
Official Snohomish County Labor Council
OFT – Ohio Federation of Teachers
Ohio Association of Professional Fire Fighters
Ohio Education Association
Ohio Nurses Association
Ohioans Opposing “Right to Work”
Oklahoma Education Association
Oklahoma State AFL-CIO
Oklahoma State Firefighters Association
Old Bridge Education Association
Old Pueblo Firefighters Association – IAFF Local 4944
Olympia Education Association
Olympia Fire Fighters IAFF Local 468
Omaha Area Local APWU
Omaha Federation of Labor Afl-Cio
Omaha Professional Fire Fighters Association, IAFF L385
Ontario’s Fire Fighters
OP&CMIA Local #478
OPEIU – Office and Professional Employees International Union
OPEIU Local 179
OPEIU Local 2
OPEIU Local 2
OPEIU Local 30
Opeiu Local 459 Nurses
OPEIU Local 8
Opelika Fire Fighters Association
Operating Engineers 324
Operating Engineers Local 101
Operating Engineers Local 101 Apprenticeship Program
Operating Engineers Local 139
Operating Engineers Local 148
Operating Engineers Local 49 Training & Apprenticeship Center
Operating Engineers Local 520 Against “Right to Work”
Operating Engineers Local 624 Jackson, Ms
Operating Engineers Local 66
Operating Engineers Local 955 Training
Operating Engineers Local Union No. 3 Utah Apprenticeship
Operating Engineers Local103 Apprenticeship & Training Program
Operating Engineers Regional Training Center
Operative Plasterers’ & Cement Masons’ International Association (OPCMIA)
Operative Plasterers’ & Cement Masons’ Local 518
Operative Plasterers’ and Cement Masons’ Local 599
Orange County Education Association
Orange County Musicians’ Association, Local 7, AFM
Orange County Professional Fire Fighters Local 2057
Oregon AFL-CIO
Oregon AFSCME Council 75 Political Action
Oregon AFSCME Retirees
Oregon Central Labor Councils
Oregon Education Association
Oregon FNHP
Oregon Nurses Association
Oregon State Building and Construction Trades Council
Oregon State Fire Fighters Council
Organization United for Respect
Organized and United for Respect at Vanderbilt (OUR Vanderbilt)
Organizing 2.0
Osceola County Professional Firefighters IAFF Local #3284
Oswego City Firefighters
Out in the Union: A Labor History of Queer America
Owen Sound Professional Fire Fighters Association L531
Oxford Fire Fighters Union IAFF L4763
Oxnard Firefighters IAFF Local 1684
PA Joint Board, Workers United, SEIU
PA State Education Association
Pacific Media Workers Guild
Pacific Northwest Newspaper Guild: TNG/CWA Local 37082
Pacific Northwest Regional Council of Carpenters
Pahrump Valley Firefighters IAFF Local 4068
Paid Sick Days for All
Paid Sick Days for Oregon
Painters & Allied Trades District Council 6 Local Unions 123, 238, 387
Painters & Allied Trades Local Union 567
Painters and Allied Trades District Council 35
Painters and Allied Trades Veterans Program
Painters District Council 6
Painters District Council No. 30
Palatine Firefighters
Palm Beach Area Local, APWU
Palm Coast Professional Firefighters Local 4807
Palm Springs Teachers Association
Parma Firefighters Local 639
Pasadena Firefighters Local 809
Passaic County Education Associations
Patterson Firefighters’ Association / IAFF Local 4577
Pearland Professional Firefighters IAFF Local 4964
Pekin Firefighters Local 524
Pelham Firefighters IAFF Local 4546
PEMSA – IAFF Local 4610
Penn State School of Labor and Employment Relations
Pennsylvania AFL-CIO
Pennsylvania College Democrats Labor Caucus
Pennsylvania Postal Workers Union
Pennsylvania Professional Fire Fighters Association
Pensacola Professional Fire Fighters Local 707
Penticton Fire Fighters Charitable Society
Peoria County Afscme Local 3586
Perry Firefighters IAFF Local 3003
Perrysburg Township Firefighters IAFF Local 4170
Pflugerville Professional Firefighters Association
Philadelphia Council AFL-CIO
Philadelphia Earned Sick Days Campaign
Philadelphia Fire Fighters’ and Paramedics’ Union
Philadelphia Jobs with Justice
Philadelphia Joint Board, Workers United
Philomath Firefighters IAFF Local 4925
Pierce County Central Labor Council
Pikes Peak Professional Fire Fighters
Pilipino Workers Center (PWC)
Pima Area Labor Federation
Pinellas Park Fire Fighters Association L-2193
Pioneer Valley Workers Center
Pipefitters Local 120
Pipefitters Local 208
Pipefitters Local 533
Pipefitters Local 597
Pipefitters Local Union 597
Pipefitters Local Union No 211
Pipefitters UA Local 274
Pipefitters UA Local 533 Training Center
Pipefitters Union Local No 120
Pitman Education Association
Pittsburgh Firefighters
Pittsburgh Heat and Frost Insulators and Allied Workers Local Union #2
Pittsfield Fire Department I.A.F.F 2647
Plano Firefighters Association
Plasterers & Cement Masons Training
Plasterers’ Local 262
Plasterers’ Local 3, St. Louis
Plasterers’ Union Local 8 JATC
Pleasant Prairie Professional Firefighters IAFF Local 3785
Pleasant Valley Fire Fighters Association, Inc.
Pleasantville Fire Department IAFF Local 2616
Plumber’s Local Union #519
Plumbers & Gasfitters Local 8
Plumbers & Pipefitters #41
Plumbers & Pipefitters Apprenticeship Training of Kansas
Plumbers & Pipefitters Local #73
Plumbers & Pipefitters Local 145
Plumbers & Pipefitters Local 152 – Morgantown, WV
Plumbers & Pipefitters Local 172
Plumbers & Pipefitters Local 296
Plumbers & Pipefitters Local 430
Plumbers & Pipefitters Local 572 Training Center
Plumbers & Pipefitters Local 777
Plumbers & Pipefitters Local No 525
Plumbers & Pipefitters Local Union 110
Plumbers & Pipefitters Local Union 112
Plumbers & Pipefitters Local Union 123 Ladies Auxiliary # 159
Plumbers & Pipefitters Local Union 286 JATC
Plumbers & Pipefitters Local Union 484
Plumbers & Pipefitters Local Union 633
Plumbers & Pipefitters LU 333
Plumbers & Pipefitters Union Local 30 Billings Montana
Plumbers & Pipefitters Union Local 375 Training Center
Plumbers & Steamfitters Local 400
Plumbers & Steamfitters Local Number 43
Plumbers & Steamfitters Local Union 10
Plumbers & Steamfitters Local Union 760 JATC
Plumbers and Pipefitters Local #178
Plumbers and Pipefitters Local #370
Plumbers And Pipefitters Local 101
Plumbers and Pipefitters Local 396
Plumbers and Pipefitters Local 4, Worcester County, MA
Plumbers and Pipefitters Local 452
Plumbers and Pipefitters Local 495 Apprenticeship
Plumbers and Pipefitters Local 502 Education & Training
Plumbers and Pipefitters Local 520 Training Department
Plumbers And Pipefitters Local 577
Plumbers and Pipefitters Local 803
Plumbers and Pipefitters Local Union No. 9
Plumbers and Pipefitters LU 23 JATC
Plumbers and Pipefitters Training Center
Plumbers and Pipefitters U.A. Local 26
Plumbers and Pipefitters Union, Local 354
Plumbers and Steamfitters Local 137
Plumbers and Steamfitters Local 150 Apprenticeship Training
Plumbers and Steamfitters Local Union 149
Plumbers and Steamfitters Local Union 166
Plumbers Local #15 – Minneapolis & St. Cloud – Minnesota
Plumbers Local 690 Union Hall
Plumbers Local Union #200
Plumbers, Pipefitters & HVACR Technicians Local Union 72
Plumbers’ & Pipefitters’ Local 562
Pocatello Central Labor Council
Point Pleasant Education Association
Pomona Economic Opportunity Center
Pontotoc County Fire Fighters
Port Angeles Fire Department IAFF #656
Port Coquitlam Firefighters – IAFF Local 1941
Porter Federation of Nurses and Health Professionals
Portland Community & Postal Workers United
Portland Firefighters Association, IAFF Local 43
Portland Jobs with Justice
Portland Oregon Area Local, APWU
Powell River Professional Fire Fighters
POWER (People Organized to Win Employment Rights)
Pride at Work
Pride at Work Chicago
Prince George’s County Professional Fire Fighters & Paramedics Association
Prince William Education Association
Printing, Publishing & Media Workers Sector-CWA
Pro Labor Alliance Inc.
Professional Aviation Safety Specialists (PASS)
Professional Fire Fighters Association of Louisiana pffala
Professional Fire Fighters of Alabama
Professional Fire Fighters of Arizona
Professional Fire Fighters of Arizona Retired
Professional Fire Fighters of Chesapeake IAFF 2449
Professional Fire Fighters of Claremont
Professional Fire Fighters of Eastern Missouri
Professional Fire Fighters of Georgia
Professional Fire Fighters of Kitsap County IAFF Local 2819
Professional Fire Fighters of Maine
Professional Fire Fighters of Maryland
Professional Fire Fighters of Massachusetts (PFFM)
Professional Fire Fighters of McKinney
Professional Fire Fighters of Miramar
Professional Fire Fighters of Nevada
Professional Fire Fighters of New Hampshire
Professional Fire Fighters of Oklahoma
Professional Fire Fighters of Paulding, IAFF Local 5008
Professional Fire Fighters of Saint Charles City, MO – IAFF L757
Professional Fire Fighters of Utah
Professional Fire Fighters of Wisconsin
Professional Firefighters of Casa Grande – IAFF Local 3752
Professional Firefighters of Hampden, IAFF Local 4903
Professional Firefighters of Hanover I.A.F.F. Local 3288
Professional Firefighters of Independence Local 781
Professional Firefighters of Keene IAFF Local 3265
Professional Firefighters of Marion County
Professional Firefighters of Merrimack IAFF Local 2904
Professional Firefighters of St. Clair L2665
Professional Firefighters of Texarkana Arkansas Local 502
Professional Firefighters of The Villages, IAFF 4770
Professional Firefighters/Paramedics of Palm Beach County, Local 2928 IAFF
Professional Musicians of Northwest Ohio, AFM Local 15-286
Professional Musicians of the Inland Northwest, Local 105 AFM
Prometheus Labor Communications: ImageForge
Protect Oregon Workers
Providence Fire Fighters
PSEA – Pacific Service Employee Association
Public Service Employees Local Union 572 – LiUNA
Pueblo Firefighters IAFF Local #3
Pullman Firefighters IAFF L1892
Putting Families First: Good Jobs for All
Quad City Federation of Labor, AFL- CIO
Raise BC’s Minimum Wage
Raise The Minimum Wage
Raise The Minimum Wage
Raise The Minimum Wage
Raise the Minimum Wage in Idaho
Raise the Minimum Wage to $10.10 an Hour
Raise the Wage NM
Raise WI
Raleigh Professional Fire Fighters Association
Rancho Murieta Local 3 Operating Engineers
Rapid City, SD Professional Firefighters IAFF L1040
Red Wing Professional Firefighters Local 2078
Redding Fire Fighters
Redlands Teachers Association
Redwood City Teachers Association
Region 3E, Texas State Teachers Association
Reno Firefighters Association
Republic Services Teamsters
Resident Assistant Union (RAU-UAW)
Restaurant Opportunities Center of Houston (ROC-Houston)
Restaurant Opportunities Center of Miami
Restaurant Opportunities Center of Miami (ROC-Miami)
Restaurant Opportunities Center of New Orleans (ROC-NOLA)
Restaurant Opportunities Center of New York (ROC-NY)
Restaurant Opportunities Center of Philadelphia
Restaurant Opportunities Center of Pittsburgh
Restaurant Opportunities Center of Rhode Island
Restaurant Opportunities Center of the Bay
Restaurant Opportunities Center of Washington DC (ROC-DC)
Restaurant Opportunities Centers United (ROC United)
Retail Action Project
Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union (RWDSU)
Rhinelander Fire Fighters Local 1028
Rhode Island AFL-CIO
Rhode Island Federation of Teachers & Health Professionals
Rhode-Island Jobs with Justice
Rialto Firefighters
Richmond Fire Fighters Association – IAFF Local 1286
Ridge Road Professional Firefighters – Local 3794
Right to Work – A Creeping Disease
Right to Work – The truth
Right to Work – Won’t Work in Illinois (RTW-WWII)
Robbinsville Professional Firefighters Association – IAFF Local 3786
Robert Reich
ROC Chicago (Restaurant Opportunities Center)
Rochester & Genesee Valley Area Labor Federation
Rochester Building & Construction Trades Council
Rochester Education Association
Rochester Musicians’ Association, Local 66 AFM
Rochester, NY Airport Firefighters – IAFF Local 1636
Rock Island Firefighters I.A.F.F. Local 26
Rock Springs Professional Fire Fighters
Rockford Area Local #79 APWU
Rockland County CSEA Local 844
Rockland Firefighters
Rocklin Firefighters Local 3847
Rocky Mount Local 591 APWU
Rocky View County Fire Fighters
Roofers & Waterproofers Local #162
Roofers Local 195 – United Union of Roofers, Waterproofers & Allied Workers
Roofers local 30
Roofers Local 49
Roofers Local 96
Roofers Union Local 36
Roofers, Waterproofers Union Local 241
Roseville Fire Fighters
Rutgers’ School of Management and Labor Relations (SMLR)
Rutland Vermont Nurses Union OPEIU Local 6
Rwdsu Local 110
RWDSU Local 379
RWDSU Local 386
Rwdsu Local 550 Fairmont General Hospital
RWDSU Mid-South Council
RWDSU- Central States Council
Sacramento Area Local 0066, APWU
Sacramento Central Labor Council, AFL-CIO
Sacramento City Teachers Association
Sacred Heart Caregivers United
SAFD-Female Firefighters
Saint Joseph Fire Fighters, IAFF Local 1670
Saint Paul Federation of Teachers
Saint Paul Regional Labor Federation
Salem FireFighters Association
Salem Professional Fire Fighters Local 314
Salisbury Career Fire Fighters Local 4246
Salisbury Professional Fire Fighters
Salt Lake City Fire Fighters Local 1645
Salt Lake Mailers Union M21 CWA Local 14759
San Angelo Fire Fighters Association
San Antonio Firefighters Banquet Hall
San Antonio Professional Fire Fighters Association
San Diego Building & Construction Trades Council
San Diego City College Labor Studies Program
San Diego Fight for 15 – Lucha por 15
San Diego Labor-Council
San Diego Workers Center
San Francisco Day Labor Program
San Francisco Firefighters Local 798
San Francisco Labor Council
San Francisco Living Wage Coalition
San Joaquin Calaveras Central Labor Council
San José Teachers Association
San Jose Firefighters IAFF Local 230
San Luis Obispo City Firefighters IAFF Local 3523
San Mateo Labor Council
Sandusky Fire Fighters IAFF Local 327
Sanford Professional Firefighters IAFF Local 1624
Santa Barbara Local Musicians
Santa Barbara UAW 2865
Santa Fe County Firefighters – IAFF Local 4366
Santa Monica Fire Fighters, IAFF Local 1109
Santee Firefighters – IAFF Local 4373
Saputo Teamsters United
Saratoga Springs Fire Fighters – Local 343
Savannah Regional Central Labor Council, AFL-CIO
Scarsdale Uniformed Firefighters Association – IAFF Local 1394
Schaumburg Professional Firefighters Association IAFF LOCAL 4092
Schenectady Federation of Teachers,~NYSUT, AFT Local 803
Schenectady-Amsterdam NY Musical Union Local 85133 AFM
Scituate Fire Fighters Local 1464
Scotia Firefighters, IAFF Local #842
Seafarers International Union of North America, AFL-CIO
Seattle Civil Rights and Labor History Project
Seattle Fire Fighters Union, Local 27
Seattle Firefighters Pipes and Drums
Sebring Professional Firefighters Local 3210
Sedalia Fire Fighters L103
Sedgwick County Fire Fighters Local 2612
Seguin Professional Fire Fighters Association
SEIU – CT State Council
SEIU 226
SEIU 517M Scientific & Engineering Unit
SEIU 521 Fresno County Chapter
SEIU 521 Home Care
SEIU 521 Kern County Chapter
SEIU 521 Santa Clara County Chapter
SEIU 521 Tulare County Chapter
SEIU 721
SEIU 775
SEIU 775 Benefits Group
SEIU Arizona
SEIU California
SEIU District 1199
SEIU District 1199 New England
SEIU District 1201 Health & Welfare Fund
SEIU en Español
SEIU Florida
SEIU Health Care Retirees
SEIU Healthcare
SEIU Healthcare 1199NW
SEIU Healthcare 1199NW Multi-Employer Training Fund
SEIU Healthcare Illinois & Indiana
SEIU Healthcare Local 4 Benefit Center IL/IN
SEIU Healthcare Michigan
SEIU Healthcare Minnesota
SEIU Healthcare Pennsylvania
SEIU Healthcare Wisconsin
SEIU Kansas
SEIU Kids First
SEIU Kids First Minnesota
SEIU KidsFirst Massachusetts
SEIU Lavender Caucus
SEIU Local 1
SEIU Local 1000
SEIU Local 1000 – DLC 769
SEIU Local 1000 Young DLC
Seiu Local 1000-Dlc 726.
SEIU Local 1021
SEIU Local 105
SEIU Local 1199NE
SEIU Local 121RN
SEIU Local 2 Branch Nova Scotia
SEIU Local 200United
SEIU Local 200United at Syracuse University
SEIU Local 2015
SEIU Local 205
SEIU Local 205 – Chattanooga Chapter
SEIU Local 221
SEIU Local 246
SEIU Local 26
SEIU Local 284
SEIU Local 32BJ District 1201
SEIU Local 49
SEIU Local 500
SEIU Local 500
SEIU Local 503
SEIU Local 509
SEIU Local 517M
SEIU Local 521
SEIU Local 6
SEIU Local 668
SEIU Local 73
SEIU Local 888
SEIU Local 925
SEIU Michigan State Council
SEIU Millennials
SEIU MN State Council
SEIU NAGE Local 551
SEIU National Lavender Caucus
SEIU National Retirees
SEIU NCFO, Kentucky & West Virginia
SEIU Nevada
SEIU Nurse Alliance of California
SEIU PA State Council
SEIU Texas
SEIU UHW-West & Joint Employer Education Fund
SEIU United Healthcare Workers West
SEIU United Service Workers West
SEIU Virginia 512
SEIU Wisconsin State Council
SEIU Wisconsin State Council
SEIU-USWW/Disney Resort
Sens-UAW, Student Employees at the New School
Service Employees International Union
Shaker Heights Fire Fighters Assoc. – IAFF Local 516
Shawnee Labor Council
Sheet Metal Air Rail and Transportation Workers
Sheet Metal Workers #33, Cleveland JATC
Sheet Metal Workers #5
Sheet Metal Workers Local #2 – JATC
Sheet Metal Workers Local 17
Sheet Metal Workers Local 18
Sheet Metal Workers Local 19
Sheet Metal Workers Local 83
Sheet Metal Workers Local 88
Sheet Metal Workers Local Union 91 JATC
Sheet Metal Workers Union Local 100
Sheet Metal Workers Union, Local #359
Sheet Metal Workers’ International Association
Sheet Metal Workers’ Local 104
Sheet Metal Workers’ Local 124
Sheet Metal Workers’ Local 36
Sheet Metal Workers’ Local Union #9
Sheffield Lake Fire Fighters IAFF L-2355
Sheridan Firefighters IAFF Local 276
Shrewsbury Firefighters IAFF Local 4613
SHSU – Texas State Teachers Association – Student Program
Sioux City Professional Fire Fighters Association – I.A.F.F. Local 7
Sioux Falls Fire Fighters Assoc. – I.A.F.F. Local 814
SJVP – Jobs with Justice
SMART Local 202
SMC Student Labor Action Movement
SOCF Chapter 7330 OCSEA
Social Service Employees Union Local 371
Socialist Worker
Society of Professional Engineering Employees in Aerospace (SPEEA)
Solidarity Riders, Region 1, UAW
Solon Township Fire Fighters Association
Somers Professional Fire Fighters IAFF Local 4831
Sonoma Life Support Paramedic Association, UEMSW Local 4911/afscme/afl-cio
Sotheby’s Teamsters (Professional Art Handlers Local 814)
South Adams County Fire Fighters Association
South Bay Labor Council
South Brunswick Education Association
South Carolina AFL-CIO
South Central Federation of Labor
South Central Iowa Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO
South Central Kansas NEA
South Central Labor Council
South County Professional Fire Fighters Association
South Dakota AFL – CIO
South Dakota Education Association
South Elgin Professional Fire Fighters Local 4833
South Fire District Firefighters IAFF Local 3918
South Florida Interfaith Worker Justice
South King County Professional Firefighters IAFF Local 2024
South Kingstown Emergency Medical Technicians IAFF Local 3365
South Kitsap Professional Firefighters Local 2876
South Milwaukee Professional Firefighters
South Sound Jobs With Justice
South Strabane Fire Fighters IAFF Local 5006
South Walton Professional Fire Fighters
South-Central Michigan Central Labor Council
Southaven Fire Fighters Local 2858
Southeast Michigan Jobs with Justice
Southeast Minnesota Area Labor Council, AFL-CIO
Southeast Missouri Central Labor Council
Southeastern PA Area Labor Federation, AFL-CIO
Southern Maine Labor Council
Southern Maine Workers’ Center
Southern Missouri Professional Firefighter’s Association IAFF Local 152
Southern Nevada Central Labor Council
Southern New Jersey AFL-CIO Central Labor Council
Southern Oregon Area Local #342 APWU
Southern Piedmont Central Labor Council
Southgate Professional FireFighters I.A.F.F. Local 1307
Southington Firefighters IAFF Local 2033
Southside Worker Center
Southwest Carpenters Training Fund
Southwest Central Labor Council
Southwest Florida Professional Fire Fighters
Southwest Laborers District Council
Southwest Michigan Building & Construction Trades
Southwest UniServ Unit (Iowa State Education Association)
Southwest Washington Central Labor Council
Southwest Workers Union
Southwestern PA Area Labor Federation
Spokane Firefighters
Spokane Regional Labor Council
Springdale Professional Fire Fighters, IAFF Local 4027
Springfield Plumbers and Steamfitters Training Association
SPS Carpenters Local Union No. 129
St Augustine Professional Fire Fighters IAFF Local 2282
St Paul Blvd Professional Firefighters Association, IAFF Local 4858
St. Helens Professional Firefighters IAFF Local 3215
St. Louis Building & Construction Trades Council
St. Louis City Fire Fighters, Paramedics, EMT’s & Dispatchers
Stanislaus Tuolumne Counties Central Labor Council
State Building and Construction Trades Council of California
State Employees’ Association of New Hampshire, SEIU Local 1984
State Firefighters’ and Fire Marshals’ Association of Texas
Statesville Professional Fire Fighters Association
Staunton Professional Fire Fighters
Steamfitters/Plumbers/Refrigeration Union Local 342
Steelworkers’ Toronto Area Council
Sterling Professional Firefighters. IAFF Local 5001.
Stevens Point Firefighters – IAFF Local 484
Stockton Adjuncts
Stockton Firefighters Local 456
Stoneham Fire Fighters Local 2116
Stop Construction Falls
Stop Right to Work (for less) in Missouri
Stop Right to Work In Kentucky
Stop Wage Theft
Storey County Firefighters Association Local 4227
Stoughton Fire Fighters Local 1512
Stow Firefighters IAFF Local 1662
Strand UAW Rank-and-File
Stratford Professional Firefighters IAFF 998
Streator Fire Fighters Local 56
Strong Communities Work
Stronger A.F.S.C.M.E.
Strongsville Firefighters IAFF Local 2882
Student Action with Farmworkers
Student Coalition Against Labor Exploitation – USAS Local 13
Student Labor Action Coalition – SLAC
Student Labor Action Movement
Student Labor Action Project
Student Labor Action Project (SLAP) at UCF
Student Labor Action Project at BU
Student Labor Action Project of WWU
Student Labor Committee at UC Berkeley
Student National Education Association at UCF
Student Oklahoma Education Association – SOEA
Student Worker Justice Network
Student-Worker Alliance
Student/Farmworker Alliance
Sugar Law
Sunland Park Professional Fire Fighter’s Association, IAFF Local 4737
Sunnyside Education Association
Superior Federation of Labor
Surrey Fire Fighters Association IAFF Local 1271
SW Montana Central Labor Council (CLC)
Swampscott Fire Fighters Union Local 1459
SWRJB Workers United a/w SEIU
Sylvania Fire Fighters IAFF Local 2243
Syracuse Cultural Workers
Syracuse Fire Fighters Local 280 I.A.F.F.
T-Mobile Workers United
T.E.A.M. Leaders of SEIU
Tacoma Firefighters IAFF Local 31
Tacoma Professional Firefighters IAFF Local 31
Tallahassee Professional Fire Fighters
Tangipahoa Federation of Teachers
TCU Sodexo UFCW Workers
Teachers of San Diego
Teamster Action Truck (Washington)
Teamster Family
Teamster Horsemen – Hollywood Chapter 42 North
Teamster Horsemen 16 North
Teamster Horsemen 25 Illinois
Teamster Horsemen 53 North
Teamster Horsemen Chapter 13, St. Louis, Missouri
Teamster Horsemen Chapter 16 Long Island NY
Teamster Horsemen Chapter 40 N
Teamster Horsemen Chapter 41 East
Teamster Horsemen Chapter 53 East
Teamster Horsemen Chapter 69
Teamster Horsemen Chapter 87 TN
Teamster Horsemen Motorcycle Association Chapter 32 ND
Teamster Horsemen Motorcycle Association Chapter 41 South
Teamster Horsemen Motorcycle Association, Inc. Chapter 7
Teamster Local 570
Teamster Local 623
Teamster Local 730
Teamster Thug
Teamsters 135
Teamsters 362
Teamsters 414
Teamsters 683
Teamsters 856
Teamsters at UPS
Teamsters Boston
Teamsters Canada
Teamsters Canada Rail Conference – Alberta Provincial Legislative Board
Teamsters Canada Rail Conference – Division 295
Teamsters Construction Division Local 174
Teamsters for a Democratic Union
Teamsters Health & Welfare & Pension Funds of Philadelphia & Vicinity
Teamsters Human Rights Commission and Diversity Team
Teamsters Joint Council # 13
Teamsters Joint Council 32
Teamsters LGBT Caucus
Teamsters LGBTQI Caucus – Joint Council 7
Teamsters Local #731
Teamsters Local 104
Teamsters Local 1150
Teamsters Local 117
TEAMSTERS LOCAL 118 RETIREE CHAPTER – Gino Arilotta, president
Teamsters Local 120
Teamsters Local 120
Teamsters Local 126
Teamsters local 142 Stewards Council Solidarity Run
Teamsters Local 174 Sand and Gravel
Teamsters Local 175
Teamsters Local 179 Union Hall
Teamsters Local 19
Teamsters Local 20
Teamsters Local 200
Teamsters Local 2010
Teamsters Local 205
Teamsters Local 210
Teamsters Local 213
Teamsters Local 213
Teamsters Local 215
Teamsters Local 25
Teamsters Local 251 Driving School
Teamsters Local 284
Teamsters Local 299
Teamsters Local 312
Teamsters Local 315
Teamsters Local 317
Teamsters Local 320
Teamsters Local 331
Teamsters Local 332
Teamsters Local 337
Teamsters Local 340
Teamsters Local 344
Teamsters Local 346
Teamsters Local 377: Youngstown, OH
Teamsters Local 391
Teamsters Local 396
Teamsters Local 396 General Membership Meeting
Teamsters Local 399
Teamsters Local 399
Teamsters Local 40
Teamsters Local 406
Teamsters Local 41
Teamsters Local 439
Teamsters Local 455
Teamsters Local 463
Teamsters Local 480
Teamsters Local 481
Teamsters Local 507
Teamsters Local 542
Teamsters Local 560
Teamsters Local 572
Teamsters Local 580 Lansing, Michigan
Teamsters Local 6
Teamsters Local 610 FHSD Bus Drivers
Teamsters Local 618
Teamsters Local 63
Teamsters Local 631
Teamsters Local 631 Life
Teamsters Local 633
Teamsters Local 638
Teamsters Local 639
Teamsters Local 653
Teamsters Local 662
Teamsters Local 688
Teamsters Local 690
Teamsters Local 696
Teamsters Local 697 Wheeling ,West virginia
Teamsters Local 700
Teamsters local 703
Teamsters Local 705
Teamsters Local 710
Teamsters Local 728
Teamsters Local 743
Teamsters Local 745
Teamsters Local 767 Members
Teamsters Local 769
Teamsters Local 77
Teamsters Local 777
Teamsters Local 8
Teamsters Local 804
Teamsters Local 81
Teamsters Local 812
Teamsters Local 812 Shop Steward Page
Teamsters Local 848
Teamsters Local 877
Teamsters Local 89
Teamsters Local 911
Teamsters Local 916
Teamsters Local 929
Teamsters Local 947
Teamsters Local 952
Teamsters Local 955
Teamsters Local 959
Teamsters Local 987
Teamsters local 991
Teamsters Local No. 813
Teamsters Local Union 104
Teamsters Local Union 249
Teamsters Local Union 395
Teamsters Local Union 419
Teamsters Local Union 519
Teamsters Local Union 783
Teamsters Local Union 848
Teamsters Local Union 89
Teamsters Local Union 984
Teamsters Local Union No. 214
Teamsters Local Union No. 236
Teamsters Local Union No. 293
Teamsters Local Union No. 372
Teamsters Local Union No. 886
Teamsters Local Union No. 890
Teamsters Local Union No. 988
Teamsters Local142 Stewards Council
Teamsters News – Teamsters Local 100
Teamsters Rail
Teamsters Union Local 166
Teamsters Union Local 190
Teamsters Union Local 70
Teamsters United
Teamsters ups contract campaign
Teamsters Veterans Caucus
Teamsters WA Joint Council
Tenants and Workers United
Tennessee AFL-CIO Labor Council
Tennessee Building-Construction Trades
Tennessee Education Association
Tennessee Professional Fire fighters Association
Terrace Professional Firefighters Local 2685
Terre Haute APWU Local 618
Terrell Professional Fire Fighters Association
Texarkana Central Labor Council
Texas State Employees Union (CWA Local 6186)
Texas State Teachers Association
TFT – Toledo Federation of Teachers Local 250
The Association of Union Constructors
The Carpenters Rat Patrol NYC
The Florida Professional Fire Fighters
The Glass, Molders, Pottery, Plastics & Allied Workers (GMP) International Union
The Hawaii Newspaper Guild
The International Union of Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers Local 1, NY
The Jacksonville Association of Fire Fighters
The Laborhood
The Living Wage Campaign at UVA
The Metro Detroit AFL-CIO
The Metro Detroit Labor Council Community Service Committee
The Micah Center
The Michigan Building and Construction Trades Council
The Murphy Institute for Worker Education and Labor Studies, CUNY
The New Hampshire Labor News
The NewsGuild at Consumer’s Union
The NewsGuild at Scholastic Inc.
The NewsGuild at Standard & Poor’s
The NewsGuild at The Jersey Journal
The NewsGuild at The Nation
The NewsGuild of N.Y. at WPIX
The NewsGuild of New York
The Newspaper Guild
The North Shore Labor Council of Massachusetts
The Plainedge Federation of Teachers
The Region’s Friends of Labor
The Solidarity Effect Labor/Talk Radio
The Teamsters
The Union Edge
The United Association of Plumbers & Steamfitters Local Union 230
The Voices of UFCW 21 (Seattle, WA)
The Volusia County Professional Firefighters Association
The Wisconsin Professional Police Association
The Woodlands Professional Fire Fighters Association
Theatrical Teamsters Local 817
Timberlake Firefighters, IAFF Local 4483
Toledo Firefighters Museum Inc
Tompkins County Workers’ Center
Tonatierra Community Development Institute
Tonopah Firefighters
Toronto Professional Fire Fighters’ Association
Torrance Fire Fighters Association
Torrington Firefighters
Town of Manlius Professional Firefighters IAFF L-3316
Transport Workers Union (TWU)
Transportation Trades Department, AFL-CIO
Traverse City Education Association
Tri-City Building & Construction Trades Council
Tri-Counties Central Labor Council
Tri-State Building & Construction Trades Council
Tri-State Jobs with Justice
Troy Education Association
Troy Firefighters
Truro Township Fire Fighters Local 2932
TSTA (Texas State Teachers Association) – Retired
Tualatin Valley Firefighters Union – IAFF Local 1660
Tucson Federation of Musicians
Tucson Firefighters Association
Tulare County IAFF Local 4757
Tulsa Firefighters
Twentynine Palms Professional Firefighters IAFF Local 4266
TWU – USW Local 1944 – Unit 60
TWU Local 100
U.A. Local 525 Plumbers & Pipefitters Training Center
U.A. Local 71
U.A. Pipefitters Local Union # 725
U.A. Plumbers Local Union 1
U.P. of Michigan Building & Construction Trades
U.S. Department of Labor
UA Local 100
UA Local 13
UA Local 142
UA Local 170
UA Local 170 Plumbers & Pipefitters Union
UA Local 179
UA Local 190
UA Local 213
UA Local 244
UA Local 286 Plumbers & Pipefitters
UA Local 290
UA Local 322
UA Local 324
UA Local 340
UA Local 344
UA Local 367 Plumbers & Steamfitters
UA Local 38 Training Center Plumbers & Pipefiters
UA Local 38, Plumbers & Pipefitters
UA Local 393- Plumbers, Steamfitters, and HVACR Service Technicians
UA Local 401
UA Local 434 Plumbers and Steamfitters
UA Local 434 Training
UA Local 467 – Burlingame, California
UA Local 496-Pipe Trades Union
UA Local 51
UA Local 60
UA Local 716 Plumbers & Pipefitters
UA Local 740
UA Local 740 Members
UA Local 787
UA Local 853
UA Local 91
UA Local Union 598 Plumbers and Steamfitters
UA Plumbers & Pipefitters Local Union 123
UA Plumbers and Pipefitters 469
UA Plumbers Local 1 Training Center
UA Plumbers Local 68
UAW 1268
UAW 1714
UAW 2865 Vote Yes on BDS
UAW 450 Members
UAW 503
UAW 862 OnLine
UAW 863 at Ford Sharonville, Ohio
UAW 892 Veterans Committee
UAW 897
UAW Amalgamated Local 897
UAW and Union Veterans
UAW at Mohegan Sun
UAW Black Lake Family Education Center
UAW Chrysler Talks
UAW Competitive Shop/IPS
UAW Ford Department
UAW International Union
UAW Local #1302
UAW Local 1166
UAW Local 12
UAW Local 1216
UAW Local 1219 Womens Committee
UAW Local 1292
UAW Local 136 Retirees Support our Troops and Veterans
UAW Local 140
UAW Local 145
UAW Local 171
UAW Local 1781
UAW Local 180
UAW Local 1821
UAW Local 1853
UAW Local 1963
UAW Local 2069
UAW Local 2096
uaw local 211
UAW Local 2164…Home of the Corvette
UAW Local 2166
UAW Local 22
UAW Local 2209 Union Hall
UAW Local 2280
UAW Local 2300
UAW Local 2322
UAW Local 2335
UAW Local 2383
UAW Local 245
UAW Local 2488
UAW Local 276 Women’s Committee
UAW Local 281
UAW Local 292 Kokomo Indiana
UAW Local 2999
UAW Local 3000
UAW local 3050
UAW Local 31
UAW Local 362
UAW Local 402
UAW Local 4121
UAW Local 4123
UAW local 42
UAW Local 465, Massena, NY/ General Motors Plant
UAW Local 467
UAW Local 467/TRW Integrated Chassis Systems, LLC
UAW Local 5286
UAW Local 578
UAW Local 5810
UAW Local 598
UAW Local 599
UAW Local 600
UAW Local 6000: Michigan’s State Employees
UAW Local 651
UAW Local 652
UAW Local 659
UAW Local 668
UAW Local 677
UAW Local 686
UAW local 699
UAW Local 699 Recreation Committee
UAW Local 72 Retiree’s
UAW Local 724 – Bridgewater Interiors – CAP
UAW Local 730
UAW Local 737
UAW Local 75
UAW Local 751
UAW Local 774
UAW Local 848
UAW Local 862 Chaplaincy Committee
UAW Local 892
UAW Local 898
UAW Local 900
UAW Local 933
UAW Local 94
UAW Local 95
UAW Local 952
UAW Massachusetts Gaming
UAW Motorsports
UAW Region 1
UAW Region 1 Developmental Advisory Council
UAW Region 1-C
UAW Region 1-D
UAW Region 1A Motorcycle Ryders Council
Uaw Region 1A Women’s Council Network
UAW Region 1D Women’s Council
UAW Region 2B – Maumee, OH
UAW Region 4
UAW Region 4 Women’s Council
UAW Region 8
UAW Region 9A
UAW St Vincent RN Unit
UAW Women’s Department
UAW-Ford Ernest Lofton Center for Physical Fitness
UAW-Mercedes: Together for a Better Life
UBC Carpenters Local 290
UC Berkeley Labor Center
UC Berkeley Student Workers Union – UAW 2865
UC Davis Student Labor Solidarity
UC Labor Students’ Club
UC Riverside Student Workers Union UAW Local 2865
UC Student Workers UAW 2865 Santa Cruz
UC Student Workers Union – Davis
UC Student Workers Union – UCLA
UC Student Workers Union UAW Local 2865 San Diego
UC Student-Workers Union – UAW Local 2865
UCLA Labor Center
UCM MNEA (Missouri National Education Association)
UE Local 1004
UE Local 170
UE Local 203
UE Local 208
UE Local 2099 ICF SPUPR C95
UE Local 221
UE Local 222, CILU CIPU
UE Local 234
UE Local 255
UE Local 267
UE Local 279
UE Local 332
UE Local 506
UE Local 618
UE Local 896/COGS
UE of America, California Local 1077
UFCW 1189
UFCW 21 MultiCare
UFCW 21 Nurses
UFCW 21 Providence United
UFCW 324
UFCW 770 Medical Cannabis Division
UFCW 8-Golden State
UFCW 876
UFCW 951
UFCW Canada
UFCW Canada Local 1400
UFCW Canada, Locals 175 & 633
Ufcw Florida Local
UFCW Local #7
UFCW Local 1000
Ufcw local 1059
UFCW Local 1118
UFCW Local 1161
UFCW Local 1167
UFCW Local 1208
UFCW Local 135
UFCW Local 1360
UFCW Local 1439
UFCW Local 1442
UFCW Local 1445
UFCW Local 1459
UFCW Local 1500
UFCW Local 1518
UFCW Local 152
UFCW Local 1546
UFCW Local 1776
UFCW Local 1776
UFCW Local 1994
UFCW Local 1995
UFCW local 21
UFCW Local 227
UFCW Local 230
UFCW Local 247
UFCW Local 304A
UFCW Local 342
UFCW Local 367
UFCW Local 371
UFCW Local 38
UFCW Local 38D
UFCW Local 400
UFCW Local 401
UFCW Local 496
UFCW Local 5 Medical Cannabis & Hemp Division
UFCW Local 555
UFCW Local 617
UFCW Local 648
UFCW Local 649
UFCW Local 653
UFCW Local 655
UFCW Local 700
UFCW Local 700
UFCW Local 75
UFCW Local 7R
UFCW Local 832
UFCW Local 888
Ufcw local 90t
UFCW Local 99
UFCW Ontario Provincial Council
UFCW PA Wine & Spirits Council
UFCW Professional Division for Pharmacists
UFCW United Latinos
UFCW Western States Council
UFCW Women’s Network
UFCW Young Workers Internship Program
UFT Alliance of Charter Teachers and Staff
UIC United Faculty Local 6456
Ullico Inc.
UMass Amherst Student Labor Action Project
UMass Lowell Union of Adjunct Faculty (UAF/UAW)
UMass UFCW Phlebotomist/Lab Members
UMD Student Labor Action Project
Unión de Desempleados РUCubed
Uniformed Firefighters Association of Greater New York
Uniformed Professional Fire Fighters Association of Connecticut
Union Boilermakers Local 900
Union Carpenters Local 547
Union City Education Association
Union Ironworkers
Union Label and Services Trades Department
Union Members that are proud to be UFCW
Union Plus
Union Review
Union Thug
Union Thugs
Union Thugs in America
Union Thugs Stuff
Union Township Education Association – UTEA
Union Veterans Council, AFL CIO
Unions 4 Workers
Unions for Single Payer Health Care-HR 676
Unions.Org- The Voice Of Labor
Unite Here Albuquerque Local 23
UNITE HERE Central Florida
Unite Here Indianapolis
Unite Here Local 21
Unite Here Local 217
Unite HERE Local 2261
Unite Here Local 23
Unite Here Local 23 Atlanta
UNITE HERE Local 24 Detroit
UNITE HERE Local 355
Unite Here Local 631
Unite Here Local 7
Unite HERE Local 878 – Alaska
UNITE HERE New England Joint Board
Unite Here Philadelphia
UNITE HERE San Antonio
Unite Here Santa Monica
Unite Here! Local 100
Unite Here! Local 17
Unite Here! Local 19
Unite Here! Local 2
UNITE HERE! Local 2850
Unite Here! Local 362
Unite Here! Local 5
Unite Here! Local 8
Unite Here! Montana Local 427
United Association
United Association for Labor Education (UALE)
United Association Local 310
United Association Local 46
United Association of Plumbers , Pipefitters & A/C Technicians Local 630
United Association of Plumbers and Pipefitters Local Union 412
United Association of Plumbers, Pipefitters & Service Technicians Local 295
United Auto Workers Local 2402
United Auto Workers Local 249
United Auto Workers Local 31
United Brotherhood of Carpenters Local Union 608
United Cannabis Workers
United Community Center of Westchester INC.
United Educators Association
United Educators of San Francisco
United Electrical Workers (UE)
United EMS Workers – AFSCME Local 4911
United Farm Workers of America
United Federation of Teachers
United Firefighters of Karns IAFF Local 4900
United Firefighters of Los Angeles City, IAFF Local-112
United Food & Commercial Workers, Local 5
United Food and Commercial Workers International Union
United Food and Commercial Workers Local 1428
United Food and Commercial Workers Local 1473
United Food and Commercial Workers Local 23
United Labor Unions Local 100
United Latinos of UFCW LOCAL 1445
United Mesa Fire Fighters IAFF Local 2260
United Mine Workers of America
United Minnesota Adjunct Professors
United Nurses Association
United Phoenix Firefighters
United Public Employees of California, Liuna, Local 792
United Staff of the AAUP
United States Aerial Firefighters
United Steel Workers Local 1114
United Steel Workers Local 13214
United Steelworkers РSyndicat des Métallos
United Steelworkers – USW Local 6992
United Steelworkers (Local 2009)
United Steelworkers (USW)
United Steelworkers Centre
United Steelworkers District 10 Communications
United Steelworkers District 4 – Local 2285
United Steelworkers Local #2-0047
United Steelworkers Local 1-346.
United Steelworkers Local 1-417
United Steelworkers Local 1014
United Steelworkers Local 12075
United Steelworkers Local 12775
United Steelworkers Local 13-12
United Steelworkers Local 14581
United Steelworkers Local 1899
United Steelworkers Local 2010
United Steelworkers Local 307
United Steelworkers Local 450-A
United Steelworkers Local 6285
United Steelworkers Local 675
United Steelworkers Local 7600
United Steelworkers Local 8-89
United Steelworkers Local 8183
United Steelworkers Local 831
United Steelworkers Local 8782 – Nanticoke, Ontario, Canada
United Steelworkers Local 8823
United Steelworkers Local 9120
United Steelworkers Local 937
United Steelworkers Local 9597 President
United Steelworkers National Womens Conference
United Steelworkers of America – Local 2603 – Lackawanna, New York
United Steelworkers Paper Sector
United Steelworkers Press Association
United Steelworkers Rapid Response
United Students Against Sweatshops
United Taxi Workers of San Diego
United Union Of Roofers & Waterproofers, Local 54 Seattle Wa
United Union of Roofers, Waterproofers & Allied Workers
United Union of Roofers, Waterproofers, and Allied Workers Local 11
United Workers
United Workers Congress
University Council-American Federation of Teachers
University of Oregon Student Labor Action Project
Unofficial 4807
Upper Freehold Township Uniformed Firefighters – IAFF Local 4306
UPS Freight Teamsters
Urbana Firefighters Local 1823
USW 1-689 Civil and Human Rights Committee
USW 10-0074
USW 10-234
USW 1011 Next Generation
USW 1011 Rapid Response
USW 1011 Women Of Steel
USW 115
USW 1163
USW 12-49 Victorville
USW 1688
USW 1998 Member Services Matter
USW 2695 Rapid Response
USW 285 Unit 441
USW 5890 Regina
USW 608/712
USW 6163
USW 6787 News
USW 7-517 Lemont
USW 7135
USW 9176
USW 9346
USW Benefit Funds-PIUMPF
USW Boston Taxi Drivers Association
USW Conference Services
USW District 12
USW District 2 Rapid Response
USW District 6
USW District 9 Next Generation
USW Fairness Works Initiative
USW L 141
USW local # 3141
USW Local #13417
USW Local 1-207
USW Local 1-423 Kelowna
USW Local 1-85
USW Local 10-00086
USW Local 10-1
USW Local 1000
USW Local 1010
USW Local 1011
USW Local 1015L
USW Local 1023
USW Local 1034
USW Local 105
USW Local 11-443
USW Local 1155L
USW Local 12-477
USW Local 12-6
Usw local 1219
USW Local 1219 Next Generation
USW Local 1299 Next Generation Committee
USW Local 13-1
USW Local 13-2001
USW local 13-423 & IBEW local 2286 Friends and Families
USW local 13-423 & IBEW local 2286 Friends and Families
USW Local 1327
USW Local 14693 Rapid Response
USW Local 15009
USW Local 1557
USW Local 1595
USW Local 164L
USW Local 1693
USW local 1938 solidarity committee
USW Local 1945
USW Local 1999
USW Local 2-20
USW Local 2-209
USW Local 2-21
USW Local 2-469
USW Local 2-540
USW Local 200
USW Local 2004
USW Local 2011
USW Local 207L
USW Local 237
USW Local 241
USW Local 2695 Rapid Response
USW Local 2737
USW Local 285
USW Local 3057 Shelby Ohio
USW Local 309
USW Local 310
USW Local 310 Women of Steel
USW Local 3311
USW Local 3446
USW Local 351L
USW Local 4430
USW Local 449
USW Local 480
USW local 491
USW Local 4950
USW Local 5
USW Local 507
USW Local 5114
USW Local 6115
USW local 6135
USW Local 6166
USW Local 624
USW Local 670
USW Local 6717
USW Local 6787
USW Local 689
USW Local 7-669, Metropolis, IL
USW Local 7-706
USW Local 715
USW Local 719
USW Local 745
USW Local 7619
USW Local 7686, District 11
USW Local 7703
USW Local 787 ICD
USW Local 8-495 Radford Virginia
USW Local 831
USW Local 831
USW Local 831-Career Development Center
USW Local 8599
USW Local 8888
USW Local 8914
USW Local 9-00631
USW Local 9-0425
USW Local 9-978
USW Local 900 Union
USW Local 9231
USW Local 9462
USW Local 9465
USW Local 9777
USW Local 979 Rapid Response
USW Local 998 Retirees
USW Local#6860
USW local1357
Usw Next Generation local 6103
USW Oil Workers
USW Paperworkers
USW Political
USW Telecommunication Workers Union Local 1944 Unit 213
USW-Tony Mazzocchi Center
Utah Education Association
Utah Teamsters Local 222
Utility Workers Union of America
UW Medical Center RNs Care for US
Vacaville Teachers Association
Valencia County Area Firefighters IAFF Local 4990
Vallejo Firefighters
Valley Professional Fire Fighters – Local 1352
Vassar Student/Labor Dialogue
Ventura City Fire Fighters Association
Ventura County Professional Firefighters’ Association – IAFF Local 1364
Vermont Early Educators United AFT
Vermont Paid Sick Days Coalition
Vermont State Labor Council, Afl-Cio
Vermont Workers’ Center
Virginia AFL CIO
Virginia Beach Education Association
Virginia Education Association
Virginia Education Association-Retired
Virginia Professional Fire Fighters
Voces de la Frontera
Voice Labor
Voices of Labor
Volusia/Flagler Central Labor Council
Voz Workers’ Rights Education Project
W.O.W-Winning Our Wages/Ganando Nuestros Salarios
Walla Walla Professional Firefighters
Wallingford Fire Department IAFF Local 1326
Walpole Firefighters IAFF Local 2464
Warehouse Union Local 6, ILWU
Warehouse Worker Resource Center
Warehouse Workers For Justice
Warren Firefighters IAFF Local 1835
Warren Professional Fire Fighters Local 1383
Warwick Firefighters
Washburn University Student Workers
Washington Education Association
Washington State Council of Fire Fighters
Washington State Fire Fighters’ Association
Washington State Labor Council
Washington State Labor Education and Research Center
Washington State Nurses Association
Washington Twp. Professional Fire Fighters L-3299
Waterbury CT Teachers Federal Credit Union
Waterbury Fire Fighters Association, IAFF Local 1339
Waterloo Professional Fire Fighters
Watertown Firefighters Benevolent
Watertown Professional Firefighters IAFF Local 877
Waukegan Firefighters IAFF Local 473
Wayne Education Association
We Are One
Wells Professional Firefighters Association, IAFF Local 4652
West Alabama Labor Council, Afl-Cio
West Area Labor Council/Red River Valley
West Central Florida Federation of Labor
West Chicago Professional Fire Fighters Assocation – IAFF Local 3970
West Metro Fire Fighters IAFF Local 1309
West Vancouver Firefighters Charitable Society (IAFF 1525)
West Virginia Afl-CIO
West Virginia Postal Workers Union
West Warwick Firefighters
Westchester Hispanic Coalition
Western Maine Central Labor Council
Western Maryland Central Labor Council
Western Mass. Jobs with Justice
Western New York Worker Center
Western North Carolina Workers’ Center
Western Wisconsin AFL-CIO
Westerville Professional Firefighters – IAFF Local 3480
Westport Firefighters IAFF L-1802
Weymouth Firefighters
What Teamsters Look Like
Wheat Ridge Firefighters IAFF Local 4881
Whistler Professional Fire Fighters Association – Local #3944
White Plains Professional Fire Fighters – IAFF Local 274
White River Central Labor Council
Whitehorse Fire Fighters Association
WI afl-cio – Member Organizing and Education Center
Wichita / Hutchinson Labor Federation
Wichita Firefighters
Wildwood Crest Rescue IAFF Local 4434
Willard Professional Firefighters IAFF Local 4468
Wind of the Spirit
Windsor Firefighters
Winston-Salem Professional Fire Fighters
Wisconsin Electrical Workers and Apprentices
Wisconsin Federation of Nurses & Health Professionals Aft Afl-Cio and Local
Wisconsin Federation of Nurses and Health Professionals
Wisconsin State AFL-CIO
WIU – AFSCME Clerical Union
Wmass Student Labor Action Project
WNY Area Labor Federation,AFL-CIO
Woburn Fire Fighters Local 971
Women of Steel USW Local 10-00086
Women of the International Union of Elevator Constructors
Worcester Fire Fighters Local 1009
Worker Justice Center of New York
Workers Center for Racial Justice
Workers Defense Project
Workers Independent News
Workers Interfaith Network (Memphis, TN)
Workers Justice Project – Proyecto Justicia Laboral
Workers of Wisconsin United
Workers Rights Group
Workers United – Western States Regional Joint Board
Workers United – Wisconsin
Workers United Canada Council, an SEIU affiliate
Workers United Local 50
Workers United Retirees Association
Workers United, an SEIU affiliate
Workers’ Center of CNY
Workers’ Dignity Dignidad Obrera
Workers’ Rights Center
Workers’ Voice
Working America
Working Class Heroes
Working North Carolina
Working Partnerships USA
Working Washington
Working Washington – Seattle
Workplace Fairness
Workplace Project
Writers Guild of America, East
Writers Guild of America, West
WWTCOA – Teamster Taxis
WWU Students for Farm Worker Justice
Wyandotte Firefighters
Wyoming Education Association
York Professional Fire Fighters Association Local 627 IAFF
York/Poquoson/Williamsburg Professional Fire Fighters & Paramedics
Young Trade Unionists
Young Trade Unionists
Young Workers Movement
Young Workers of California
Young Workers of California
Young Workers United