Training 2017

SMT staff train at conferences across the U.S. and Canada. Contact us for cost and a list of workshops. All trainings described below are available online from anywhere with internet access.

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Snapchat for Organizing! A Free Skillshare 

Curious about how some groups are using Snapchat in their organizing? Organizers of all ages are using Snapchat to pressure targets, build community, and invigorate creative campaigns.  Half of Snapchat’s growing user base is over 25. Experienced organizers share their insight on using Snapchat, and help you assess whether it can be a useful tool in your organizing. Join the 500+ organizers who registered for this training.  Recording here.

May 25 – June 15, 2017

Digital Security for Unions and Advocacy Groups/NGOs – a 4-part series

Digital threats facing progressives have been growing for a while. But with corporations newly empowered to track and profit from our every move online, the Trump administration controlling mass data collection and surveillance, and an empowered Far Right with its share of online hackers, more organizers than ever are motivated to take digital security seriously. More info and register here.

June 13, 2017

Online Organizing Coaching & Support for Grantees: An Overview for Funders

Do you want to help your grantees ramp up online in their campaigns to expand their audience and amplify their visibility to targets?  This will be a presentation of what groups need and what works best based on what SMT has learned over the last 4 years, having trained several thousand staff and leaders from over 900 advocacy groups, run two year-long coaching cohorts, and conducted dozens of online organizing assessments and worked in-depth with dozens of groups on their campaigns.

We will discuss SMT’s upcoming Online Organizing Coaching Program which launches in September 2017. You will hear from some of the groups that have participated in SMT’s coaching about their experience, as well as from funders who have helped their grantees access SMT support.
Register here.

June 22, 2017

SMT’s Online Organizing Coaching Program & Supports

This will be a presentation and Q&A on the coaching program that will begin in September 2017, and additional supports, for advocacy groups and unions. Our goal is to help groups determine if this is a good match for them.
More info and register here.