Top 2018 Tools & Tactics to Bump up Your Online Organizing Game

An overview of ways you can deploy online tools & tactics in combination with offline organizing to engage supporters, broaden your base and win campaigns. We draw on lessons learned from resistance movements in 2017, and the latest online developments and social media trends.

Whether you’re a complete digital novice, or advanced, make sure you aren’t missing out on key digital tools and tactics, learn what other organizers are doing to win and how to do it with limited time and money. And whether you’re an activist starting from scratch or part of a large organization, there’s something here for you.

Thursday February 8th, 1pm – 2pm EST [Time zone converter]

*SMT is a small non-profit organization. We rely on contributions and fees for all our work. Every registrant is invited to make a contribution towards the cost of developing and providing this training, in an amount as you are able. As a guide, $20 is a heavily subsidized rate. $40 is cost. More than that helps subsidize others. The form is below. Thank you for supporting this work.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • Organizing purposefully while being nimble to respond in the moment. Absorb large numbers of people effectively with a tiny organizing staff and orchestrate coordinated action on a target. We’ll share examples, tools and processes that have proven effective.
  • The advent of “messaging apps” and what peoples’ growing love affair with messaging means for organizing. The top tools that organizers are experimenting with.
  • How-to’s for the quick videos that may serve you best now.
  • Excellent 2018 resources to help you “frame” your fight with the kind of narrative that advances our shared values and engages your audience.
  • Which social media channels are most useful for what purposes, and when? How to realistically weigh your time and what to prioritize at peak campaign moments, and during those lulls in between.
  • Pay to play? In 2018 how should we be thinking about paying for exposure on Facebook, Twitter, Google, Youtube and Snapchat? We’ll suggest particular purposes and uses for ads on each channel.
  • Our top tools recommendations for online action-taking, digital security, productivity, team communication, and design – especially excellent free tools. (We invite you to share your experience and recommendations too!)

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