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Campaigners and activists recognize they must use digital tools and tactics like never before – alongside direct action – to build people power and pressure targets to take action. Here are some upcoming trainings and resources designed to meet this need. To learn about additional upcoming trainings, join the email list. SMT also works with funders to provide support to grantees; organizing networks to support larger campaigns and networks; and directly with groups to provide tailored coaching and help implement campaigns. Feel free to reach out to discuss how SMT can support.

Work with SMTExperienced Digital Campaigner? Work with SMT  

With team members on 4 continents, SMT’s small but highly effective team has trained staff from over 3900 groups and unions over its first 9 years, and worked with 100+ groups on campaigns more in-depth. Part-time and full-time roles are available, with coaching and training roles starting as low as a few hours a month. See open positions.



Free Recorded Trainings & Online Communities

Trainings on TikTok, campaigning during COVID, remote team recommendations, Twitter, Snapchat and more. Available anytime and captioned in 7 languages. Also join SMT’s Digital Campaigner’s Facebook Group for campaigners, with 3300+ campaigners from around the world, or SMT’s Slack group of campaigners, or one of SMT’s WhatsApp groups or Telegram channels. Access the trainings and online communities.


Upcoming trainings, some of them free:

FREE Top Tools & Tactics to Ramp up Your Online Organizing Game for 2023

January – April, 2023. Timezone: by region. Language: by region.  

Designed for campaigners in each region and with local examples and instructors, this series is tailored to meet the needs of campaigners in specific regions. Join this session to learn the latest ways you can deploy online tools & tactics in combination with offline organizing to engage supporters, broaden your base, raise money, pressure targets, and win campaigns. Whether you’re a complete digital novice, or advanced, make sure you aren’t missing out on key digital tools and tactics, learn what other organizers are doing to win and how to do it with limited time and money. Register here.

FREE: Choosing the Best Content Scheduler

February 8, 2023. Timezone: Americas. Language: English

There are dozens of tools out there for managing and scheduling social media. The best ones go beyond simply scheduling and posting content – they help you manage engagement and ensure that no online organizing lead goes without a response. See SMT’s comparison of popular content schedulers and get more on the best tool for your organization and budget. Register here.

For Asian Campaigners & Activists: Top Tools & Tactics to Build People Power in the Digital Age

February 15, 2023. Timezone Asia, Oceania. Language: English with interpretation to Bahasa Indonesia, other languages pending demand

This online training session is for Asia-based activists and campaigners. It includes Asian examples and considerations and is led by a member of SMT’s Asia team, with support from colleagues from other regions. Join this session to learn the latest ways you can deploy online tools & tactics in combination with offline organizing to engage supporters, broaden your base, raise money, pressure targets, and win campaigns. Whether you’re a complete digital novice, or advanced, make sure you aren’t missing out on key digital tools and tactics, learn what other organizers are doing to win and how to do it with limited time and money. Register here.

Building Movement Tech Infrastructure to Support Large-Scale Action in the Digital Age

March 22-30, 2023. Timezone: Europe, Africa, MENA. Language: English

How climate action groups across the U.K. are organizing their tech to support direct action by small groups and activists with fewer tech resources. Using shape files and Action Network’s parent/child structure to expand access to online action for smaller groups. Using automations to activate thousands of activists with a tiny staff. A U.S. movement tech hub will share what it is doing as well. Cost and how it’s getting paid for. Login and see how the hub works. Registration for the hands-on series includes an individual coaching session. Register here. 

Using WhatsApp for People Power Latin America

March 2, 2023. Timezone Americas. Instruction in Spanish. Portuguese interpretation based on demand.

As the most used app globally, organizers across Latin America and other regions of the world are using WhatsApp in creative ways to build people power. Learn how campaigners are using WhatsApp to build and win campaigns for changeRegister here

How to Use LinkedIn Powerfully in Campaigns

March 23, 2023, Timezone: Americas, Europe. Language: English

In combination with prospecting tools, LinkedIn can be a powerful platform for campaigns to reach thousands of people with sophisticated targeting and no ads. SMT has spent years perfecting these techniques across multiple campaigns. The five tools we recommend and workflows for specific campaign uses. Registration details to follow. Join the mailing list to hear once registration opens

Activating People Across Regions & Countries in Joint Action with a Tiny Coordinating Team (Distributed Organizing)

April 4-6. Timezone Europe, MENA, Africa. Instruction in English. Interpretation based on demand

You’re launching a campaign with national or international impact? You know people care about it but decision-makers don’t see it as a priority? Your small team wants to build activism widely at the local level and needs to use limited resources wisely? This training is for you. We’ll go through the necessary steps to set up a distributed action plan. We’ll cover useful tools (free, low-cost and higher cost), risks and errors to avoid, and learn from groups that have run effective international distributed actions. Join the mailing list to hear once registration opens.

Digital Campaigning Certificate Intensive – 3-week program

Apr 25 – May 11, 2023. Timezone: Americas (evening for Europe). Language: English and Spanish, Portuguese pending demand. Register here.
May 9 – May 25, 2023. Timezone: Asia, Africa, MENA, Europe. Language: English. Register here.

Close to 1,000 staff and activists of movement groups have taken SMT’s Digital Campaigning Certificate Program. This three-week intensive, with 3 hours of training per day Tuesday-Thursday, enables participants to quickly build competency in the key 18 skill areas  essential to win campaigns in the digital age. This program is ideal for beginner to intermediate staff and activists of social justice groups, including unionists, to rapidly ramp up familiarity and skill with digital organizing strategy, tools and tactics.

Expanding, Developing & Evaluating Your Team’s Digital Capacity

June 6 – 8, 2023. Timezone: Europe, MENA, Africa, Americas. Instruction in English. Interpretation based on demand. 

Effectively managing and deepening online/offline campaign team capacity is at the heart of running effective campaigns. In this 2-part series we’ll cover effective techniques and templates for screening candidates with live exercises, taking an inventory for new and existing team members, recommendations on approaches to staff training and training budgets, and evaluating the quality and results of digital work. We’ll discuss cost-effective ways to expand capacity for short-term skill needs other than hiring, and how to decide whether to contract out vs. build in-house capacity. We’ll also discuss how organizations divide responsibilities, reporting and strategy among Comms, Digital, Programs, Organizing, Fundraising, and Field. Registration details to follow.

Building Movements that Win Change: an Intensive Fellowship for African/MENA Activists

Timing TBD. Timezone: Africa/MENA. Language: English, French based on demand.

This intensive online training is designed for and by African and MENA activists to support their development as strategic and intentional movement-builders on the continent. It will include exploration of movement-building practice across the globe (both historical and current), discussion with movement organizers from the continent and beyond, readings, and training on key digital tools and tactics important for movement-building in the digital age. This training is also useful for leaders and staff of NGOs who want to move towards systemic change work and people power organizing. There will be a required minimum number of participants to register. It will be offered at no charge. An internet stipend and interpretation may be provided based on availability of funding. Registration details to follow.

Graphic Design for Organizing Apprenticeship

Sept – Nov 2023. Timezone: Americas. Language: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese pending based on demand.

Join the 350 staff and activists of movement groups who have taken this apprenticeship. Good design is part of strong organizing. Running grassroots campaigns requires communicating effectively across many platforms, and good design can activate and broaden your base. This intensive will rapidly scale up your visual communications skills. From building a creative brief, to applying time-tested graphic design techniques, to navigating industry-standard (and emerging!) software, learn to efficiently create designs that inspire action. Read more and join the waitlist for the 2023 program now.

Grassroots Video for Organizing in the Digital Age Series

TBD Date. Timezone: Americas. Language: English

Video has been an essential tool to pressure targets, activate members, and reach new supporters across social media platforms. With the continued rise of Instagram Reels and TikTok, making videos has only become more essential to successful online/offline campaigns. Video doesn’t have to only be for the super high-budget or tech-savvy organizations. Join this multipart series for sessions on personal narrative, shooting great member-driven video content, and distributing that content across social media organically and via paid ads. Join the mailing list to hear once registration opens

SMT is rapidly ramping up support and training for movement organizations around the world. Additional training is planned. If there’s anything that you don’t see below that you’d be interested in, contact us.

Featured image credit: Women across Iran cut their hair as an act of protest against brutal theocracy, 2022 #MahsaAmini #WomenLifeFreedom (Photo: Y. AKGUL/AFP)

Recording: Upcoming support for building people power in the digital age

Are you part of a non-profit/NGO/union or a funder committed to redistributing power for justice? Recognize the importance of digital along with direct action organizing? Watch the recording to learn more. 

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