A year-round subscription coaching and training program for anyone who wants to become a more effective online organizer and build more power into their campaigns.

Whether you’re a beginner or advanced, this program will help you deepen your skill base quickly, give you an instant community of peers, and keep you on the cutting edge of online organizing practice and developments.

The fee covers up to 3 people from your organization because we know how important it is to develop a team when you can. We also know that it isn’t always possible for one person to make every session and it can be useful to have alternate staff who can attend and report back.

Matching grants available.

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I’m ready to sign up. How do I pay?

I view organizing in a whole new light. Everybody should have the opportunity to go through this experience, and get these tools, and start organizing.

Angela Saxton

Lead Organizer,
ABLE (Atlantans Building Leadership for Empowerment)

The online coaching sessions have been really good for helping us make decisions about what makes the most sense for us to incorporate into our program and what we can let go, and how to prioritize all these different tools.

Renee Coe

Policy & Communications Associate,
Every Child Matters

SMT has worked with us to develop and implement a broad and integrated social media strategy. Helped our leadership understand its importance and taught our activists the basic skills to execute it. From website maintenance to targeted twitter campaigns, they are there when you need them and they understand that it is all about movement building.

Mark Dudzic

National Coordinator,
Labor Campaign for Single Payer Healthcare

SMT taught our staff and leaders to use Twitter strategically, understand the intricacies of Facebook for organizing…They respond quickly, have real world organizing experience, do really solid webinars that leaders and staff can engage with.

Kristi Sanford

Communications Director,
The Peoples’ Lobby, Chicago IL

Incredibly knowledgeable…Weekly coaching has been a great experience. Keeps us on track. Staff is flexible, creative.

Mary Pat Healy

Exec Dir,
Bridgeport Child Advocacy Coalition

The coaching sessions provide practical tools for making our social media move from passive clicktivism to actually doing something.

Margari Hill

Programming Director,
Muslim ARC (Anti-Racism Collaborative)

SMT was like a breath of fresh air in its approach to empowering small nonprofit organizing efforts. With not much funding, we were able to connect SMT to a few organizations in our network to provide analysis, coaching and hands on technical support. Here at Universal Health Care Foundation of CT, SMT gave us strategic help to up our game with our online organizing and engagement…particularly helpful in guiding us to a more savvy, productive use of social media.

Lynne Ide

Director of Program & Policy,
Universal Health Care Foundation of Connecticut

20 60- to 90-minute online interactive workshops held every two weeks through the year (except July-August and the Winter holidays) starting in September 2017 (curriculum here). This will also include: affinity-based video conferences offering best practices on a myriad of online organizing strategies, updates on the latest developments in the rapidly evolving field of online campaigning, and opportunities to share what’s working among peers organizing in similar issue areas and campaign types such as contract campaigns, state legislative and referenda campaigns, or using similar tactics such as civil disobedience.
These will be recorded.

20 group Q&A coaching sessions held in between bi-weekly workshop sessions to follow up on content covered during the online interactive workshops as it applies to your situation and questions about the material or related topics.

Unlimited access to all of SMT’s 25+ hours of intensive training recordings for anyone in your organization ($1800 value).

Free access to all new paid live trainings that SMT holds for the broader community – usually several per year. The cost of these is generally $40/session.

A limited number of matching grants (up to $900, half the cost of the coaching program) are available for organizations with budgets of less than $750,000. Application takes 10-15 minutes to complete online here. We are committed to working with every group that wants to participate, to find a way to make it happen.

An online organizing assessment for your organization and written roadmap for how you’ll build your online organizing and make the most of the coaching program. Cost is usually $1150, but can vary based on size and complexity of organization. Assessment process and details here. If interested, email us. Funding to help with this may be available for 501(c)3s. Click here for testimonials from other groups that have been through this process.

Individual consult time every month to help with implementation. We recommend 2+ hours/month. This will also include:

  1. Expanded access to staff for individual questions (may include access to a Private Facebook Group to ask questions, share experience).
  2. Free access to SMT’s Viral Facebook Listening & Content Email service with ability to sign up for up to 5 daily emails on your issues. ($100 – $275 value depending on size of group)
  3. Optional access to powerful media reports and Twitter mass Direct Messaging tools (Meltwater and Audiense) at a fraction of normal cost (e.g. $200/year instead of $3000). We include these here because they are powerful tools that many groups cannot afford on their own, and they take some support to set up.

A Digital Security assessment. This will include threat modeling, compartmentalization and implementation recommendations to secure your staff, members and organization’s data. Cost is usually around $1500, but varies based on size and complexity of organization. More detail to come. May include access to SMT’s expanding library of how-to implementation videos on the digital security tools and practices we recommend. Funding to help with this may be available for 501(c)3s.