Social Movement Technologies
Electoral Campaigning in the Digital Age

SMT is developing online digital campaigning training for electoral and ballot initiative staff and key volunteers. 

Ready to deepen your electoral campaign skills to build grassroots engagement and win in the digital age? Here’s an affordable way to join a cohort of peers and ramp up your skills.

We expect the first trainings to start in spring 2020. Contact us if you’d like to collaborate.

Over the last 6 years, SMT has run online training for staff from over 1,700 organizing groups and unions. Trainings have ranged from one-off webinars to a robust Digital Campaigning Certificate Program for movement organizers.  More than 200 people are enrolled this year, with the next cohort starting in September.

Who this is for

  • Electoral campaigners, organizers, field, communications and fundraising staff who want to deepen their digital campaigning skills
  • Activists, staffers and candidates who want to help shape effective electoral campaigns that build grassroots engagement for justice and advance a sustainable future
  • Candidates who want to win and do it in a way that lays the groundwork for victory on a progressive policy agenda once in office
  • Those who need to wage aggressive, efficient ballot initiative campaigns and activate thousands of people in a small window of time during the election season – directly or in supportive roles through progressive organizations

What it includes

  • Live sessions on digital strategy, tools and tactics for electoral campaigns – in a condensed time frame to deal with campaign scheduling realities. This can include small group sessions set up to respond quickly to needs identified by partners.
  • A diverse instructor team with deep offline and online electoral experience
  • Ongoing access to SMT’s extensive, online up-to-date course library in digital campaigning. Assignments to watch particular video clips from the online video library will be made before and between live sessions.
  • Ongoing access to a peer community of progressive digital campaigners via Slack, including a channel just for electoral campaigners.


In general, each live session will cost $40-$50 per person. SMT seeks partnerships to invest in much lower group rates, reducing the cost further for everyone. This is the same cost structure SMT has used in all of its training.

Niche in the electoral training ecosystem

SMT’s goal is to provide high quality training online (not in-person) at a very low cost so that a maximum number of people can access it.

SMT sees this training as an add-on to excellent campaign training that is already available in these ways:

  • SMT training goes deeper into digital campaigning
  • It uses an explicit lens of laying the groundwork for movement building
  • Its primary target audiences are staff of down-ballot races, and organizational staffers who are involved with electoral work and ballot initiatives
  • It is designed to scale – so there are no limits to participation. Larger registration numbers will prompt more small group sessions.

Some ways we invite collaboration

Group sponsors. We welcome partnerships with organizations and networks that may be interested in sponsoring a “group rate” – providing access to their network at a significantly reduced cost. In that case, SMT can set up a registration portal so that the sponsor simply shares the URL for that page with their network. Here is an example of what that looks like for SEIU which has 70 staffers in SMT’s current Digital Campaigning cohort.

Advisors. Select people working in this arena have been invited to provide feedback and guidance as the program develops. SMT will acknowledge these people with appreciation at the bottom of the program’s landing page. The time commitment for this role is small but important – it might include reviewing the curriculum topics list a couple of times, a phone call for guidance or an introduction if it makes sense.

Digital campaigning Instruction. SMT sees value in exposing trainees to the range of support available in the electoral training organizational ecosystem. If you offer particular relevant expertise and are with a non-profit organization in this space or working as staff on a campaign, it may make sense to be a guest instructor.

For more information: [email protected]



A look at the curriculum:

1 Put together a badass electoral online campaigning plan and measure impact
  • Online campaign plan templates for small and larger campaigns
  • Online power-mapping to help with strategy
  • Building your supporter list and activating people on and offline
  • Budgeting
    • Online campaigning budget line items
    • Constructing a realistic advertising budget
    • Are you over-spending on your CRM?
  • Going beyond vanity metrics to track what matters in your campaign — and presenting it so the rest of the team gets it
  • Using source codes and campaign tagging to track conversions
  • The 3 most important Google Analytics reports
2 Tech stacks (tool combinations) for electoral campaigns of varying sizes
  • The best affordable tools for growing your list and engaging supporters
  • Tech tools for distributed organizing and project management/workflow
  • Canvassing tools and integration best practices
  • File naming protocols to keep files organized from the start
  • Campaign management & team collaboration tools and best practices
  • Strategic considerations in tool selection
  • Personal productivity tools and practices that are essential for us crazed multi-tasking organizer types!
3 CRMs and other action tools, integration and automation
  • Comparisons of tools like ActionNetwork, Constant Contact, MailChimp, Salsa, EveryAction, CiviCRM, NationBuilder, ActionKit, and other tools and VAN integration
  • Advanced CRM techniques
  • CRM tagging protocols
  • Using Zapier and other integration tools and automations to save time
4 Essential Data Analysis for campaigners
  • Reviewing voter files, what to look for depending on timing and past voter turnout
  • Building a voter profile using voter files and data collected from various online and offline contacts
  • Carving lists of data for various tactics to work in concert (i.e. canvass, phonebanking, texting)
  • Setting goals based on initial data and determining milestones and checkpoints with staff to stay on target
5 Optimizing your website to drive action
  • Website email signup designs that work to grow your supporter list
  • Current campaign website design best practices that communicate movement-building
  • Retargeting site visitors who haven’t signed up for email
  • Quick & dirty uses for Google Analytics – the things every electoral campaigner should know
6 Distributed Organizing: Engaging and activating volunteers
  • Tools and tactics to attract and absorb volunteers to your campaign
  • Distributed phone and text banking – tool and app comparisons – the nitty gritty of when it makes sense, how to implement
  • Staff and volunteer management/workflow
  • Volunteer onboarding best practices
  • Online/social media jobs that can be most effectively assigned to volunteers
  • Committee or team management, training and support for maximum impact and minimum staff time investment
7 Message development and testing: design and frame your campaign w/ strategic storytelling
  • What it takes to use story/narrative powerfully in our campaigns – and why it’s important
  • Using story-based strategy to develop effective framing and messaging
  • The hero’s journey, and why it’s important for message development
  • How to test messaging using Facebook
  • What is retargeting and why is it so important
8 Online fundraising
  • Campaign fundraising at key moments
    • Taking advantage of the news cycle to raise money
  • Segmenting to make the most of donors at all levels of giving
    • How messaging differs for major vs. small-dollar donors vs. recurring donors
  • Orchestrating online, email, direct mail, phone calling and in-person visits from campaign staff for fundraising efforts — what makes sense given your list size and giving history
  • Developing effective testimonial content and using it online
  • Appropriate vs. wasted use of social media
  • Using the Facebook pixel code and re-targeting to maximize fundraising results
  • Optimal design of donation pages (for desktop, tablet, mobile, etc.)
9 Email best practices
  • Effective email writing and design for action
  • How to build and curate your list to maximize the open rate and avoid low deliverability ratings
  • How and what to A/B test in email campaigns
  • Segmenting your list effectively
  • How to use email to drive engagement online
  • How to use email for rapid response fundraising
10 Social media ad campaigns that build momentum
  • How to focus your ad dollars most efficiently
  • Digital ad design best practices
  • Testing messaging on social media
  • Facebook ad campaigns: when to use which type, using the pixel, the adsets and custom audiences you’ll really want to use, re-targeting, how to evaluate results
  • Twitter ads – what they’re best for, targeting options
  • Google text, banner and youtube ads,  geo-targeting. When to use what.
11 Video
  • Key lessons about how to produce video so people will watch and share it! Lessons from AOC’s and other successful progressive campaign videos.
  • The use cases and pros and cons of video on different channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Youtube, website, email)
  • How to get effective videos made on the cheap: getting content and editing – what members and staff can do, affordable photo and video resources, when to hire a videographer, when to hire a video editor
  • How to crowdsource testimonials from your supporters and get the best ones out
  • Creating quick videos that work with photos and music
  • Budgeting
12 Facebook to drive action
  • Master meme-making for Facebook sharing
  • How to use “narrative” posts to inspire and build community
  • When to rely on organic reach vs. boosting vs. multi-audience ad campaign
  • Using Lead Ads for list-building
  • When and how to use Facebook Live
  • How and when to use Messenger chatbots
13 Good design
  • Canva tips and tricks for good campaign design
  • Developing a visual stylesheet (logo, colors, taglines, etc)
14 Twitter
  • Mapping out your Twitter Plan of Action for the campaign
  • How to grow your following aggressively – up to 250 followers per week in a way that strengthens your campaign visibility with key constituencies and the media — and how volunteers can help
  • How to activate your supporters on Twitter
  • Live Tweeting actions for media attention – what to do before, during and after your event
  • Orchestrating Twitterstorms and steps to get a hashtag to trend
  • Building your very own Twitter live tweeting team of members
15 Using Snapchat, Instagram, WhatsApp, FB Messenger, Reddit
  • How to use Facebook messenger chatbots to make the most of a limited staffing.
  • Best practices for compiled video “Stories” on Instagram and Snapchat
  • Selectively using inexpensive tools within these apps, like Snapchat geofilters and sports and other mass events to build visibility
  • Reddit AMAs — how to maximize their impact
16 Mobile power: Mass texting, peer-to-peer, short codes, SMS chatbots
  • When and how it makes sense to integrate mobile texting into the campaign
  • Comparing P2P, broadcast texting and short code providers and tools – where you can save money and what are the trade-offs
  • How to build up a mobile texting list
  • How to integrate P2P into the campaign
  • Generating P2P lists: lead ads, purchased cell phone lists – cost, and what makes sense when
17 Petition best practices to build your campaign list and have the biggest impact on policy/issues
  • When petitions are most valuable, and using them in combination with story capture
  • Effective petition writing
  • Petition alternatives (third party vs. your own vs. lead ad option) – what makes sense when
  • Best practices to drive traffic to petitions and track
  • Best practices for petition delivery options for electoral campaigns
18 Digital security: what you need, how to implement it
  • The top 4 tools and practices to increase the digital security of your campaign’s data and its staff and members.
  • Build and implement a strong security policy for your campaign staff and volunteers
  • Developing a reporting and escalation process for online and offline security
19 Media: Getting and tracking media coverage
  • Crafting events so they are more “newsworthy” and pitching stories effectively
  • Writing press releases and when they are appropriate
  • How to use social media to get more media coverage
  • Putting media coverage to work when you get it
  • Cultivating reporters online and using Twitter lists
  • Using powerful media listening tools (beyond Google Alerts) to increase media coverage
  • How campaigns use live tweeting to boost coverage at events
  • Setting up volunteer media trackers and teams to gain media coverage (media ‘special ops’)
20 Get Out The Vote (GOTV)
  • Best practices for timing/deployment of GOTV efforts
  • Crafting GOTV scripts for phone, digital and in-person efforts (templates)
  • Evidence-based best practices on using social media for GOTV
  • How to use peer-to-peer texting for GOTV
  • Organizing GOTV (events, door knocks, carpools day-of, etc)
  • Relational GOTV tools – what works, how to integrate it

Groups trained

Staff of 1700+ social change groups have engaged with SMT trainings:

1199 SEIU
350 – Africa
350 – Colorado
350 – Minnesota
350 – Montgomery County, Maryland
350 – New York
350 – Philadelphia
350 – Vermont
4Cs (Congress of Connecticut Community Colleges) SEIU 1973
50th No More – Florida
9to5 – California
9to5 – National office
A. Philip Randolph Institute – Central Virginia Chapter
A4T (Americans for Transit)
AARP (American Association of Retired Persons)
AAUP (American Assoc of University Professors)
AAUW (American Assoc of University Women)
ABLE (Atlantans Building Leadership for Empowerment)
Acadia University Faculty Assoc
Access Now
Access Reproductive Care – Southeast
ACCESS Women’s Health Justice
ACLU of Colorado
ACLU of Florida
ACLU of Iowa
ACLU of Kansas
ACLU of Nevada
ACLU of New Hampshire
ACLU of New Mexico
ACLU of Northern California
ACLU of Southern California
ACLU of Virginia
ACOSA (Association for Community Organization and Social Administration)
ACT (African Communities Together)
Action for Boston Community Development
Action Indivisible
Action Network
Action of Greater Lansing (Gamaliel)
Action Together
ActionAid Int’l – Zimbabwe
Active Voice Lab
Activista (ActionAid Youth)
ACTO (Advocacy Centre for Tenants Ontario)
Actors’ Equity
Adalah-NY: the New York Campaign for the Boycott of Israel
Adelante Forward/GardenWall Publications
Advance Carolina
Advancement Project
Advocates for Youth
AEA (Alabama Education Association)
AFM (American Federation of Musicians)
AFM/ROPA (Orchestra workers)
AFRE (Atlantic Fellows for Racial Equity)
AFSC – Denver
AFSC (American Friends Service Committee)
AFSCME Council 28 (Washington Fed of State ‘Ees)
AFSCME Council 31
AFSCME Council 36
AFSCME Council 37
AFSCME Council 40
AFSCME Council 5
AFSCME Council 57
AFSCME Council 65
AFSCME Council 75
AFSCME LU 372/ DC 37 NYC Board of Ed ‘Ees
AFSCME Nat’l (American Federation of State, County and Municipal ‘Ees)
AFT – Corpus Christi
AFT – Kansas
AFT – New Jersey
AFT – New Mexico
AFT – Wisconsin
AFT (American Federation of Teachers) – National office
AFT LU 2190 (United University Professions)
AFT LU 477 Union for Part Time Faculty (UPTF)
AFT-FNHP (Federation of Nurses and Health Professionals)
AIDS Foundation of Chicago
Aim Higher Now North Carolina
AJWS (American Jewish World Service)
Alabama Arise
Alabama Coalition for Immigrant Justice
Alabama Rivers Alliance
Alianza Comunitaria
All Out
Alliance Ethio-Francaise
Alliance for a Better Minnesota
Alliance for Citizenship
Alliance for Fair Food
Alliance for Global Justice
Alliance for Justice
Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay
Alliance Institute
Alliance San Diego
Allied Media Projects
America Votes – Minnesota
America Votes – National
America Votes – New Hampshire
America’s Voice
American Bridge
American Heart Assoc
American Rivers
AmeriCorps VISTA
Amnesty Int’l
Amnesty Int’l – Canada
Amnesty Int’l – Ireland
Amnesty Int’l – Philippines
Amnesty Int’l – USA
Amplify Georgia
Anacostia Watershed Society
APEA/AFT (Alaska Public ‘Ees Assoc)
APEN (Asian Pacific Environmental Network)
API Chaya
APIA Vote – Michigan
Appetite for Change
APSCUF (Association of Pennsylvania State College & University Faculties) – Kutztown University
APWU (American Postal Workers Union) – National office
Arise Chicago
Arise Citizens’ Policy Project
Arise For Social Justice
Arizona Advocacy Network
Arkansas Public Policy Panel
ARLA (Alliance for Responsible Lending in Alabama)
Art for Change
Asbestos Disease Awareness Org
Asian Americans Advancing Justice – Atlanta
Asian Americans Advancing Justice – Chicago
Asian Americans Advancing Justice – Los Angeles
Asian Economic Development Assoc
Assoc of Flight Attendants-CWA
Assoc of Haitian Women
Atchafalaya Basinkeeper
ATF (Americans For Tax Fairness)
Atkinson Foundation
Atlanta-North Georgia Labor Council AFL-CIO
ATU (Amalgamated Transit Union)
ATU LU 1555
Audubon Society
Audubon Society – New Jersey
AUSM (Autonomous University of Social Movements)
AWID (Assoc for Women’s Rights in Development)
Baltimore Corps
BAM (Build A Movement)
Bangladesh Labour Federation
Baton Rouge Organizing
Battleground Texas
Bay Area Parent Leadership Action Network (PLAN)
Bay Rising
BCAC (Bridgeport Child Advocacy Coalition)
BCTF (British Columbia Teachers’ Federation)
BCTGM (Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco Workers and Grain Millers’ Int’l Union)
Be the Change
Belchertown Voices for Justice
Believe Out Loud
Berks Gas Truth
Bernie Sanders For President
Bethlehem Neighbors for Peace
BIC (Brockton Interfaith Community)
Bike Walk Action
Bikes Not Bombs
Biodiversity Allies
Black Community Forum
Black Millennials
Black Women Matter
Black Women United YEG
BLM (Black Lives Matter) – Chicago
BLM (Black Lives Matter) – Nashville
Bloomfield Citizens
Blossom Project
Blue Planet Project
Blue Ridge Environmental Defense League
Blueprint North Carolina
BMWE (Broth. of Maintenance of Way ‘Ees)
Bob Allen Family Foundation
Boilermakers Int’l
Boomerang Alliance
Boricua Vota
Boston Climate Action Network
BPNC (Brighton Park Neighborhood Council)
Brand New Congress
Brandworkers – NY
Breast Cancer Fund
BREDL (Blue Ridge Environmental Defense League)
Bright Doves of St. Francis
Building & Wood Workers Int’l Congress
BWA (Brodhead Watershed Assoc)
BYP100 (Black Youth Project 100)
CADBI (The Coalition to Abolish Death By Incarceration)
CAFNEC (Cairns and Far North Environment Centre)
California Calls
California Clean Money Campaign
California Endowment
California Environmental Justice Alliance
California Federation of Teachers
California Labor Federation
California Nurses Assoc
California Nurses United
California Partnership
California School Employees Assoc
California Teachers Assoc
Californians Against Fracking
Californians United for a Responsible Budget
Campaign For College Opportunity
Campaign For Justice: Redress Now for Japanese Latin Amricans
Campaign for NY Health
Campaign for the Fair Sentencing of Youth
Campaign For Youth Justice
Campaign to Elect Mark Niedergang
Campaigns for Social Justice
Campus Election Engagement Project
Canadian Labour Congress
CAPE (California Assoc of Professional Employees)
Capital Area Against Mass Incarceration/Soul Fire Farm Institute
Carbon Tax Center
Carolina Jews for Justice
Carpenters Industrial Council
CARS (Citizens Acting for Rail Safety) – LaCrosse
CASA (Community Action For Safe Apartments)
CASA, New Settlement Apartments
Cascadia Center for Social Ecology
Catholic Campaign for Human Development
Catholic Labor Network
Catskill Environmentalists
Causa Justa: Just Cause
CCI (Community Change Inc.) Boston
CEANYC (Cooperative Economics Alliance of New York City)
CEIU (Canada Empl & Immigr Union)
CELDF (Community Rights Movement Pioneers)
Center for Biological Diversity
Center for Carbon Removal
Center for Civic Policy
Center for Coalfield Justice
Center for Community Change
Center for Environmental Health
Center for Food Safety
Center for Frontline Retail
Center for Genetics and Society
Center for Health, Environment And Justice
Center for Labor Research & Education
Center for Media Justice
Center for Neighborhood Leadership
Center for New Community
Center for Nonprofit Excellence
Center for NYC Neighborhoods
Center for Partnership Studies
Center for Popular Democracy
Center for Reproductive Rights
Center for Working Families
Center on Policy Initiatives
Center on Race, Poverty & the Environment
Central New York Area Labor Federation
Central Savanna River Area Peace Alliance
Centro Autonomo/ Mexico US Solidarity Network
Centro de Trabajadores Unidos
Cevea – Denmark
CFA (Community Farm Alliance)
CFPB (Consumer Financial Protection Bureau)
CGSU (Cornell Graduate Students United)
Challenge Day Youth Organizing
Change to Win
Change University
Charleston Area Justice Ministries
Chesapeake Climate Action Network
Chesapeake Foodshed Network
Chicago Legal Clinic
Chicago Public Schools
Chicago Teachers Union
Chicago United For Equity
Chicago Workers’ Collaborative
Children’s Alliance – Washington
Children’s Defense Fund
Children’s Movement of Florida
Chinese Progressive Assoc
Choose Clean Water Coalition
Christian Activities Council
Church World Service
Churches United for Fair Housing
CIL (Center for Independent Living) of South Florida
Cincinnati Interfaith Workers Center
CIR (Committee of Interns and Residents)/SEIU
Citizen Action – Connecticut (CCAG)
Citizen Action – Illinois
Citizen Action – Tennessee
Citizen Action – West Virginia
Citizen Shale
Citizens Against Silica Mining
Citizens for Justice in the Middle East/ US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation
Citizens for Local Power
Citizens Ignited
City Life/Vida Urbana
City of San Francisco Office Of Transgender Initiatives
Civic Nation
Civil Liberties & Public Policy
CJPME (Canadians for Justice and Peace in the Middle East)
CLAC (Christian Labour Assoc of Canada)
CLC (Central Labor Council) – Nashville
CLDC (Civil Liberties Defense Center)
CLEAN (Community Labor Environment Action Network) Carwash Campaign
Clean and Healthy New York
Clean Water Action
Clean Water Fund
Climate + Energy Project
Climate Access
Climate Action Alliance of the Valley
Climate Justice Alliance
Climate XChange
Clove Valley Civic Action (CVCA)
CMRJB (Chicago and Midwest Joint Board) of Workers United
CMTA-NEA (Massachusetts Society of Professors)
CNC (Center for New Community)
Coalition for a Prosperous America
Coalition for Economic Justice
Coalition for Juvenile Justice
Coalition for the People’s Agenda
Coalition to Reform Tenants Rights – Chicago
Coalition to Restore Democracy
Coast Federation of Classified Employees
College for All – California
Color of Change
Colorado Civic Engagement Roundtable
Colorado Education Assoc
Colorado Fiscal Institute
Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition
Colorado Latino Leadership Advocacy Research Org
Colorado Progressive Coalition
Common Cause – Hawaii
Common Cause – National office
Common Cause – NY
Common Cause – PA
Communities & Postal Workers United
Communities Creating Opportunity (PICO)
Communities of Color United
Communities United For Action
Community Alliance for Global Justice
Community Alliance of Tenants
Community and Justice Institute
Community Catalyst
Community Church of Boston
Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund
Community Justice Project
Community Power Minnesota
Community Shares of Greater Milwaukee
Community Voices Heard
Community Water Center
Comunidad Sustentable
CONECT (Congregations Organized for a New Connecticut) – IAF
Congregation for Black Lives
Congregations United to Serve Humanity
Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute
Connecticut Early Childhood Alliance
Connecticut Housing Coalition
Connecticut Land Conservation Council
Connecticut Land Conservation Council
Connecticut Parents Union
Connecticut Students for a Dream
Consumers Union
Cooperative Economics Alliance of NYC
COPE (Canadian Office & Professional ‘Ees) LU 225
Corporate Accountability Int’l
Corvallis-Albany Palestine Solidarity
Council on American Islamic Relations – LA
Counterpart International
Courage Campaign
CPACS (Center for Pan Asian Community Services)
CREO Changemakers
Croatan Institute
CRT (Community Renewal Team)
CSEA (California School Employees Association) Local 1000 AFSCME
CSEA SEIU Local 2001
CSJE (Commission for Social Justice Educators)
CT Puerto Rican agenda
CTUL (Centro de Trabajadores Unidos en Lucha)
Culinary Union Local 226 UNITEHERE
Cultiva La Salud – California
CUPE – Air Canada Component
CUPE (Canadian Union of Public ‘Ees)
CUPW (Canadian Union of Postal Workers)
CWA (Communications Workers of America) – National office
CWA District 1
CWA LU 1037
CWA LU 13500
CWA LU 201
CWA LU 32035 (Washington-Baltimore News Guild)
CWA LU 37083 (WA Alliance of Technology Workers)
CWA LU 39521
Daily Kos
Dallas AFL-CIO
DARE (Direct Action for Rights and Equality)
DART (Direct Action & Research Training Center)
David Suzuki Foundation
Davis Vanguard
DC Labor Chorus
DC Language Access Coalition/Many Languages One Voice
DC Lawyers for Youth
DC Vote
Death With Dignity Nat’l Center
Define American
Delaware Center For Justice
Delaware Nature Society
Demand Progress
Democracy at Work
Democracy Center
Democracy in Colour
Democracy North Carolina
Democracy Partners
Democracy Spring – Pittsburgh
Democracy Unlimited
Democratic Party of Virginia
Democratic Socialists of America
Democratic Women’s Club of Miami-Dade County
Democratize The Enterprise
Denver Fair Food
Destined and Designed by Faith Outreach Ministries
Detroit FORCE (Facing Our Risk of Cancer Empowered)
Detroit NewsGuild
Detroit People’s Platform
Detroit People’s Water Board
Detroit Women of Color, Inc.
Diablo Rising Tide
Digital Fourth
Disability Advocates of Kent County
Disaster Accountability Project
Divest Gainesville
Dogwood Alliance
Domesticas Unidas
Donna Edwards for Senate
Down Home North Carolina
Dream Corps
Dream Defenders – Bay Area
Dream of Detroit
Drug Policy Alliance
DRUM (Desis Rising Up & Moving)
DSA (Democratic Socialists of America) – Santa Barbara
DSA (Democratic Socialists of America) – Albany
Durham for Organizing Action
Early Educators United – AFTNM
East Bay Residents for Responsible Development
East Lake Family YMCA
Eastern Connecticut Green Action
EBMUD (East Bay Municipal Utility District)
EBRRD (East Bay Residents for Responsible Development)
Ecology Ottawa
Economic Opportunity Institute
Education Austin
Education Bloggers Network
Education Minnesota
Education Trust – West
EEU (Eurasian Economic Union)
EJAM (Economic Justice Alliance of Michigan)
ELACC (East Los Angeles Community Corporation)
Ella Baker Center for Human Rights
Emerge USA
Employee Rights Center
Empower DC
Empowered Patient Coalition
Endowment for Health
Engineers and Scientists of California, Local 20
ENJAN (End the New Jim Crow Action Network)
Enroll America
Environment Georgia
Environmental Advocacy
Environmental Justice Coalition for Water
Environmental Justice League of Rhode Island
Environmental Law & Policy Center
Environmental Priorities Coalition
EPSPAN (Eastern Panhandle Single Payer Action Network)
Equal Justice USA
Equality Florida
Equality Ohio
ERA (Equal Rights Amendment) Action
Erotic Service Providers Union
ESCR-Net (Int’l Network of Ecoc, Soc Cultural Rights)
Esperanza Peace and Justice Center
Essex County Community Org (Massachussets, MCAN)
ESTHER (Gamaliel Network)
Ethnic Studies Now Coalition
Every Child Matters
Everybody Votes
Everytown For Gun Safety
FAA (Federal Aviation Administration)
FAA-PASS (Professional Aviation Safety Specialists)
Facing the Nakba (Jewish Voice for Peace)
Fair Farms
Fair Immigration Reform Movement
Fair Shot Texas
Fair Trade USA
Fair World Project
Faith Coalition for the Common Good
Faith in Action Kern County
Faith in New York
Faithful America
Family Values @ Work
FANM (Fanm Ayisyen nan Miyami) Haitian Women of Miami
Fe y Justicia Worker Center
FEA (Florida Education Assoc)
Fellowship of Reconciliation
Feminist Women’s Health Center
Fenway Community Development Corporation
FFLIC (Families and Friends of Louisiana’s Incarcerated Children)
FHI (Family Health Int’l) 360
FICS (Florida Institute for Community Studies)
Fight Crime: Invest In Kids California
Fight For 15 – Chicago
Fight for 15 – National office
Fight for Our Dream
Finance Sector Union of Australia
Financial Justice Coalition of Southeast Michigan
Financial Justice Project
First Unitarian Universalist Society of Syracuse
Flint Area Congregations Together
FLOC (Farm Labor Organizing Committee, AFL-CIO)
Florida Council of Churches
Florida Public Services Union (SEIU)
Food & Water Watch
Food Chain Workers Alliance
Food Empowerment Project
Food for All Kalona
For Our Future
For the Birds
For Us, By Us Fund
For Wisconsin’s Future
Forsyth Community Food Consortium
Forward Justice
Forward Montana Foundation
Forward Together
Foster Youth in Action
Foundation for Civic Leadership
Foundation for Healthy Communities
Four Freedoms Fund/NEO Philanthropy
Frack Free Catskills
Free Figure Revolution
Free Hearts
Free Press Action Fund
Free Speech for People
Freedom Center for Social Justice
Freedom Education Fund
Freedom Socialist Party
FRESC: Good Jobs, Strong Communities
Friends of Accotink Creek
Friends of Sabeel North America
Friends of the Black River Forest
Friends of the Earth
Friends of the Forest Preserves – Chicago
Fuerza del Valle Workers Center
Fund for the Public Interest
Fundación CRAN (Centro para el Reintegro y Atención del Niño)
Funders’ Committee for Civic Particiaption
Futures Without Violence
Gamaliel – California/CROP (Capital Region Organizing Project)
Gamaliel – Metro Chicago
Gamaliel – Western New York
Gamaliel Foundation
Gamaliel Foundation – Rochester/ACTS (Alliance of Communities Transforming Society)
GardenWall Publications
Gathering for Justice/Justice League NYC
Generation Justice
Generational Alliance
Georgia AFL-CIO
Georgia Assoc of Latino Elected Officials
Georgia Budget and Policy Institute
Georgia Equality
Georgia Ethics Watchdogs
Georgia Justice Project
Georgia Muslim Voter Project
Georgia Shift
Georgia WAND
GIFT (Grassroots Institute for Fundraising Training)
Girls for Gender Equity
Girls Inc.
Girls’ Voices
Global Action Project
Global Citizen
Global Girl Media
Global Justice Ecology Project
Global Left Forum, Inc.
Global Witness
Global Zero
GLSEN (Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network)
GMO Free California
GOC (UK Gay Outdoor Club)
Goldhamer for Colorado
Goliad Democrats
Good Jobs First
Good Jobs Now
Good4Trust (Turkey)
Got Green
Granite State Priorities
Grassroots International
Gray Is Green/NSCC (Nat’l Senior Conservation Corps )
Gray Panthers
Greater Birmingham Ministries
Greater Boston Labor Council
Greater New Haven Peace Council
Greater Wisconsin Agency on Aging Resources
Green America
Green Century
Green Party – Black Caucus (Houston)
Green Party – Morris County
Green Party – Winona County
Green Valleys Watershed Assoc
Greene County Ohio Democratic Party
Greenpeace – Africa
Greenpeace – Argentina
Greenpeace – Australia Pacific
Greenpeace – Canada
Greenpeace – CEE Hungary
Greenpeace – Central & Eastern Europe
Greenpeace – France
Greenpeace – Germany
Greenpeace – India
Greenpeace – Indonesia
Greenpeace – Int’l
Greenpeace – Italia
Greenpeace – Mexico
Greenpeace – UK
Greenpeace – USA
Groundwork Madison
Grow Greater Englewood
Guardians of the Brandywine
Guilford County Association of Educators
Harlem Hospital Community Advisory Board
HART (Humboldt Area Restorationt Teams)
Hartford Network for Solidarity
Hawai’i Institute for Human Rights
HEAL Food Alliance
Health Care for All – Oregon
Health Care for All – Texas
Health Care for ALL Texas
Health Professionals and Allied Employees
Healthy Legacy Coalition
Hearing Youth Voices
Heartland Alliance
Heartland Center for Jobs and Freedom
Heinrich Boll Foundation
Helmets To Hardhats
Her Zimbabwe
Highlands County Democratic Executive Committee
Hillary for America
Hilltop Brigade
HoCo (Howard County, MD) Climate Action
HOPE (Hillsborough Organization for Progress and Equality)
HOPE (Houston Organization of Public ‘Ees) AFSCME Local 123
Human Impact Partners
Human Rights Campaign
Human Thread Campaign
Humane League
Humanist Community in Silicon Valley
Humboldt County Democratic Central Committee
Humphreys Institute for Political Social Work
Hunger Free Colorado
IAFF (Int’l Association of Fire Fighters) LU 628
IAMAW – Southern Territory
IAMAW (Int’l Assoc of Machinists)
IAMAW United Lodge 66
IATSE (Int’l Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees) Local 16
IATSE Local 8
IATSE Local 871
IATSE LU 700 (Motion Picture Editors Guild)
IBB (Int’l Brotherhood of Boilermakers)
IBEW (Int’l Brotherhood of Electrical Workers)
IBEW LU 1269
IBEW LU 1837
IBT (Int’l Brotherhood of Teamsters)
IBT LU 117
IBT LU 651
IBT LU 728
IBT LU 804
ICAR (International Corporate Accountability Roundtable)
IDEPSCA (Instituto de Educacion Popular del Sur de California)
Idle No More
IFPTE (Int’l Federation of Professional and Technical Engineers)
Ignite NC
ILA (Int’l Longshoreman’s Assoc) LU 1422
ILCA (Int’l Labor Communications Assoc)
Illinois Caucus for Adolescent Health
Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights
Illinois Education Assoc
Illinois Education Assoc Region 54
Illinois For Bernie
Illinois Nurses Assoc
ILWU (Int’l Longshore & Warehouse Union)
Immigrant Youth Coalition
In Harmony Community Club
In Our Own Voice: Nat’l Black Women’s Reproductive Justice Agenda
In the Public Interest
Indiana State Teachers Assoc
Indigenous People in Philadelphia
Indivisible – Arrowhead
Indivisible – Houston SD7
Indivisible – Minnesota
Indivisible – New River Valley
Indivisible – NKY Dictrict 4
Indivisible – Omaha
Indivisible – Saugerties
Indivisible – TX 21
Indivisible – Wood County
Industrial Areas Foundation
Inland Empire United
Inlandboatmen’s Union
Institute for Critical Studies of Society
Institute for Justice & Democracy In Haiti
Institute for Policy Studies
Institute for Research on Labor and Employment
Institute for the Critical Study of Society
Institute for Wisconsin’s Future
Institute of the Black World 21st Century
Int’l Corporate Accountability Roundtable
Int’l Labor Rights Forum
Int’l Union of Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers
Int’l Union of Operating Engineers
Int’l Women’s Peace Service
Interfaith Alliance of Idaho
Interfaith Children’s Movement
Interfaith Committee for Worker Justice
Interfaith Council for Peace and Justice
Interfaith Power & Light
Interfaith Worker Justice
Interfaith Worker Justice Coalition Toledo
Interfaith Youth Core
International Funders for Indigenous People
International Labor Rights Forum (In Our Backyards)
Iowa CCI (Citzens for Community Improvement)
Iraq Veterans Against the War
Ironworkers, Shopmen’s local 516
ISLA art collective
ISP (Influencing Social Policy)
It Takes Roots
IUE-CWA (International Union of Electrical Workers)
IUOE (Int’l Union of Operating Engineers) LU 95
IUPAT (Int’l Union of Painters and Allied Trades)
IUPAT District Council 6
IWA (Int’l Water Assoc)
IWC (Injured Workers Consultants Community Legal Clinic)
IWJ (Interfaith Worker Justice)
IWJSD (Interfaith Worker Justice of San Diego County)
IWW (Industrial Workers of the World)
Jackson Hole Conservation Alliance
Jane Addams Senior Caucus
JC (Justice Committee)
JCEA (Jersey City Education Assoc)
Jefferson County Education Assoc
Jewish Community Action
Jews for Racial and Economic Justice
Jews United for Justice
Jobs to Move America Project at Los Angeles Alliance for a New Economy
Jobs with Justice – Atlanta
Jobs with Justice – Central Florida
Jobs with Justice – Cleveland
Jobs with Justice – DC
Jobs with Justice – Kentucky
Jobs with Justice – Long Island
Jobs with Justice – Massachusetts
Jobs with Justice – Missouri
Jobs with Justice – National office
Jobs with Justice – Philadelphia
Jobs with Justice – Rhode Island
Jobs with Justice – San Francisco
Jobs with Justice – Texas
Jobs with Justice – Toledo
Jobs with Justice – Western Massachusetts
Johnny Mac Tennis Project
Joining Our Neighors Advancing Hope (JONAH)
Judicial Reforms for Sex Crimes
Just Cause
Just Communities of Western Massachusetts
Just Harvest
Justice At Stake
Justice at Work
Justice for Port Drivers
Justice Overcoming Boundaries
Justice Policy Institute
Justice Strategies
Juvenile Justice Initiative
JVP – Bay Area
JVP – Boston
JVP (Jewish Voice for Peace) – National office
Kansas Advocates for Better Care
Kansas Appleseed
Kansas Grassroots
Kansas Head Start Assoc
Kansas Health Foundation
Kansas Institute for Peace and Conflict Resolution
Kansas Interfaith Action
Kansas Nat’l Education Assoc
Kansas Values Institute
Keller for ABQ
Kenosha Education Assoc
Kentuckians For The Commonwealth
Kentucky Alliance Against Racist & Political Repression
Kentucky Student Environmental Coalition
Kheprw Institute
Kindling Group
Kitsap County Accessible Communities Advisory Committee
Koreatown Youth and Community Center
La Asamblea de Derechos Civiles/E-Democracy
La Familia Medical Center
La Plata County Thrive! Living Wage Coalition
La Union del Pueblo Entero
Labor Campaign for Single Payer
Labor Education Service
Labor for Our Revolution
Labor Guild, Weymouth Massachusetts
Labor Institute NYC
Labor News NH
Labor Notes
Labor Project for Working Families
Labor Rising
Labor-Religion Coalition of NYS
Lady Parts Justice
Lake County Federation of Teachers Local 504
Land Stewardship Project
Latina Mami
Latina Rebels
Latino Community Fund – Washington State
LatinoJustice PRLDEF (Puerto Rican Legal Defense and Education Fund)
Lawrence Dream Network
LD23 Democrats (Arizona)
Leadership for Educational Equity
League of American Bicyclists
League of Conservation Voters – National office
League of Conservation Voters – Wisconsin
League of United Latin American Citizens
League of Women Voters – Georgia
League of Women Voters – National office
Leeway Foundation
Legal Aid Society of Story County
Legal Services for Prisoners with Children
Let America Vote
Liberty Hill Foundation
Lincoln League for Middle East Peace Speakers’ Bureau
Line Break Media
Little Village Environmental Justice Organization
LIUNA (Laborers’ Int’l Union of North America)
LIUNA District Council of Minnesota & North Dakota
Local 338 RWDSU/UFCW
Local Futures
Lock the Gate
Los Angeles Jews for Peace
Los Angeles Union Cooperative Initiative
Los Angeles Workers Center
Louisiana Center for Children’s Rights
LPNY (Libertarian Party of New York)
Lutheran Social Services of Michigan
LVEJO (Leadership Development for the Sustainable Self Determination of Little Village)
Lycoming County Progressives
Lynn United for Change
Magiting Collective
Main Street Alliance
Maine People’s Alliance
Maine Rural Partners
Maine Women’s Lobby
Make Mothers Matter
Manhattan Neighborhood Network
Many Languages One Voice
Marriage Equality USA
Maryland Professional Employees Council
Maryland State Education Assoc
Massachusetts Communities Action Network (PICO)
Massachusetts Interfaith Worker Justice
Massachusetts Legal Assistance Corporation
Massachusetts Nurses Assoc
Massachusetts Peace Action
Massachusetts Teachers Assoc. Prof. Staff Union (MTA-PSU)
MAWE Fair Trade
Mayday PAC
Mayday US
MCAN (Massachusetts Communities Action Network) Youth Jobs Coalition
MCCC (Massachusetts Community College Council Union)
MCU (Metropolitan Congregations United)
Medford Educators Assoc
Media Alliance
Media Mobilizing Project
Medicare for All
Mekong NYC
Memphis Center for Independent Living
Metal Trades
Metallic Lathers Local 46
Metro Washington Council, AFL-CIO
Metropolitan Council on Housing
Metropolitan Tenants Organization – Chicago
MHAction (Manufactured Housing Action)
Mi Familia Vota
Miami Foundation
Miami Valley Progressive Caucus
Miami Workers Center
Michigan Education Assoc
Michigan Fitness Foundation
Michigan Nurses Association
Michigan Roundtable of Diversity and Inclusion
Michigan Student Power Network
Michigan Voice
Michigan Women Win
Micronesian Islander Community
Mid-City Community Advocacy Network
Middle East Children’s Alliance
Midwest Academy
Midwest Center for Equality and Democracy
Migrant Justice
Million Hoodies Movement for Justice
Minnesota Break the Bonds Campaign
Minnesota Coalition for Battered Women
Minnesotans for a Fair Economy
Mississippi NOW
Mississippi Rising Coalition
Missouri Juvenile Justice Assoc
Missouri Nat’l Education Assoc
MIW (Make it Work) – Nevada
Mixteco/Indigena Community Organizing Project
MM&P (Int’l Orgn of Masters, Mates & Pilots Union)
Moms Clean Air Force
Montana Conservation Voters
Montreal Newspaper Guild Local 30111
Moriah Fund
Mothering Justice
Mothers & Others For Clean Air/American Lung Assoc
Mothers Out Front
Move To Amend
MSEA-SEIU Local 1989
MTI (Madison Teachers Inc Union)
Multicultural Alliance for a Safe Environment
Muslim Anti-Racism Collaborative
NAACP – Georgia
NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People)
NALC (Nat’l Assoc of Letter Carriers)
NALC Branch 9
NALEO (National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials) Educational Fund
NAMI (Nat’l Alliance on Mental Illness) – Connecticut
NAMI (Nat’l Alliance on Mental Illness) – Greater Des Moines
Naomi and Nehemiah Cohen Foundation
NAPAWF (Nat’l Asian Pacific American Women’s Forum) – New York City
NARAL Pro-Choice
NARAL Pro-Choice – Minneosta
NARAL Pro-Choice – Virginia
NASCO (North American Students of Cooperation)
Nat’l Coalition for the Homeless
Nat’l Compadres Network
Nat’l Day Laborer Organizing Network
Nat’l LGBTQ Task Force
Nat’l Network of Abortion Funds
Nat’l Parks Conservation Assoc
NATCA (Nat’l Air Traffic Controllers Assoc)
Natick Democratic Town Committee
Nation Inside / Working Narratives
National Advocacy & Engagement
National Education Association
National Immigrant Justice Center
National Lawyers Guild of Southern Arizona
National Physicians Alliance
Natural Leaders Network
Natural Resources Defense Council
Navigate MN
NCPSSM (Nat’l Committee to Preserve Soc Security)
NCRC (Nat’l Community Reinvestment Coalition)
NCRN (Nat’l Community Rights Network)
NDWA – Atlanta
NDWA (Nat’l Domestic Workers Alliance)
NEA (Nat’l Education Assoc) Health Information Network
NEA-EDMN – Minnesota
Nebraska Appleseed
Neighborhood Council Sustainability Alliance
Neighbors For Better Neighborhoods
NELP (Nat’l Employment Law Project)
Net Impact
Network DE
Network for Progress
New Advances for People with Disabilities
New American Pathways
New Democratic Party of Canada
New Economy Coalition
New England Resilience & Transition Network
New Florida Majority
New Hampshire AFL-CIO
New Hampshire Fiscal Policy Institute
New Hampshire Investing In Communities Initiative
New Hampshire Legal Assistance
New Hampshire Voices For Health
New Jersey Communities United
New Jersey Education Assoc
New Jersey Institute for Social Justice
New Jersey Parents Caucus
New Leaders Council
New Paltz Climate Action Coalition
New Virginia Majority Education Fund
New York Broadcast Trades Council
New York Civil Liberties Union
New York Communities for Change
New York Immigration Coalition
New York Paid Leave Coalition
New York People’s Convention
New York State Coalition Against Sexual Assault
New York State Council of Churches
Newark Students Union
News Media Guild
NewsGuild of New York
Newspaper Guild of Pittsburgh
NFFC (Nat’l Family Farm Coalition)
NFYI (National Foster Youth Institute)
Ngara Youth For Progressive Development
NH Progress Alliance
NHeLP (Nat’l Health Law Program)
NIJC (Nat’l Immigrant Justice Center)
NISGUA (Network in Solidarity with the People of Guatemala)
NJ 11th For Change
NJDC (Nat’l Juvenile Defender Center)
NJJN (Nat’l Juvenile Justice Network)
NLADA (Nat’l Legal Aid & Defender Assocn)
NLIRH (National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health)
NLRC (Nat’l Labor Relations Commission)
NNU (Nat’l Nurses United)
No Dream Deferred
No Fracked Gas in Mass
No Más Muertes
NOAH (Nashville Organized for Action and Hope)
NoFracking Monterrey
Nollie Jenkins Family Center
North Bay Organizing Project
North Carolina AFL-CIO
North Carolina Justice Center
North Carolina Voters for Clean Elections
Northeast Nurses Assoc
Northeast Organic Farming Assoc – Massachusetts
Northen Nevada WFP
Northern Plains Resource Council
Northern Territories Federation of Labour
Northside Action for Justice/Diverse Revolutionary Unitarian Universalist Multicultural Ministries
Northside Fresh Coalition
Northwest Arkansas Workers’ Justice Center
Northwest Atlantic Marine Alliance
Nourish Knoxville
NoVo Foundation
NOW (Nat’l Organization for Women)
NPA – TakeAction Minnesota
NPA (Nat’l People’s Action)
NPA (Nat’l Physicians Alliance)
NRDC (Natural Resources Defense Council)
NSN (Nat’l Security Network)
NTEN (Nonprofit Technology Enterprise Network)
NUHW (Nat’l Union of Healthcare Workers)
Nurture Nature Center
NWF (Nat’l Wildlife Federation)
NYC Central Labor Council
NYC Department of Education
NYC Votes
NYS Coalition Against Sexual Assault
NYSNA (NYS Nurses Assoc)
NYSUT (NYS United Teachers)
NYTAG (NY Transgender Advocacy Group)
NZEI Te Riu Roa
Oak Grove Educators Assoc
Oakland Community Organizations
OCA – St. Louis
OCA (Organization of Chinese Americans)
OCCORD (Orange County Communities Organized for Responsible Development)
Occupy Boston
OEA (Oakland Education Assoc)
OECD – OCDE (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development)
OFA (Organizing for Action)
OFNHP (Oregon Federation of Nurses and Health Professionals)
Ohio Healthy Homes Network
Ohio Organizing Collaborative
Ohio Unity Coalition
Ohio Valley Environmental Coalition
OLE (Organizers in the Land of Enchantment)
ONE (Organizing Neighborhood Equity) DC
ONE Campaign
One Family @ A Time/Love Academy
ONE Northside
One Voice
Only Through US
Ontario Clean Air Alliance
OPAL Environmental Justice Oregon
OPCMIA (Plasterers’ and Cement Masons’ Int’l Union)
OPEIU (Office & Professional ‘Ees Int’l Union) Local 11
OPEIU Local 29
OPEIU Local 30
OPEIU Local 8
Open Buffalo
Open Communities Alliance
Operating Engineers Local 3
Opportunity Agenda
OPPRC (Orleans Parish Prison Reform Coalition)
OPSEU (Ontario Public Service Employees Union)
Orange County Democratic Party
Orange County Service Unit
Oregon Action
Oregon AFSCME Council 75
Oregon Education Assoc.
Oregon Rural Action
Oregon School Employees Assoc
Organic Consumers Assoc
Organize Florida
Organize Sacramento
Organizing Catholics for Justice
ORISE (Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education)
OSA (Organization of Staff Analysts)
Oscar Grant Committee Against Police Brutality and State Repression
OSPIRG Students
Other Worlds
Ottawa Newspaper Guild Local 30205
Our Family Coalition
Our Revolution Illinois
Our Revolution North County San Diego
Outdoor Alliance
OutFront Minnesota
Oxfam – Great Britain
Oxfam – USA
Pacific Media Workers Guild Local 39521
Pacoima Beautiful
Pan-African CDI (Community Development Initiative)
Participatory Budgeting Project
Partners in Health
Partnership for Safety and Justice
Partnership for Southern Equity
Partnership for Working Families
PASNAP (Pennsylvania Assoc of Staff Nurses)
PASS (Professional Aviation Safety Specialists)
Pathways PA
PAX Manifesto
PBA (Police Benevolent Assoc) of NYS
PEA (Professional ‘Ees Assoc) – British Columbia
Peace & Justice Action League
Peace Action
Peace and Justice Action League of Spokane
Peace Education and Action Center
Peace Village of Las Cruces
Peacock Rebellion
PEF (Public Employees Federation)
Pennsylvania Council of Churches
Pennsylvania State Education Assoc
PEOPLE for the Kids / Early Educators United New Mexico
People Power
People’s Lobby – Chicago
People’s Lobby Education Institute
People’s Lobby Student Network – Chicago
People’s Music Network
People’s Water Board Coalition
People’s World
Peoples’ MEDIA Center
Permaculture Action / Occupy The Farm
Pesticide Action Network
Pew Charitable Trusts
PFAW (People For the American Way)
Philadelphia Security Officers Union
Philly Thrive
Phipps Neighborhoods
Physicians for a Nat’l Health Program – New York Metro Chapter
Physicians for Social Responsibility – Los Angeles
PICC (Pennsylvania Immigration and Citizenship Coalition)
PICO – Florida
PICO – Nat’l Network
Pilipino Workers Center of Southern California
Pilsen Neighbors Community Council – Fuerza del Sol
Pima County Interfaith Council
Pipe Trades District Council #36 Joint Labor Management Committee
Piper Fund
PIRG – California
PIRG – Vermont
PIRG – Washington
PIRG – Wisconsin
PIRG Campus Action
Pittsburgh United
Placer People of Faith Together
Planned Parenthood
Planned Parenthood Action Fund
Planned Parenthood Advocacy Project – Los Angeles
Planned Parenthood Affiliates of California
Planned Parenthood Federation of America
Planned Parenthood Mar Monte
Planned Parenthood Northern California
Planned Parenthood of Central and Greater Northern New Jersey
Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas
Planned Parenthood of Middle and East TN
Planned Parenthood of Northern New England
Planned Parenthood of Northern, Central, and Southern New Jersey
Planned Parenthood Southeast
Planned Parenthood Texas Votes
Pledge 2 Protect
Plug In America
PNHP (Physicians for A Nat’l Health Program) – New York Metro
Poor People for Peace and Prosperity
Popular Education Programme
Population Connection
Port Jefferson Station Teachers Assoc, Stronger Together Caucus
Portland Assoc. of Teachers
Portland Central America Solidarity Committee
Positive Women’s Network-USA
Potomac Conservancy
Poverty & Race Research Action Council
Power Not Pity
Power Shift Network
PPAL (Parent Professional Advocacy League)
PPS-SF (Parents for Public Schools of San Francisco)
Prairie Populist
Pratt Center for Community Development
Praxis Project
Pregnancy Pause
Preserve Wild Santee
Prevent Child Abuse North Dakota
Pride at Work
Professional & Technical Employees Local 17
Professional Employees Assoc
Professional Guild of Ohio
Professional Staff Congress/CUNY
Progress Champions
Progress Missouri
Progressive Christians Uniting
Progressive Democrats of America (PDA) – Massachusetts
Progressive Maryland
Progressive States Network
Progressive Turnout Project
Progressive Voices
ProgressNow Colorado
Project Safe
Project Vote
Promesa Boyle Heights
Prospera Housing Community Services
Protect the Earth
Providence Student Union
PSNA (Pennsylvania State Nurses Assoc)
PSU MTA (Professional Staff Union Massachusetts Teachers Association)
PTE (Professional & Technical ‘Ees) LU 17
Public Allies
Public Citizen
Public Citizen’s Global Trade Watch
Public Employees Union LU 1
Public Health Institute
Public Interest Network
Public Knowledge
Public Leadership Institute
Public Safety Employees Assoc
Public Voice New York
PULP (Public Utility Law Project) NY
Put Food in the Budget
Put People First! PA
Québec Solidaire
Qumbya Housing Cooperative
QWOCMAP (Queer Women of Color Media Arts Project)
Race Forward
Racial Justice NOW!
Radical Arts & Healing Collective
Radical Health
Railroad Workers United
Ramapo Federation ofState College Teachers
Rapid Response to ICE
RE-AMP Network
Reach Out and Read RI
Real Food Challenge
REAP (Reentry and Preparedness, Inc.)
Reclaim Chicago
Red Letter Christians
Redeem Detroit
Redneck Revolt
ReFrame Mentorship
Rescue Social Change Group
Resource Generation
Responsible Development San Jose
ReThink Media
Rethinking Schools
RH (Reproductive Health) Reality Check
Rhode Island Gun Violence Education Fund
Right to the City – Boston
Right to the City Alliance
Rights & Democracy
Rise Up Georgia
River Network
ROADwomen (River Oaks Area Democratic Women)
Robin Hood Tax Campaign UK
Robin Hood Tax on Wall Street
ROC – Boston
ROC – Seattle
ROC – The Bay
ROC (Restaurant Opportunities Center) – Chicago
ROC United (Restaurant Opportunities Centers United)
Rochester Free Radio
Rock the Vote
Rockville Center Union Free School District
Rogue Climate
Roosevelt Institute
ROPA (Players Union) – Wisconsin Chamber Orchestra
ROSC (Resources For Organizing and Social Change)
Roses In Concrete Community School
Royal Neighbors of America
Rural & Migrant Ministry
RVCTA (Revista Venezolana de Ciencia y Tecnología de Alimentos)
Ryse Youth Center
SACE (Southern Alliance For Clean Energy)
Sacred Heart Community Service
Safe & Sound
Safe and Silent No More
Safe Harbor
Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families
SAG-AFTRA – San Francisco Local
SAG-AFTRA (Screen Actors Guild‐American Federation of Television and Radio Artists)
Sakhi for South Asian Women
San Diego Housing Federation
San Diego Organizing Project
San Diego Tenants Assoc
San Francisco AIDS Foundation
San Francisco Foundation
San Francisco Labor Council
San Francisco Voices for Working Families
Sanctuary for Families
Sandy Hook Promise
Santa Ana Building Healthy Communites
Sardar Patel Vidyalaya
Save Giuffrida Park
Save the Children Action Network
Scenic Hudson
Schools for Chiapas / Escuelas para Chiapas
SDBHA (San Diego Black Health Associates)
Second Street Partnership
Secular Student Alliance
SEIU – National office
SEIU 1199
SEIU 1199 United Healthcare East
SEIU 2015
SEIU 503
SEIU 775 Benefits Group
SEIU Florida
SEIU HCIL (Healthcare Illinois)
SEIU Healthcare 1199NW
SEIU Healthcare PA
SEIU Local 200 United
SEIU Local 521
SEIU LU 121 Rn
SEIU LU 2001
SEIU LU 2015
SEIU United Healthcare Workers West
SEIU/ Workers United
Sentencing Project
Service Year Alliance
Seva Foundation
Sex Worker Solidarity Network
Shelter for Help in Emergency
Sierra Club
Sierra Club – BC
Sierra Club – CA/NV Regional Conservation Cmtee
Sierra Club – Colorado
Sierra Club – Delaware Chapter
Sierra Club – Kansas
Sinsinawa Dominican Sisters
Sisu Institute
Skillman Foundation
Slutwalk New Orleans
SMART (Sheet Metal, Air, Rail and Transportation Workers)
SOA (School of the Americas) Watch
SoCalCOSH (Southern California Coalition for Occupational Safety & Health)
Social Justice Action Network
Social Planning and Research Council of Hamilton
Socialist Party of Southern NH
Society of Energy Professionals
SOL Collective, Act UP Philadelphia
Solidarity Center AFL-CIO
Sons & Brothers, Youth-in-Action
Soulforce LGBTQ
South Bay AFL-CIO Labor Council
South Carolina AFL-CIO
South Carolina Appleseed Legal Justice Center
South Central Federation of Labor
South Dakota Peace And Justice Center
South Florida Interfaith Worker Justice
South Jersey Land and Water Trust
South River Federation
Southeast Asia Resource Action Center
Southeast Immigrant Rights Network
Southern Poverty Law Center
Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance
Southerners on New Ground
SouthWest Organizing Project
Southwest Workers Union
Spark Reproductive Justice Now
SPEEA (Society of Professional Engineering Employees in Aerospace)
Spokane Low Income Housing Consortium
Springfield & Central Il Trades & Labor Council
SSDP (Students for Sensible Drug Policy)
Stand for Children
State Voice – Minnesota
State Voices – Florida
State Voices – National office
States United to Prevent Gun Violence
Staying Connected – Sunriver
STOP (Southside Together Organizing for Power) – Chicago
Stop the Checkpoints
Story of Stuff Project
Strengthen North Dakota
Stronger Together
Student Action
Student Sponsor Partners
Students for Education Reform
Students for Sensible Drug Policy at FIU
Sunflower Alliance
Sunrise Movement
SURJ – Atlanta
SURJ – Baltimore
SURJ – Bay Area
SURJ – Louisville
SURJ – Milwaukee
SURJ – Nashville
SURJ (Stand Up For Racial Justice)
SURJ Peninsula
Sustainable Westchester
SWAA (Social Welfare Action Alliance)
Swing Left NJ CD 7
SWOP (Sex Workers Outreach Project) – Seattle
Sylvia Rivera Law Project
T.R.Y.B.E. Force
TAA (Teaching Assistants’ Assoc) UW-Madison
TAIPD (American Institute for Progressive Democracy)
TakeAction MN
Tampa NOW
Taronga Conservation Society Australia
TDSB (Toronto District School Board)
TDU (Teamsters for a Democratic Union)
TEA (Texas Equal Access) Fund
Teachers College Columbia U
Teamsters United Campaign
Tenants and Neighbors
Tenants Together
Tenants Union of Washington State
Texas Alliance for Retired Americans
Texas American Federation of Teachers
Texas Appleseed
Texas Campaign for the Environment
Texas Campaign for the Environment Fund
Texas City High School Phoenix Foundation
Texas Criminal Justice Coalition
Texas Freedom Network @UTRGV
Texas Organizing Project
Texas Tenants Union
The Anti Oppression Network
The Community Place of Greater Rochester, Inc.
The Council – PRO-ACT (Pennsylvania Recovery Organization – Achieving Community Together)
The Future is Feminist
The Leap
Theatre Musicians Assoc
Third Wave Fund
Third World Forum – UC Davis
Thousand Currents
Thrive DC
Thrive Uganda
Thunder Bay Injured Workers Support Group
TMWF (Texas Muslim Women’s Foundation)
TNEC-CSEA (The New England Consortium – Civil Service Employees Association)
TNG-CWA – Albany Newspaper Guild
TNG-CWA – Buffalo Newspaper Guild Local 31026
TNG-CWA (The NewsGuild-Communications Workers of America)
TNTP (The New Teacher Project)
Tobosa Developmental Services
Toby’s Fund for Women’s Health
Together We Will RVA
Tough Angels
Toxics Action Center
TR (The Rules)
Training for Change
Transform Network
Transit Riders United
Transition Initiative Kenora Canada
Transition US
Transportation Alternatives
Transportation for Michigan
Tricontinental Institute for Social Research
True North Organizing Network
TURN (The Utility Reform Network)
TWU (Transit Workers Union) – National office
TWU LU 100
U.S. Campaign to End the Occupation
U.S. Labor Against the War (USLAW)
UA LU 12 (Plumbers & Pipefitters)
UA LU 149 (Plumbers & Pipefitters)
UA LU 290
UA LU 393
UA LU 78
UAEM (Universities Allied for Essential Medicine)
UALR (University of Arkansas at Little Rock) Labor Education Program
UAW (United Auto Workers)
UAW LU 2322
UAW LU 2965
UAW LU 5810
UAW Nat’l Writers Union
UBC (United Brotherhood of Carpenters) LU 156
UBC Mid-Atlantic Region
UC Berkeley Labor Center
UC Student Assoc
UCLA Labor Center
UE (United Electrical Workers Union)
UE LU 150
UE Research and Education Fund
UFCW 1000
UFCW Int’l (United Food and Commercial Workers)
UFCW LU 1445
UFCW LU 1529
UFCW LU 8 – Golden State
UFCW Western States Council
UFT (United Federation of Teachers)
Ugnayan Youth for Justice & Social Change
UI Labor Center
UMedics (Ujimaa Medics)
UML Union of Adjunct Faculty – UAW Local 1596
UMWA (United Mine Workers of America)
UNAC/UHCP (United Nurses Assoc of CA)
Unifor (Canadian Trade Union) Local 1974
Union for Reform Judaism
Union of Concerned Scientists
Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS)
UNITE HERE – National office
UNITE HERE: Culinary Workers Union Local 226
United Academics of Philadelphia
United Campus Workers
United Church of Christ
United Community Center of Westchester
United Congregations of Metro-East
United for a Fair Economy
United for a New Economy
United Hispanic Workers of Detroit
United Home Care Workers of Pennsylvania
United Interfaith Action
United Methodist Congregation
United Methodist Kairos Response
United Mine Workers of America
United People
United States Student Assoc
United Way of Central Alabama
United Way of Kern County
United Way of Santa Cruz County
United We Dream Network
United We Stand – Kansas City Georgia
Universal Health Care Action Network
Universal Health Care Foundation of Connecticut
Universidad Popular
Universities Allied for Essential Medicines
UnKoch My Campus
Unlock Democracy
UPAGRA (Unión de Periodistas, Artes Gráficas y Ramas Anexas) Local 33225
Upstream Public Health
Urban League of Greater Atlanta
URGE (Unite for Reproductive & Gender Equality)
US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation
US Labor Against the War
USW (Int’l United Steelworkers Union)
USW LU 4-014
UTLA/NEA Charter Organizing Project – Los Angeles
UUAA (First Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Ann Arbor)
Vermont NEA (Nat’l Educ Assoc)
Vermont Workers’ Center
Vermonters for Criminal Justice Reform
Vincentian Ohio Action Network
Virginia Interfaith Center For Public Policy
Virginia Organizing
Virginia Poverty Law Center
Voces de la Frontera
Voto Latino
VSEA (Vermont State Employees Assoc)
VVD Netherlands (Peoples Party for Freedom & Democracy)
W. Haywood Burns Institute
Walk San Francisco
WAM! (Women, Action, & the Media)
WAND (Women’s Action for New Directions)
War Resisters League
Warehouse Workers for Justice
Warriors 4 Epilepsy
Washington Education Assoc
Washington Ethical Society
Washington Federation of State Employees
Washington Interfaith Network – IAF
Washington Low Income Housing Alliance
Washington State Democrats
Washington State Nurses Assoc
Washington Teachers Union LU 6
Washington-Baltimore News Guild Local 32035
Waterkeepers Chesapeake
We Act for Environmental Justice
We Vote. We Rise!
WEAC (Wisconsin Education Assoc) Region 7
WEC (Womens Equality Center)
WeLead OC
West Miami Dade Democrats
West Virginia Rivers Coalition
Western Colorado Congress
Western Organization of Resource Councils
Western States Center
White Noise Collective
WildEarth Guardians
WIN (Washington Interfaith Network)
Win/Win Network
Wisconsin Democracy Campaign
Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters
Wisconsin Progressive Alliance
WISDOM (Gamaliel Network)
Witness for Peace Southeast
Wittenberg Center for Alternative Resources
Woman Project
Women Against Gun Violence
Women Employed
Women For Justice
Women Matter Northeast Tennessee
Women’s Congress for Future Generations
Women’s Earth and Climate Action Network
Women’s Foundation
Women’s Legislators Lobby
Women’s March
Women’s March Santa Barbara
Women’s March Tampa
Worcester Roots Project
Workers Defense Project
Workers Organizing Committee of Chicago/Fight for 15
Workers United
Workers’ World Media Productions
Working America
Working Families Party
Working Washington
Workplace Fairness
World Animal Protection
World Relief Chicago
Worthington Education Assn
WoWE (Women of Wind Energy)
YDEKC (Youth Development Executives of King County)
YIMBY Action
You Can Vote
Young Invincibles
Young Skeptics
Young Urban Leaders
Younger Women’s Task Force of Greater Lafayette
Younger Women’s Task Force of NYC
Your Black World
Youth First Initiative
Youth Inspire Initiative
Youth Leadership Institute
Youth Ministries for Peace and Justice
Youth Represent
Youth United for Change
YP4 (Young People For)
Yuva Association
YWCA (Young Women’s Christian Association)


I got a LOT out of it…the idea that comms can be used not just to “raise the visibility” of my organization, but to build power — to move people, engage them, get them to do something concrete to push our social justice work forward. The strategies and tools shared were super helpful, and have already had measurable impact. Staff is fantastic – knowledgeable, responsive, thoughtful, collaborative.

May Schindler, Communications Manager, Youth Leadership Institute and SMT Digital Campaigning 2017-2019 alum

SMT is the only training I know of that speaks our language of activism and uses the tools we use everyday in the field. They are a go-to resource to help raise the bar for communications in the labor movement.

Mark Maldonado – Digital Strategist, Texas AFL-CIO

I strongly recommend SMT. Their strong organizing background, preparation and thoughtfulness made our strategy assessment with them enjoyable and really helpful.

Daniel Carrillo – Exec Dir, Freedom to Thrive

I would recommend SMT to anyone looking to be more effective online. We are definitely going to experiment with the directions SMT gave us in our strategy session. Very valuable to have consulting from organizers who are keeping up with all the latest.

Melanie Scruggs – Texas Campaign for the Environment

SMT taught our staff and leaders to use Twitter strategically, understand the intricacies of Facebook for organizing…They respond quickly, have real world organizing experience, do really solid webinars that leaders and staff can engage with.

Kristi Sanford – Communications Director, The People’s Lobby, Chicago IL

SMT helped us build an integrated, strategic approach to a union contract campaign. SMT’s work is sophisticated and flexible–their support was invaluable.

Darren Carroll – Union Representative, The NewsGuild-CWA

Super useful and practical strategy session. Great to learn what we can do to our website and Facebook page to make them better tools, described in a way I can explain to my board.

Nancy Boone – Legal Assistance Resource Center of Connecticut

Great ability to eloquently name a few top communications gaps that we could easily fix and increase our impact. The summary document is highly valuable; we will refer to it in our future planning!

Amanda Aguilar – Shank Organizer, Enlace

Super helpful process with our staff and leaders to ID new tools we can use to reach our target folks.

Kim McLoughlin – Organizing Director, Connecticut Housing Coalition

Our strategy sessions with SMT have really energized our vision for what we need to do…In 90 minutes, we were excited and encouraged about how we could better our media and communications work.

Angela Moreno – Interim Exec Dir, FIERCE

SMT is a great resource if you’re looking to improve your organization’s social media presence and strategy.

Emily McNeill – Acting Director, Labor-Religion Coalition of New York State

The coaching has been fantastic. Staff has extensive understanding of the online landscape and strategy…jumped right into working with our members too, personable and supportive…great to work with someone who felt like a comrade and not just another non-profit consultant. I was amazed at SMT’s ability to connect us with experts or representatives of different online tools.

Keith Brunner – Communications Coordinator, Vermont Workers’ Center

Incredibly knowledgeable…Weekly coaching has been a great experience. Keeps us on track. Staff is flexible, creative.

Mary Pat Healy – Exec Dir, Bridgeport Child Advocacy Coalition

The coaching sessions provide practical tools for making our social media move from passive clicktivism to actually doing something.

Margari Aziza Hill – Programming Director, Muslim ARC (Anti-Racism Collaborative)

The online coaching sessions have been really good for helping us make decisions about what makes the most sense for us to incorporate…and what we can let go.

Renee Coe – Policy & Communications Associate, Every Child Matters

The benefits to us of regular coaching sessions were immediate.

Duste Dunn – CT Citizen Action Group

I view organizing in a whole new light. Everybody should have the opportunity to go through this experience, and get these tools, and start organizing.

Angela Saxton – Lead Organizer, ABLE (Atlantans Building Leadership for Empowerment)

The one-on-one sessions have been invaluable given the expertise of everyone on the SMT team.

Alexandra Greenberg – Advocacy & Campaigns Officer, UAEM (Universities Allied For Essential Medicines)

SMT’s knowledge of the organizational use of different CRMs and migration between them was very helpful.

Melissa Bernardin – Investing in Communities Initiative, NH

SMT was like a breath of fresh air in its approach to empowering small nonprofit organizing efforts. With not much funding, we were able to connect SMT to a few organizations in our network to provide analysis, coaching and hands on technical support. Here at Universal Health Care Foundation of CT, SMT gave us strategic help to up our game with our online organizing and engagement…particularly helpful in guiding us to a more savvy, productive use of social media.

Lynne Ide – Director of Program & Policy, Universal Health Care Foundation of Connecticut

SMT has worked with us to develop and implement a broad and integrated social media strategy. They helped our leadership understand the importance of such a strategy and taught our activists the basic skills to execute it. From website maintenance to targeted twitter campaigns, they are there when you need them and they understand that it is all about movement building.

Mark Dudzic – National Coordinator, Labor Campaign for Single Payer Healthcare

SMT helped us launch our first petition campaign…great experience, ended up with vastly higher profile for our work.

Alex Marthews – National Coordinator (Interim), Restore the Fourth

SMT’s staff is friendly, flexible, competent, creative…Efficiently implemented cutting-edge strategies and designed great-looking materials to communicate our message to our members. I’ll come back to SMT in a heartbeat.

Flavio Casoy MD, while Exec VP, CIR / SEIU Healthcare

The trainings are terrific–geared for every level of experience. And being rooted in social change movement, especially helpful to organizers.

Heather Booth – President Midwest Academy, Board member USAction

All of SMT training is packed and powerful!

Monika Warner, Public Relations Chair – Professional Aviation Safety Specialists (PASS), AFL-CIO

SMT is an amazing resource for starting digital organizing and communications and maintaining a program that engages members and moves them to action. There are a bunch of free and super reasonably priced webinars available so you can jump right in and focus on what you need to improve.The webinars have just been stellar. I’ve learned so much, especially from the Top Tools and Tactics to bump up your organizing game. I used the templates and resources to set up an editorial calendar and to track stats for our new social media channels. It was very easy to take what was presented in the training and apply it to my union immediately.

Katie Ryan – Assistant Business Agent, IATSE Local 16

SMT helped us chose an appropriate database for our organization. Its focused training sessions are valuable tools that have helped us further a conversation with our grassroots leaders about strategically building a more powerful, goal-oriented organization.

Alison Auciello – Climate Justice Organizer, Communities United For Action

Trainings run by SMT are solid, accessible and worth checking out.

Mobilisation Lab Greenpeace Global

We hired SMT to lead a discussion about online strategy with some of our union’s staff. It re-kindled my desire and commitment to using emerging technologies in my organizing!

Barbara Deardorff – Indiana State Teachers Association

Love it!” (mobile optimization of

David Groves – Washington State Labor Council, AFL-CIO

Design firms told us our current site couldn’t be mobile optimized, but SMT did it cleanly and affordably. The site looks great and SMT was easy to work with and addressed any concerns we had.

National Immigrant Justice Center Chicago, IL

Our experience to date has been wonderful, helping us make the migration from one CRM to another as painless as possible…a life saver, terrific. Quick to respond, SMT staff provide clear explanations that avoid all the techno-garble.

Michael Eisenscher – Retiring National Coordinator, US Labor Against The War

I want to express my continuing and deep appreciation for SMT’s staff. We’ve made great strides and SMT has been catalytic…Among other things–fast, smart, patient, thorough, skillful handling of the website makeover. You guys pulled it off quickly and affordably.

Charles Komanoff – Executive Director, Carbon Tax Center