How to help grantees become more effective online

Increasingly, progressive funders recognize the importance of online advocacy as a way of amplifying and broadening offline work by grantees. Many are also ramping up their own online presence as well as the digital security of their operations. SMT can help.

The clips below are from a funder briefing held in June 2017.

Top 8 Weaknesses in the online work of most groups, and what to do about them (16 min)

A funder’s perspective (5 min)

SMT provides (see links for more detailed info):

We’re glad to talk with you about your foundation or grantees’ needs. Feel free to email SMT’s Executive Director and we’ll find a time to talk.

About SMT (2 min)



Coaching participants speak about their experience:

Angela Saxton, Lead Organizer, Atlantans Building Leadership for Empowerment
(2 min)

 Gomez Arteaga, Development & Communications Associate, Bay Area PLAN
(1 min)

“The communications assessment helped us think about how to sharpen our message, as well as our metrics and impact.”

Pecolia Manigo, Executive Director, Bay Area PLAN
(3 min)

“It’s so helpful that SMT staff use the language of organizing, and that they have done the things they are coaching us to do.”

Renee Coe, Policy & Communications Associate and Brian Ahlberg, Executive Director, Every Child Matters
(5 min)

“The coaching cohort helped us figure out as a small organization what data is worth collecting and monitoring — what is most powerful.”

Shanequa Levin, Director, Every Child Matters Long Island
(1 min)

“Now we’re creating a real social media plan for our work…This works!”

Namira Islam, Founder, Muslim Anti-Racism Collaborative
(3 min)

“We’ve always used social media as a tool, but working with SMT has allowed us to be way more intentional.”

Becca Asaki, Development & Communications Coordinator, CASA (Community Action for Safe Apartments), Bronx, NYC
(3 min)

Angela Vasquez-Giroux, Priorities Michigan Director, Michigan Voice
(1 min)

Alexandra Greenberg, Advocacy & Campaigns Officer, UAEM (Universities Allied for Essential Medicines)
(1 min)