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Strategy Development

Sun_Tzu_redGetting swamped in tactics? Wonder if limited organizing resources and your time are getting the
biggest impact? Boosting Facebook Likes and getting on Twitter doesn’t necessarily lead to more organizing power or more wins…What will?

We can help you map out your online priorities and the next steps that make the most sense given your campaigns, resources, strengths, and organizing goals. Click here.


Content Development

Many groups need help with developing the kind of content that will get shared on social media and drive action. We can:

  1. work with you on framing and narrative for your overall campaign
  2. show you how to set up message-testing on social media to test out alternative messages and frames
  3. develop images and posts to drive engagement and action
  4. show you best practices and short-cuts to develop high-performing content using free tools
  5. design newsletters, campaign pieces and petitions from start to finish including writing, graphic design and coding


We offer three types of training.

  1. Individual and group coaching with staff and leaders in an organization. This is generally done via, zoom, GoToMeeting or Google Hangout so we can see each other and share our screen or see yours and so we can share mouse control when needed.
  2. Online trainings– webinars. These are designed to be super cost-effective. We do a lot of group pricing because we know it really helps with implementation to have as many people as possible from an organization trained up. Click here for our On-Demand training recordings, and sign up for email to get updates on new trainings.
  3. In-person trainings. We do these at conferences such as Rootscamp and Netroots Nation, and we lead trainings at organizing conferences across the country and Canada. Workshops we offer are described here.

Web Design & Maintenance

We design websites and email templates that are beautiful, inspiring and drive action. We also provide website maintenance support by the hour or on monthly retainer, designed for small organizing groups.


Building your list of engaged activists is critical. We help groups develop their online organizing strategy in coordination with offline organizing to build their activist base. That includes, for example:

  1. using social media channels (free and paid) to drive new audiences to your website for action
  2. tracking action-takers using Google Analytics and other tracking tools
  3. curating your email list to maximize deliverability
  4. writing outstanding emails that are more likely to get opened and drive action
  5. designing your website to maximize email opt-ins
  6. planning off-line events to maximize social media impact and list-building


Many groups are interested in online fundraising, but don’t have a large enough list to make it worthwhile to invest a lot of time in it. We help develop fundraising campaign plans that use an online component to boost major donor fundraising, which makes a lot of sense for many small to medium-sized organizing groups.

We also help design series of online fundraising emails and help segment email lists for end-of-year and in-campaign online fundraising.