Online Audit / Strategy Assessment


Getting swamped in tactics? Wonder if limited organizing resources and your time are getting theSun_Tzu_red.png biggest impact? Boosting Facebook Likes and getting on Twitter doesn’t necessarily lead to more organizing power or more wins…What will?

Get an online audit and organizing strategy consult & next steps plan specific to your organization on how to boost a particular campaign with digital tools. This includes a review of your sites, social pages and background you send us along with two 60 to 90-minute meetings with a senior digital strategist. Both meetings can be face-to-face via Google Hangout with whatever team of relevant staff and leaders you think makes sense.

We’ll help you map out your online priorities and the next steps that make the most sense given your campaigns, resources, strengths, and organizing goals. Even this short process tends to produce a leadership team that is on the same page about next steps. And groups may find the recommendations report a useful tool for fundraising to support your online organizing.

Click here for more details on the steps involved.

Send us a note if you’d like to take the next step for your organization.