Digital Security Support

SMT can provide digital security guidance and implementation support on an hourly basis. However we recommend beginning with an assessment of your organization’s risks and threats.

A recorded 4 session digital security training, is available.  It is included in SMT’s overall online organizing coaching program.

Concerned about your organizing group’s security, but not sure where to begin?  The world of digital security can be overwhelming, especially for organizing groups with limited time and resources. That’s why Social Movement Technologies’ digital security support is designed to help organizing groups assess their digital security and build a security plan that protects their data effectively.

This assessment involves multiple conversations towards the development of digital security recommendations. It also includes access to a growing library of short SMT videos on how to implement the most commonly-used tools, to help staff members with implementation. Cost is generally $1500 for small- to medium-sized organizing groups. Foundation funding may be available to cover all or part of this cost.

Message us if you’re interested in getting support or learning more about the assessment process.