Digital Campaigning Overview Recording and Alum Experiences

Digital Certificate Program Overview and Funder Briefing

Alum, Funder, and Group Sponsor experiences

More including supervisor testimonials, and a list of all past participants

Evelyn Servin, Southeast Immigrant Rights Network

Georgina Phillips, Institute of Physics for the UK and Ireland

Ana Bustamante, SEIU (1 min)

Tania Avalos, Fondo Defensores, Mexico (1 min)

Joey Lee, Center for Food Safety (1 min)

Michaela Gallegos, Working Family Party, New Mexico (1 min)

Arlene Martinez, Communications Director, Good Jobs First (1 min)

Jayshree Pather, WoMin, Africa (3 mins)

Rev. Terry Williams, Ohio Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice (1 min)

Gilbert Moela, MACUA/WAMUA (1 min)

Cheyenne Phoenix, California Native Vote Project (4 mins)

Chris Alford, Amnesty International, Americas Office (3 mins)

Ana Laura Godínez, Fondo Semillas, Mexico (2 mins)

Natalie Holmes, Director of Communications, Post Growth Institute (1 min)

Kimi Lee, Executive Director, Bay Rising (1 min)

Lisa Weinstein, Program Officer, Wilburforce Foundation (2 mins)

Isel Cuapio, Native Voice Network (2 mins)

Louise Ward, State Director, Animal Justice Party, Australia (3 mins)

Shi-Lynn Campbell, Friends of Nevada Wilderness, Communications and Media Coordinator (26 secs)

Michelle Serrano, Rio Grande Valley Equal Voice Network, Communications Strategist (2 mins)

Hilary Stamper, Alaska Wilderness League, Online Director (33 secs)

Lynne Ide, Universal Health Care Foundation of Connecticut, Director of Program & Policy (1 min)

Mia Ibarra, Center for Public Policy Priorities, Deputy Legislative & Policy Director (1 min)

Katie Blanchard, Presbyterian Peace Fellowship, Communications Manager (17 secs)

Chris Parri, Conservation Voters for Idaho, Campaign Associate (1 min)

Cat McCue, Senior Communications & Public Engagement Strategist, Appalachian Voices (28 secs)

Jennifer Epps Addison, Network President and Co Executive Director, Center for Popular Democracy (3 mins)

Katie LeBlanc, Digital Engagement Manager, Ohio Voice (2 min)

Channing Martinez, Lead Organizer, Labor Community Strategy Center (2 min)

Britta Mireley, Deputy Executive Director, Friends of Scotchman Peaks Wilderness (2 min)

Liz Bell, Yellowstone to Yukon Program Officer, Wilburforce Foundation (2 min)

Addison Evans, Data Associate, Blueprint NC (1.5 min)

Eteng Ettah, Digital Media Manager, Media Justice (2 min)

Brett Benson, Communications Director, Minnesota 350 (1 min)

Eugene Chan, Chief Information Officer, Policylink (2 min)

Channing Martinez, Lead Organizer, Labor Community Strategy Center (2 min)

Abril Gallardo, Communications Director, LUCHA (2 min)

Ulla Nilsen, Engagement Director, Minnesota 350 (2 min)

Glenda Johnson, Director Of Digital Communications, PolicyLink (30 secs)

Kelly and Griffin, Communication and Digital Engagement Manager, YellowStone to Yukon Conservation Initiative (30 secs)

Tracey Breiger, Campaign Director, Jobs With Justice San Francisco (1 min)

Irene Rojas-Carroll, Communications Manager, Bay Rising (2 min)

Kung Feng, Lead Organizer, Jobs with Justice San Francisco (2 min)

Carolina Bortolleto, Connecticut Students for a Dream, Comms and Grant Manager (4 min)

Mary Schindler, Communications Manager, Youth Leadership Institute (2 min)

Michele Salcedo, Chief Mobilizer, News Media Guild (3 min)

Angela Saxton, Lead Organizer, Atlantans Building Leadership for Empowerment (2 min)

“I view organizing in a whole new light. Everybody should have the opportunity to go through this experience, and get these tools, and start organizing.”

Gomez Arteaga, Development & Communications Associate, Bay Area PLAN (1 min)

“The communications assessment helped us think about how to sharpen our message, as well as our metrics and impact.”

Pecolia Manigo, Executive Director, Bay Area PLAN (3 min)

“It’s so helpful that SMT staff use the language of organizing, and that they have done the things they are coaching us to do.”

Renee Coe, Policy & Communications Associate and Brian Ahlberg, Executive Director, Every Child Matters (5 min)

“The coaching cohort helped us figure out as a small organization what data is worth collecting and monitoring — what is most powerful.”

Shanequa Levin, Director, Every Child Matters Long Island (1 min)

“Now we’re creating a real social media plan for our work…This works!”

Namira Islam, Founder, Muslim Anti-Racism Collaborative (3 min)

“We’ve always used social media as a tool, but working with SMT has allowed us to be way more intentional.”

Becca Asaki, Development & Communications Coordinator, CASA (Community Action for Safe Apartments), Bronx, NYC (3 min)

Alexandra Greenberg, Advocacy & Campaigns Officer, UAEM (Universities Allied for Essential Medicines) (1 min)


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