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Briefing For Social Justice Funders and Campaigners: January 18/19, 2023
digital campaign training

Women and families across Iran build a brave movement for #WomenLifeFreedom in the face of a repressive and brutal theocracy.

Social justice funders and campaigners recognize that we must use digital tools and tactics like never before alongside direct action to build people power and pressure targets.

Join us for a special briefing and Q&A session to hear what SMT has learned over the last 10 years of training almost 10,000 people from 4,400+ groups across the world to wage campaigns and build movements in the digital age.

  • The critical skills social justice campaign and movement staff & activists need to win
  • How to support teams to wage more powerful campaigns: what works and what to avoid
  • The upcoming year of training offerings, including details on the upcoming weeklong intensives with global regional access and language support
  • Support beyond group training: coaching/accompaniment, thought partnership, and direct campaign support
  • Ways that SMT collaborates with a range of funders to support grantee partners

Hear from funders, training graduates, and coaching partners about their experience.

Session 1 for Americas, Jan 18. Interpretation to Spanish and Portuguese. Find your timezone.

Session 2 for Africa, Asia, Europe, Jan 19. Interpretation to French and Arabic. Find your timezone.

Duration: 45 minutes


Free Recorded Trainings & Online Communities

Trainings on campaigning during COVID, remote team recommendations, Twitter, Snapchat and more. Available anytime with subtitles in 7 languages. Also join SMT’s Digital Campaigner’s Facebook Group for campaigners, with 3000+ campaigners from around the world. Access the trainings and online communities


Digital Campaigning Certificate ProgramDigital Campaigning Certificate Intensive

Essential online training for every social change staffer or activist looking to build people power & justice in the digital age. The most extensive digital campaign training available. Next session starts in early 2023, with multi-language access. Learn more and join the waitlist.


Work with SMTExperienced Digital Campaigner? Work with SMT

With team members on 5 continents, SMT’s small but highly effective team has trained staff from over 4,400 groups and unions over its first 10 years, and worked with 100+ groups on campaigns more in-depth. Part-time and full-time roles are available, with coaching and training roles starting as low as a few hours a month. See open positions.

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Staff and activists of 4,400+ groups
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